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Cartoonist Tributes 'The Wire' In A New Trailer

Posted On: January 07, 2016

Elliot Lim who is a cartoonist honored the classic HBO's television series 'The Wire.'

The new trailer is an animated version of the show which tributes the opening scene and soundtrack of the show.

The Wire from Elliot Lim on Vimeo.


Netflix Expanding Brand On A Global Scale

Posted On: January 07, 2016

During this week's annual Consumer Electronics Show on Wednesday (Jan. 6th), the CEO of Netflix Reed Hastings revealed its expansion of the streaming service to other countries across the world.

While Reed was making his announcement, in his speech he asserted the extension of Netflix into 130 countries including: South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia and basically world domination, with the exception of China for now.

"While you have been listening to me talk, the Netflix service has gone live in nearly every country of the world but China, where we hope to also be in the future."

The expanse of Netflix caused its shares to go increase in the market by 2.24 percent, earning investors $120.31 per stock. Reed Hastings expressed the vision of seeing Netflix become a global phenomen due to contributions of the internet and after years of implementation, Netflix is a worldly TV network.

"When we started Netflix nearly 20 years ago, we dreamed of the day when the Internet would enable us to deliver TV shows and movies to the billions of people with whom we share the planet."


News Source: Associated Press (AP)



Drake Invest In New Mobile App and Tech Start-Up

Posted On: January 05, 2016

Drake is venturing into the world of technology with a new investment towards a mobile app.

The Hotbling musician continues to magnify himself as a businessman and his brand, OvO. In his latest joint venture with Omni which is a tech start up, Drake links up with the creator of the app Thomas McLeod to launch the app on a wider scale. The app is developed to organize and store consumer's items in a warehouse to provide space for storage. The items are photographed, documented and whenever a consumer wanted to retrieve one of them or all their items, they would view them on the Omni app, request their items; and an Omni concierge would deliver it the consumer in less than 24 hours.

Drake is currently an investor in the mobile app/tech-start-up but the app's founder McLeod asserted how he wanted Drake to be more involved with behind the scenes creativity, the marketing of the app and ways to improve it. The app is not available on the market yet and a release date is still pending.


Fetty Wap Gets In The Digital Tech Grind and Releases His Own Emojis

Posted On: January 04, 2016

After the success Kim Kardashian had with the release of Kimoji via a joint business acquisition with Apple. Fetty Wap is also getting into the digital tech hustle with the release of his own emojis. 

The emoji are caricature characters of Fetty Wap's image with different facial expressions, poses, his brand/logo and more. The Moji Keyboard released the app and it can be downloaded on iTunes.



Holiday Round Up: Kendrick Lamar & TDE's 2nd Annual Toy Give-Away & Concert

Posted On: January 03, 2016

Bringing the holiday spirit and joy to their community, Kendrick Lamar and his business associates from Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) hosted their second annual toy give-away and free concert in Watts, California.

Before 2015 ended, K-Dot enlisted Big Sean and Ty Dolla $ign to spread love and assist the people in Watts to believe that there's good in the world, despite what they may be going through or exposed to; and all they have to is to believe it to make it their reality. Kendrick, Big Sean and Ty Dolla also wanted to display to the youth that they can manifest their dreams, because tomorrow it could be them on that stage. The event included holiday lunch and dinner which was served to the community.

K-Dot and TDE collaborated with community leaders, authoritative figures and other non-profit organization to put concert and holiday toy give-away together. Everybody did their part to make it special and amazing for the people in Watts.

Hit that play button and check it out!


Preview Of 'X-Files: Re-Opened'

Posted On: January 01, 2016

The X-Files was a popular sci-fi mini series during the 1990s. It was based on two FBI detectives Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) who investigated phenomenon involving aliens, things unexplained, conspiracy theorist, certain mythologies and etc. The show had elements of mystery, drama, horror and some thrills to it.

Fast foward to 2016, X-Files is being revived and Re-Opened for a new season on FOX. The main characters of the show remain with new storylines, plots, settings and etc. The new show's script is up to date with the evolution of the world from: drones, TSA, events that's occured from tragedies such as (9/11), government conspiracies, new elected presidents and etc. Producers, writers and directors released a behind the scene look into the new episodes and upcoming season of X-Files: Re-Opened.

X-Files: Re-Opened will air on January 24th on FOX.