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Aretha Franklin Set To Open An Entertainment Venue In Detroit

Posted On: August 28, 2015

The legendary Aretha Franklin has a blueprint and vision to build an entertainment complex in Detroit. She is currently looking into certain buildings and its unsure if she will start from scratch and build her own. Franklin wants to open an entertainment venue to further Detroit city's complex in generating tourism.

Aretha Franklin's commented on what her blueprint for the venue consisted of.

“A five-star night club for dining and dancing, the band, the whole nine yards,” as well as a museum."

Also in an inteview, Franklin expressed her admiration for Detroit and its renaissance. Aretha's vision will revive Detroit in its redevelopment and emergence from their bankruptcy. Her aspiration for the entertainment venue will not only generate tourism but it will also generate funds which can go towards the reconstruction of Detroit's schools, real estate, other venues such as movie theatres and more.

So far, Aretha Franklin found the location to start building which will be in downtown Detroit.