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Future Releases His Own Emoji's

Posted On: February 25, 2016

Future is the latest Hip Hop artists to release his own set of emoji's and getting into the digital business.

The emoji are caricatures of Future displays him chillin' with other musicians such as DJ Khaled and Drake, Future surfing with Yeezys on, in one of them he is Jesus, different facial expressions and emotions, Future's stylish hats, some of his lyric quotes and more. 

The Future emoji pack can be purchased and downloaded at Moji Keyboard. 


Yo Gotti Performs 'Down In The DM' with Travis Barker on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Posted On: February 24, 2016

Grindin' for the promotion/marketing of his new album "The Art of Hustle," Yo Gotti was the guest entertainment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

With Travis Barker on the drums and two dancers getting lit, Gotti kept it live with the performance of his club banger, 'Down In The DM.' 


Miguel and Travis $cott Performs 'Waves' On The Ellen Show

Posted On: February 24, 2016

Miguel made a guest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show a couple of days ago to perform his remixed track, 'Waves' featuring Travis $cott. 

The song is off Miguel's current album, "Wildheart" and footage of him and La Flame surging the crowd with the sounds of music can be viewed below. 



Vbyz Kartel Biopic Movie in The Works

Posted On: February 20, 2016

World boss and Mr. Gully dem, Vybz Kartel who is serving a life sentence, has a biopic movie in the works about his life. Vybz made Caribbean history as Jamaica's first biggest dancehall/Hip Hop artist. But unable to tame and conquer his internal demons, Kartel is living out his success behind bars. 

Being the most controversial dancehall artist Jamaica has ever seen, Vybz Kartel had beef and assualted Ninja Man during a performance on stage, other artists like We The Best soldier, Mavado (Gaza) which spilled into the streets of Kingston with the youth. Kartel continued serving up the beef with Bounty Killer (his former mentor) where fans threw bottles on stage. But it didn't stop there, Vybz started to bleach his skin and even made a track about it called 'Coloring Book.'  Which was also about his excessive addiction with tattoos. 

As we know controversy sells but in Vybz Kartel's case, the negativity of it came with a price and the consequence he paid was with his freedom. In 2011, Kartel was arrested and charged with two murder charges, during the first trial Vybz was found not guilty and in second trial being documented as Jamaica's longest murder trial, Vybz was found guilty. Although he is locked up, the spirit and freedom of Kartel's music continues to thrive. 

Inspired by legendary Buju Banton when he was a teenager, Vybz Kartel took on the musician name as Adi Banton and later evolved into his current name. An ambitious young Kartel who wanted to change the culture of reggae music in Jamaica, ended up living a nightmare instead of his dreams. However, his story is currently being penned and scripted to be directed and produced into a biopic movie of Vybz Kartel's life and journey as a dancehall artist. In an effort to inspire the youth of Jamaica to not make the same mistakes as Kartel, to pursue their dreams with the aspiration to succeed and enjoy that success; and not fall victim into the violence that plagues certain communities in Jamaica. 

Vybz Kartel's last interview before getting locked up and footages of some of his controversial moments can be viewed below via OnStage TV. 



New Documentary: Yo Gotti - 'Born Hustler'

Posted On: February 19, 2016

Getting personal in a new documentary, Yo Gotti opens up about his childhood, his trials and tribulations in life and more which he put ink to paper in his new album, "The Art of Hustle." 

Viewers are introduced to Gottis' family the Mims featuring his mother, brother and aunts. His mother was a street hustler known for moving bricks and getting her hands dirty like the mob, but still managed to instill morals in Yo Gotti who had a hustler's mindset ever since he was a child. Gotti lyrically expresses in one of his track the lessons he learned from his mother when it comes to the art of hustle. Yo Gotti's aunt revealed how he was always different and was not interested in toys or play money and wanted the real thing. 

Born Hustler was directed by Rap Radar's founder and CEO, Elliott Wilson, along with Danyel Smith who broadcast the narrative biography about Yo Gotti's quest and elevation to stardom as a Hip Hop artist. The visuals also illustrate Gotti's wisdom of applying the knowledge he acquired from his mother to become a businessman, switching his hustle towards a more positive route like investing in real eastate, his music; and etc. 

Check out the full footage below. 



Morgan Heritage Won Their First Reggae Grammy

Posted On: February 19, 2016

During the 58th annual Grammy Award celebrations, Morgan Heritage won their first reggae Grammy for their album "Strictly Roots," which was released in April of 2015. 


Nominated for the reggae catergory included: legendary Barrington Levy (Acousticalevy), Luciano (Zion Awake), Jah Cure (The Cure) and Rocky Dawuni (Branches Of The Same Tree).

After scoring the Grammy, Morgan Heritage met with news media and expressed the experience of winning, their excitement and the journey that kept them on the path to success. 

"My God! This one is for Jamaica and the people of St Thomas," Gramps Morgan commented. "It’s more than any emotion. The feeling is just insane."

"Winning the Grammy is an achievement next to none," Mojo Morgan stated.

"While we are grateful for the acknowledgement from our peers, we are even more grateful for the people behind the music and our fans that kept us going for over 20 years."

Congrats to the trio!