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50 Cent's 'Power' Season 3 Debuts on July 17th


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Jun 12, 2016

The anticipation grows as televison consumers wait for the return of Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's drama series 'Power' to return. 

I've written it before and expressed, Power's writers are some extraordinary and amazing writers. I don't know whose imagination came up with the character James "Ghost" St. Patrick (who is basically three different man in one body) because he is one of the best kingpin/gangster characters ever created. What makes Ghost unique from other characters is, Ghost embodies his moniker and truly moves like Casper. This was well exhibited and displayed when he entered Rolla's crib without being detected in Season 1

In their new marketing ad for Season 3, Power showcases the menancing and phantom characteristics of Ghost pictured below.

Since the launching and broadcasting of Power, the drama/action packed series does not lose its momentum and this is something that Power will continue to be successful in. It's unsure if Power was created and developed by 50 Cent or its writers. As the series progresses, Power evolves and gets better with mystery and knowing how to leave viewers in suspense, wanting more of it. Power also leaves viewers at the edge of their seats, it was able to accomplish this in both Season 1 and 2. The storyline, the settings, the plot and the growth of Power's characters is what great TV writing and production is all about. 

Last season, Power ended with Tommy and Ghost's friendship on the rocks. Angela unsure about St. Patrick because of his betrayal to prevent Tommy from going to prison and taking out members of his organization, in order to keep his drug empire/cartel untouchable. In season 2, 50 Cent's character Kanan really came into play, his vengeance towards Ghost, Kanan killing his own son which was shocking to viewers and disclosed what makes Kanan a twisted and psychotic character. Is he more dangerous than Ghost? Or just a shadow of the haunting that Ghost unleashes or an illusion of his character. Viewers were left perplexed and in suspense of Power uncovering that Kanan (pictured below) made it out the burning building Ghost left him in.

Power's cast, their writers, producers, directors and etc. keep a tight lip about the show which is good. Because it maintains the mystery of it. Power returns and makes its debut on July 17th.