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New Movie Trailer: 'Flatliners'


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Sep 28, 2017

In the trailer for the new sci-fi horror movie "Flatliners," five students commence an experiment to find out what happens to human beings after they die.

The experiment entails the medical students of stopping their hearts in the beginning for one minute and being revived back to life. One of the students in the trailer describes the experiment as a light form of pure energy, unaware in the light, darkness also lies. Documenting the experiment, the students become addicted with their new discovery and increases the time they stop their hearts, and revive. In a chilling twist, the death each student is inducing starts haunting them.

Flatliners seems like an interesting movie which is also a psychological horror film. Death in Westernized culture is viewed as the end but in other cultures, it's often celebrated as a beginning to something new, a transition to another lifetime and sometimes, an ascension to higher realms of energy or life.

Flatliners will be release this Friday (9/29).

Check out the trailer below.