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Lil Wayne Gets in The Digital Business and Reveals His Own App Game To Be Release Soon Called, Sqvad Up


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Jun 07, 2016

Lil Wayne is trying to mature his Young Money brand and gets into the tech and digital business. Weezy is a skateboarder and introduced the lifestyle and hobby of skateboarding to Hip Hop. It's also a sport and gives youth an alternative to keep themselves occupied, a substitute in exercising and contributes to staying healthy. Lil Wayne attest to it with this statement below. 

"Skating is a perfect way for kids today to stay out of trouble and be positive and active."

Weezy also expressed his skating journey and the purpose of it.

"I started skateboarding at 29, not just because I thought it looked cool, but also because I wanted to be able to inspire kids to get outside and play."

Earlier today (June 7th), Lil Tunechi revealed the release of his digital/mobile game called, Sqvad Up

"I’m super excited to drop my first mobile skateboarding game Lil Wayne: Sqvad Up as a way to share my passion for skateboarding."

Komin soon

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Lil Wayne colaborated with mobile media company UTILITY to created the app. Inspired by skateboarding and reflects the many different styles, tricks and stunts skateboarders do. The game was designed to service all consumers and features a throwback arcade design to it. The soundtrack for Sqvad Up crafted by Lil Wayne with productions by Nesby Phips who worked on Hollygrove.Tunechi expressed, Sqvad Up celebrates his hometown Hollygrove and New Orleans by illustrating what makes it such a dope place.

Sqvad Up is scheduled for release on June 10th and will be available for iPhone and Android users. 

Hmmm, who knows what will follow after this, maybe Weey's own line of skateboards.