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New Movie Trailer: Moana

Posted On: July 25, 2016

Coming this Thanksgiving is a new animated movie from Disney called 'Moana.'

In the trailer for the upcoming film, Dwayne Johnson stars and is the voice of the character "Maui," who is a demigod, an all powerful deity. The setting for the movie dates 2,000 years ago, displaying Hawaiian culture and Polynesian civilizations. Moana's storyline is about the movie's title character played and voiced by Auli’i Cravalho, who sets on a journey to discover Maui with a task of bringing a mystical stone to a secret island and of course, save the world.

The animation for the movie is three dimensional (3-D) and features two dimensional special effects of Johnson's character Maui's tattoo coming to life and interactive throughout the film. Moana's story was created by the writers of Zootopia and introduces a mythical tale of adventure, willpower and how god like abilities exist in the one who believes.

Moana's original trailer was released back in June and Disney re-released the trailer with a more detailed and in-depth look into the movie.

Check it out below.

Disney's Moana is scheduled to be released nationwide on November 23rd.


All You Can Eat Is Coming To KFC

Posted On: July 14, 2016

Sounds delicious, some of you are drooling right now and some of you even said, "hallelujah!" in praising the Lord. But too bad this will be in Japan and not in America. Well, at least not yet.

Anyhow, who would of thought people in Japan love fried chicken, especially KFC.

To honor their love for some Kentucky Fried Chicken, Japan's KFC restaurants will host all you can eat fried chicken every Wednesday all summer. Beginning yesterday (July 13th) to August 31st. The all you can eat festivity will include fries, drink and biscuits for $14 USD (¥1,380 JPY). As well as, all the chicken consumers can eat.

Who knows maybe one day, you'll enjoy an all you can eat at your local KFC. Or even present the idea to them to make it happen.


Mattel to Release Presidential Barbies to Inspire Girls' Dreams In Making Them Come True

Posted On: July 14, 2016

Girl Power at its finest, Mattel is set to release Presidential Barbies to empower girls all over the world and inspire them to make their dreams come true.

The Presidential Barbies come in pairs and will consist of a President and Vice-President. Lisa McKnight who is a vice-president (the irony) at Barbie for Mattel in statement, expressed the development of the dolls as quoted below, is to continue and embark on empowering girls who will become women to take on leadership roles.

"Efforts to expose girls to inspiring careers that are underrepresented by women."

The Presidential Barbie dolls will come in a variety of skin tones, ethnicity, different facial structures, hairstyles; and some with glasses.

Prior to these new Presidential Barbies, Mattel created and released a president Barbie doll. The marketing campaign was called "The White House Project" with a promotional slogan, "I Can Be President" in 2008 and 2012.

The Presidential Barbie dolls are retailed at $24.99 USD and are available for pre-order.