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Tracee Ellis Ross Graces The Cover Of 'Essence' Magazine

Posted On: February 27, 2015

In their newest magazine edition, Essence recruited actress Tracee Ellis Ross to grace their March 2015 cover.

The March 2015 issue for Essence is to honor and celebrate Black women in Hollywood. Tracee Ellis Ross represents one of the many Black women in Hollywood and is the star of of her own television show called, 'Blackish.'  The cover is also about style and grace, about Black women embracing their natural beauty with Tracee Ellis Ross sporting her signature tresses.

The magazine is already on newsstands and can be purchased anywhere magazines are sold.


More Lawsuits For Cash Money Records & Birdman Denied Entry At Nicki Minaj's Pre-Grammy Party

Posted On: February 12, 2015

Cash Money Records has a pending lawsuit going on from Lil Wayne, who has a distrubution business contract with the label, which is owned by Birdman. What triggered the lawsuit was a business conflict of Lil Wayne's album being pushed back, after missing several dealines. Which would draw the conclusion that Cash Money Records defaulted on their contract of not releasing and distributing Lil Wayne's album. The lawsuit also entails, Lil Wayne discontinuing all contracts with Cash Money Records and taking full ownership of his own label, Young Money and all the artists connnected to it. Copies of the lawsuit documents were leaked online and it gave a detailed illustration of what the legal matters were.

Since then, another artist which is managed by Cash Money Records has a filed a lawsuit with the label. Turk from the Hot Boy$ is seeking $1.3 million in damages, claiming Birdman and his label embezelled millions from him, kept information when it comes to his earnings, royalties and where unlawful with their accounting. Turk is also seeking all rights to his music. Cash Money Records nor any representatives from the label, has yet to make any statements about the pending lawsuits.

About a week ago, well not quite, the 57th Grammy took place in West Hollywood and Nicki Minaj hosted a pre-Grammy party. Nicki is a Young Money artist and managed by Lil Wayne's label. Birdman who was out celebrating the Grammys, went to Nicki party and was denied entrance. The venue where the party was at closed at 2am and Birdman arrived their at 1:45am with a very large crew. Why show up to the party 15 minutes before the lights come on? Hmmm, things that make you raise an eyebrow. The situation must of been tense because, the owners of the venue called the cops, who responed to make sure things remained calm.

Check out the footage below, which was filmed by TMZ.

After the situation, Nicki released a statement that she was not aware about Birdman being denied access at her party, which took place at 10AK Nightclub. NIcki's rep released statements as well, expressing that NIcki had already left the party when Birdman arrived, the lights were turned on since the club was closing in 15 minutes and how Birdman was denied, because he wanted bottle services and the club had already shut it down.

Nicki who is trying to remain neutral from the Lil Wayne and Birdman's lawsuit, despite rumors of going with her label, Young Money, stated how she hopes Lil Wayne and Birdman resolves their matter without the lawsuit and keep their business contract going.

Birdman nor Lil Wayne have made any comment about the situation.


Suge Knight Charged With Murder & Has A Panic Attack In Court

Posted On: February 04, 2015

While on set shooting for a film project, Suge Knight got into a conflict with two of the crew members.

Marion Suge Knight was arrested and charged with murder. After he ran both crew members in a hit and run. Suge Knight is accused of running over Training Day actor, Cle Sloan with his car, who endured non life threatening injuries. Knight is accused of running over a second man, Terry Carter who died from his injuries. But Suge Knight lawyers rebutted that Knight was trying to get away from the scene, because the two men were the aggressors in the situation, where Suge Knight told authorities, he feared for his life.

Bail was initially set at $2 million dollars, but then when Suge Knight was arraigned yesterday (February 3, 2015) the judge revoked his bail, and more charges were added to his case. Suge Knight was further charged with one count of murder, one count of attempted murder, and two counts of hit-and-run. The judge revoked the bail, stating Suge Knight was a flight risk.

Witnesses have come forward and confirmed what Suge Knight told police officials, about getting into a fight with the two victims in the case. But witnesses made statements, that Suge Knight got in his car to run over the people he was in a fight with and was not trying to get away.

While in court, after hearing the added charges, Suge Knight got a panic attack and was rushed to the hospital. Suge Knight lawyer, James Blatt has made comments and statements about and towards the case, how Suge Knight's health was frail.

Since the incident, investigative police have obtain visual footage of the incident, and found reasonable cause to indict Suge Knight. 


Remy Ma Ventures Into New Endeavors In Business

Posted On: February 04, 2015

Remy Ma is using her artistic creativity to branch into other fields, besides music.

Remy Ma, whose government name is Reminisce Smith, will be launching her event design company, named after herself. Her new company is called, "Reminisce Event Designs." Remy is planning on launching soon, will cater to creating pieces and decorations for different events.


Kanye West and Rihanna's Pre Super Bowl Performance

Posted On: February 03, 2015

Rihanna was the guest musical performer for the 2015's Super Bowl pre-show.

RIri surprised fans when she brought Kanye West to the stage during this past weekends, DirecTV's super bowl celebrations. Both Rihanna and Kanye West performed their collaborated joint, 'FourFiveSeconds.'

Kanye along with Rihanna, held their microphones and let their lyrics be heard from, the classic track, 'All of the Lights.'

And Kanye West gave his first solo performance of his track, 'Only One.' 

Below is more footage from Kanye West and Rihanna's super bowl pre-show.


Jaheim Working On Seventh Album & Inks New Music Record Deal, Also Classic Throwback Video

Posted On: February 03, 2015

Jaheim is making a comeback for 2015, as he begins working on his seventh studio album. The album is scheduled to be released some time in September or October.

Jaheim also inked a new record music deal with, BMG Primary Wave Label Services which will distribute Jaheim's new album. Jaheim expressed his new transitions with the media and how he was looking forward to working with his new label.

Check out his statements below.

“I’ve worked with a lot of different people throughout my career and signing with Primary Wave just felt right.” “Their team is creative and driven and I definitely see this as a long term and valuable relationship for my overall career.”

Larry Mestel, Primary Wave's CEO also shared his thoughts about Jaheim being a new edition to their music family and having an admiration for Jaheim's talents.
"Jaheim is a great addition to our label services roster and overall Primary Wave family."  "His innate talent, impressive album sales and dedicated fanbase motivates our team and we look forward to continuing to grow his brand across many platforms."
Primary Wave is home to other R&B and soul musicians such as: Jagged Edge, Eric Benet, Deborah Cox, Melanie Fiona and more.
Below is a classic throwback video of Jaheim's hit song, 'Just In Case.' This song never gets old, with its feel good vibes and dance tunes production. Get on your feet and well.. you know what to do!



Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show: Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz & Missy Elliott

Posted On: February 03, 2015

The Super Bowl XLIX halftime show, kicked off with Katy Perry entering the football field, riding on a mechanical lion in the midst of fireworks, and singing her pop and R&B hit, 'Roar.'

Followed by Katy Perry introducing Lenny Kravitz to the stage, who set the heat playing his guitar and collaborating on the vocals with Katy Perry on her song, 'I Kissed a Girl.'


Katy Perry continued to move the crowd and kept the show going, with her other pop hits, 'California Gurls' and 'Teenage Dream.'

The highlight of the NFL's Super Bowl XLIX featuring the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks, was when Missy Elliott made a comeback performance joining Katy Perry on the stage. Missy Elliott and Katy Perry blessed the crowd with the classic bangers, 'Work It,' 'Lose Control,' and 'Get Ur Freak On.'

Missy Elliott who still has her footing, danced and glided all over the stage.

Check out the whole super bowl halftime show below.


Kanye West Honored By Ellen DeGeneres

Posted On: February 03, 2015

In a recent segment of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kanye West was the guest star. Yeezy was interviewed on the show, where he revealed his latest business deal with Adidas, his upcoming album that hasn't been titled yet, his new music video featuring his daughter, North West; and more.

While on the show, Ellen DeGeneres honored Kanye West with a video of her rapping for Kanye and also, touched based on Kanye's visionary award from the BET Honors, which Ellen's video was taped for. Ellen expressed to Kanye about him being a visionary who earned and deserved the award.

Check it out below.


Tweet Confirms Her Return Working With Missy Elliott & Timbaland Again & Signs To A New Label

Posted On: February 03, 2015

Missy Elliott's protege' Tweet will be working with her again, alongside Timbaland. Tweet recently signed and inked a deal with a new music record label. Sources revealed it was with a major company, but have not named it yet.

Tweet was recently interviewed on The Skorpion Show.

In the visuals for the video below, while on the show Tweet discussed her upcoming projects which will be produced by Missy and Timbo. She also talked about her experiences of working with them, motherhood and more.

Plug your eyes to it below.


John Legend's Performance Of 'America The Beautiful' During Super Bowl XLIX

Posted On: February 03, 2015

John Legend was part of the Super Bowl's XLIX festivities, when he opened the championship football game between NFL's, New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks.

John Legend hit the football field, accompanied with a piano and gave a soulful performance of, 'America The Beautiful' at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, AZ on Sunday.

Check out the Grammy's winner super bowl kick off show, below.


How To Monetize From Being An Independent Artist

Posted On: February 03, 2015

The matrix better known as the Internet, has provided a platform for independent artists to branch out and expand, from using the word of mouth classic ways of growing a business. The artist, whatever their creative field might be such as: music, seamstress and fashion design, writing and publishing, stylist, product conveyor and so on. Nowadays, because of the matrix, there are several alternatives in promoting and marketing a business.

Social media is a big podium for anybody to get their creativity and art out there. Many companies and individual marketers offer Twitter and other promotional packages to help any business launch into a wider scale.

There are several resources on the Net that provide different avenues, for online promotion and marketing. Just like with any business, an independent artist should find ways to monetize off their creativity and art. The key is to get a return on the investments made from: studio time, distribution of mixtapes, paying for services to premier a video on, for example: WSHH, traveling costs and etc. If done right, doors will open leading to contracts from record labels, maybe opening up for a big name star, developing jingles for commercials and etc. it all depends on the aim and where an individual wants to launch.

For music, there are many different streaming services that makes it easier for fans to download and interact with their favorite musician's song.

We've compiled a list of a few online resources relating to music, where an independent artist can cash in and monetize on the business dealings of their art.

Starting with YouTube.

YouTube is a great avenue for music promotion and marketing, with an estimaded 17 billion views per month, YouTube can potentially connect any business globally. With monetizing options which offer ad and views revenue. YouTube takes a percentage of the dollars that's earned, generating 55% an earning for the recipient.

The second online resource is, MUZU.

The music services of MUZU is a video site, that offer monetizing with ad revenues only. The recipient earns 50% off their views. An account is needed to join MUZU, which also helps any independent artists, with acquiring a bigger fanbase.

And the third online resource, is MySpace.

MySpace is the godfather of social media, which was a social network that paved the way for Facebook, Tumblr, and other popular social media websites.

MySpace now offer an on demand music streaming services, where an independent artist can earn money off every plug streamed from their music. The return is the lowest out of the three, with 40% earned from the streams, MySpace is still a good connection for independent artists to earn money. And also, MySpace is a platform, providing promotion and assistance with an independent artist marketing themselves.