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New Movie Trailer: Finding Dory

Posted On: May 28, 2016

Nemo returns after he has been found to help Dory in this new movie called 'Finding Dory,'  who is searching for her parents. The installment of the Finding Nemo movie brand (brand as in the movie went on to franchise itself in selling a variety of products) brings a similar narrative of the script with different characters, settings; and theme. 

Dory is the voice of Ellen DeGeneres and the second trailer for the film was premiered on her show. The storyline corresponds to Nemo's where Dory gets caught in a soda six pack ring (which raises the importance of recycling but that's another article) and gets picked up by boaters. Dory finds herself on an adventure inquiring and trying to put some facts together in search of her parents. It turns out that Dory has been looking for them since the beginning of her life. 

The movie also stars: Albert Brooks, Diane Keaton, Idris Elba, Dominic West, Ed O'Neil and more. Finding Dory will be in theaters on June 17th and the trailer for it can be viewed below. 



New Movie (Extended) Trailer: 'Independence Day - Resurgence'

Posted On: May 28, 2016

Independence Day reloads after twenty years with a sequel to the movie called, 'Resurgence.'

After the first invasion and gaining technology from alien life forms, the occupants of earth were able to rebuild themselves and create a stronger world. Some of the crew from the 1996 Independence Day movie returns, more mature, wiser, with intelligence beyond their understanding; and more from their experiences. Just when they thought it was over, it is actually the beginning. 

If you know chess then you know the queen is ruthless and these aliens' queen is on her way to earth and let's just say, she's ready to checkmate. Earth Space Defense (ESD), the United Nations and the rest of the world must unite to prove what the human spirit is all about. 

Independence Day- Resurgence is set to be one of 2016 summer box-office movies. So far, the storyline, the plot and settings look good. The storyline is able to produce emotions (energy in motion) from its viewers and that is all the energy one needs to plug them in. Even the cinematography special effects, imagery and digital effects are on point. It's a sci-fi, action and dramatic movie that has all the right elements. 

The new Independence Day film Resurgence is scheduled to hit theaters on June 24th. Until then, well you know the drill. 






The Game Becomes 'Atari's' New Ambassador and Goes Into The Gaming Business (The Irony)

Posted On: May 27, 2016

The Game has been venturing out into several businesses this year, like I tweeted, 2016 will be a very productive and prosperous year for many. And the launching pad for others. 

Anyhow, applying his street knowledge and just overall intelligence, The Game will be releasing a new documentary called "Streets of Compton" broadcasted by A&E. It's unsure if it was a marketing strategy and if it was, it was a clever one because Game will be releasing his own gaming app that centers around the street life of Compton. The app is called Block Wars.

Entering a patnership with Atari and becoming their ambassador, The Game officially went into the gaming business. It has an irony of his moniker: The Game, and how he is basically playing to win. 

As of now, no release dates are known. The Game however revealed that he was working with IM3 Gaming Studios to develop the app. In the meantime, check out Game's own preview of it below and some info on what's to come. Block Wars will be marketed and for mature audience consumers because of its graphic images and visuals.


Eminem Hustles Bricks From His Childhood Home

Posted On: May 27, 2016

Well, not that kind of bricks, he's not moving those. But instead,

Eminem wants you to own a piece of his childhood by selling bricks from the house he grew up in. Like the saying goes, it takes a tribe to raise a child, and also instill bricks of lessons, morals, ethics, knowledge and etc. in them; so they are not easily broken by the ills of the world. 

Em is celebrating the anniversary of his classic album, "The Marshall Mathers LP" and honoring the house that gave his dream a home to grow. Eminem will showcase several limited edition collectibles, starting with 700 bricks from his childhood that come in variety of marketing packages, including one with a cassette version. The bricks will be sold at around $300 a piece. They signify Em's album covers for MMLP 1 and 2 which displayed Eminem's childhood home. 

Since then, the house has been demolished in 2013.

Eminem will also have t-shirts and Good Wood dog tags for sale, starting with a base price of $300 and up. The purpose of the items is to fund and continue Eminem's philantrophic efforts with his Marshall Mathers Foundation. It's a charitable organization that provides services and resources for at risk youth throughout states like Michigan and across the United States. 

For more information, click on the below.



Back To The Future: Motorola To Re-Release 'RAZR' Flip Phone

Posted On: May 27, 2016

When Adele premiered her music video 'Hello' last Autumn, she was using a flip phone as part of the visuals. With modern technology and the advancement of mobile phones, it caused some to raise an eyebrow. It was an artistic depiction the director Xavier Dolan and Adele decided on to paint the story of the video.

Hmmm, it seems like somebody from Motorola was paying attention and decided to cash in on one of their throwback phones. 

Motorola will re-release their RAZR flip phone back to the public, in a world of touchscreens and selfie sticks. It's a big risk but that's what business is about, taking risk! It's unsure what their marketing and promotion plans will be, if they will recruit Adele for any commercials or what their ads might look like. But one thing is for sure, the RAZR flip phone will be revealed next month at Lenovo Tech World on June 9th. 

The RAZR flip phone will be updated and upgraded, to fit the current standards of mobile phones services and to appeal in the market for consumers. Motorola was successful in their sales and revenues of the RAZR flip phone twelve years ago, selling over 100 million units. They are confident and with the right marketing plan, Motorola can flip consumers back to the future.

Check out Motorola's teaser video introducing their RAZR phones.

Did you see how the dude in this teaser video flipped his hair, then flipped his phone? like his swag was on 100 moving. Go 'head Motorola, take your risk! 


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