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Twitter Goes In On Migos For Donating $1,000 To High School

Posted On: January 29, 2015

The rap group trio, Migos recently made an appearance at a local high school where they donated $1,000. Twitter went in on Migos after they posted a picture of a big check for $1,000 at the high school.

Check out the picture below.

Hmmm, if you divided the check by three, each member from Migos actually donated $333.33 each but yet each of them are posing in this picture with jewerly worth more than they donated. Looking at this picture, did Migos donate the money out of doing an act of kindness or was it for publicity? I'm sure $1,000 can buy a few books for the school or maybe two laptops if they buy them on sale. The point is, they could of thought more about the students at the school and their needs. Bless them in a way, that could of benefited their education and help the school acquire any supplies they might needed.

Don't get me wrong, what Migos did was indeed an act of kindess but when they posted the picture on the Net, it raised questions about the quality of their act. Again, were they really thinking about the children at the high school?

For the record, Migos earns $70,000 per show and has no problems stuntin' with big wads of cash. So, do the math.

Charlamagne Tha God, Rickey Smiley and more went in on Migos on Twitter for having the audacity of posting the picture of the big $1,000 check they donated to the school.

Check out their tweets below.

Migos has not made any statements about the backlash they recieved for their $1,000 donation to the school. Nor did they donate any more money to the school.