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Weekend Recap: Jaguars' Owner and Players Kneel & Link Arms to Protest Following President Trump's Ignorant Comments

Posted On: September 25, 2017

Despite President Donald Trump's attempt to influence NFL owners to fire any players that participate in protesting during the National Anthem, members of the NFL banded together in unity.

During the airing of football games yesterday (Sept.24th), many took part in support of the movement Colin Kaepernick started.

As displayed in the above picture, Jaguars' owner Shahid Khan and players linked arms in solidarity and unity, to show Trump what it means to be true leaders who stand up for the rights of others.

In a statement, Shahid Khan expressed that the NFL is an organization of different races and cultures. And how there is a lot of work to be done in countering racism and ignorance. He has faith and so do I that it can be done and will be done. Although as Shahid Khan conversed, Trump does not make it easier but hard. And regardless of all the odds, Khan understands unity is the key to unlock a new world.

"Our team and the National Football League reflects our nation, with diversity coming in many forms -- race, faith, our views and our goals. We have a lot of work to do, and we can do it, but the comments by the President make it harder. That's why it was important for us, and personally for me, to show the world that even if we may differ at times, we can and should be united in the effort to become better as people and a nation."

The Jaguars played against the Baltimore Ravens, who also protested and generated an energy of unity to counter injustice and racism. Baltimore Ravens' coach John Harbaugh led his players in the protest.

Ravens' Hall of Famer Ray Lewis was in attendance and he took two knees to make a double impact supporting a fellow player, who had the courage to kneel alone for something he knew in his heart was the right thing to do.


Overview of "Power" Season 5 Opener

Posted On: July 02, 2018

The acclaimed TV show/series Power is back! I know you're excited just as much as I am.

The thing with Power is they found a formula that is addictive to their audience. Power has a diversified audience because of its diverse characters. Power managed to draw in audiences from all races, all walks of life, different age brackets, different cultures, backgrounds; and etc. And that is what the power of true business is all about. Having a product everybody and their momma can relate to.

Power Season 5 opener centered around the main characters (pictured above), Kanan and Ghost back to on their bullsh*t and where it left off in the finale of Season 4. That is where Tariq comes into play. The writing of Power has such a realistic element to it, that its audience takes it to heart. Again, power draws feelings out of its audience and makes people feel. Because Twitter is not having it when it comes to Tariq played by Michael Rainey Jr.

Anyhow, lets get into the overview of Power's Season 5 opener and Tariq.

Tariq is a challenging character with the most growth potential. Depending on how Tariq’s character is developed, he can be a good antagonist, not so much a leading character but a good villain. He’s not the same person we met in Season 1, the old Tariq is slowly shedding away and we’re seeing what will become of Tariq.

Tariq’s character growth potential can either be redeemed to the innocent boy from Season 1. Or due to the revelation of finding out his parents are drug dealers and criminals, Tariq will follow the family trade and become a villain himself. Tariq can be redeemed in a sense of not wanting to follow that path. He has seen too much already.

If I recall, Ray Ray’s cousin was the one who told Tariq where he was. Texting Dre and telling him to run was not so much being disloyal to his family but a guilt move. As if, he doesn’t want to be responsible for whatever happens to Dre. Tariq knows that he is responsible for what happened to Raina, whether he admits it or not.

Most likely will rewind and watch the ending of Season 4 to be sure. However, Tariq has been lying a lot about Kanan, Dre and his lies are responsible for what happened to Raina.

Now, the scene with his father (Ghost) in the hallway was intense, he reflected Ghost for a few seconds there, when both of them were face to face. Tariq is his father's son and some of those characteristics are starting to surface.

James "Ghost" St. Patrick  plays the protagonist and antagonist very well, he is both the hero and villain on the show. He has a dual nature, spirit and characteristic about him. Because of his dualism, Ghost played by Omari Hardwick, is a very interesting character. He's not your regular villain, drug lord and etc. This character was well created and furnished.

The narrative can go either way with Ghost, he’s not readable and that’s what dual nature, dual spirited people are about. We can analyze Ghost’s personality and characteristic based on what we see but because of the unseen parts about him, the narrative can change at any moment.

Now, Tariq’s nature and characteristic as a character doesn’t have that kind of resonance. But then again, Power as a show has shock effect to it, where the show shocks its audience and brings the unexpected.

When it comes to Dre, everybody wants him to get murked (just like with Tariq) but not yet, he keeps Ghost, Tommy and Kanan on their toes. Dre played by Rotimi, can bring a different kind of monster out of Ghost we haven’t seen yet, again Ghost has unseen parts about him.

From the very beginning Dre has been thirsty and hungry for power.

When Ghost got locked up, although Dre initiated and took the leadership role in Ghost's absence. It was more done of Dre wanting to be the boss and finally having a sense of power to it.

Dre thinks he’s a kingpin but doesn’t know how to move on a cheeseboard. He always had a desire to be Ghost and be a top a shotta. Unlike Ghost, Dre does not think. He has no conscience.

Look where he showed up to confront Ghost and Dre already has an idea who Ghost is. Dre wants to be feared just like Ghost, he has a maniacal thirst for power and can be characterized/analyzed as a sociopath.

Dre knew he had to get close enough to Ghost to carry out his plans. Acting like a yes man, wanting to be Ghost’s right hand man and etc. He couldn’t do it from a distance. Only squares infiltrate circles to learn the dynamics of it. (Whoever is on the outside, can not infiltrate. Only those “in” a circle can infiltrate. And that’s how squares infiltrate circles and learn the dynamics of it.) Dre’s infiltration was through Kanan. Ghost’s weak spot.

And the irony, Kanan is the one helping Ghost murk Dre.

Power Season 5 opener more or less was an overview of those 2 characters, Tariq and Dre. Power Season 5, Episode 1 brought that same intense factor, cliffhangers, plot twists, dramatic story-lines, mystery; and so much more.

Power's audience does not really know the narrative because of its shock effect. It incites the audience, the passionate mystery of the show. Who knows what Power's Season 5 is going to bring but one thing is for sure, the show will continue to elevate and raise the bar!

If you haven't seen the opener of Power's Season 5 like what are you waiting for? Download the Starz app below and check it out.

Power Season 5

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Weekend Recap: Donald Trump Incites Chaotic Energy Over "Sh*thole" Comments Describing Haiti and Other African Foreign Countries

Posted On: January 13, 2018

On Thursday (Jan.11), it was unveiled that Donald Trump made some comments behind closed door relating to immigration. Trump expressed, how he would prefer immigrants from Norway instead of sh*thole countries like Haiti and other African countries.

I don't know which era President Donald Trump is living in but it is not his father's nor forfather's era, time has changed. And Donald Trump needs to wake up and smell the coffee, black coffee that is. That strong coffee and get it together.

You have to wonder if Donald Trump does these outlandish and polluted things for attention or if that's just who he is.

A racist.

Is this America's raw truth, a racist president. And there has been others like Donald Trump but the difference is their racist skeletons were held in the closet.

And this is the positive in the negative, this is the leverage and the advantage because Donald Trump makes other racist people comfortable, that they unmask themselves. Donald Trump's presidency and his outlandish, controversial behaviors centering racism reveals the elephant in the room. And it can not be swept under the rug.

So, it brings these uncomfortable conversations about racism to the table, it reveals the nature of racism and how it is still prevalent even in 2018. It displays how other White Americans agree with Donald Trump and Trump is the poster child for them, he says what they don't have the balls to say; and Donald Trump's presidency reveals how racism never went away and whatever was masked about it, is now being unmasked.

As racism continues to unmask itself, it is so important for melanin people, Black people to continue and remain in their excellence. Be confident in who they are and all that they are in the face of racism, injustice, bigotry; and stereotype.

Let Black Excellence be that shift in eradicating racism.

When they call you a n*gger, monkey and refer to Black countries as "shithole" countries to intently and with motives to bring you down or try to what I call "psychological warfare" to try to convince you that you are not worthy because of your skin color. They bring you down because of the power within you.

Hunny, that's when you have to go out into the sun and see how much you glow and shine just like the sun, give yourself a hug, look within yourself and find that excellence and be that! Black excellence that is.

There's an irony to Donald Trump's recent racial controversy. I find it very ironic how the day before President Donald Trump signs this proclamation honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Trump incites chaotic energy in the air with his racist and outlandish comments.

It makes you wonder what was the reason, the true intent. Like "what's really good Trump?"

The next day (Jan. 12), Donald Trump signs a proclamation honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, a man who stood up and spoke out against people like President Donald Trump. Against racism and all it's tactics.

There's so much irony in it, that it is undeniable.

Tsk, tsk, tsk Donald Trump.

May you be more mindful of your words and their impact.


Photo tags: AP

Art by: artofjamarlogan


Week In Review: H&M Stirs Up Racial Controversy Over Derogatory Term in Ad

Posted On: January 13, 2018

Earlier this week, an ad surfaces on H&M online store featuring a black boy wearing a green hoodie with the words: "Coolest Monkey In the Jungle," pictured below.

Following the display of the ad, many took to their social media to express disbelief over the ad which many felt was racist. And racist indeed it was.

The word "monkey" has been used throughout history to defile melanin people as a whole. Its a racist term that has been used in the US and other countries as a racial slur to disgrace and degrade Black people. It's a derogatory term and H&M should of known better.

Analyzing this, you have to wonder what was the intent. Dove did the same thing, what message are they trying to convey? And ads like H&M proves the lack of sensitivity training with it comes to racism and diversity.

If H&M wanted to present a jungle fashion theme or wildlife fashion theme for their ad displayed in this picture below, H&M could of used a better word.

For example: "The Coolest Lion in the Jungle," "The Coolest Panther in the Jungle," "The Coolest Mascot in the Jungle," and etc.

Somebody did not have enough common sense at H&M to realize that putting a black child with the words "The Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" would not stir up racial controversy and upset people? Again, unless H&M lack training with it comes racial sensitivity and diversity.

Back then, certain words were used to degrade Black people in a sense of bringing them down mentally, physically, psychologically, emotionally; and even on a spiritual level. The word monkey back then as a racist term was used to tarnish and hurt the intelligence of Black people.

It was a word also used to desecrate the masculinity of Black men. That's the energy racist people have generated with using those terms. And this is why H&M should of known better. At least brush up on their history and do better than their forefathers.

We have to continue to hold those that incite racism responsible and their accountability in an effort to eradicate racism.

The real question is when will they start healing the wounds of racism? Instead of adding gasoline to the fire. Hence, the recent racial controversy involving H&M.

More importantly, we have to continue to heal the wounds of racism, heal the pain and cries of our ancestors, bring what's hidden in the dark about it to light and; pave a brighter future for our children.


Update:Since the backlash H&M received, H&M has issued an apology and even issued a statement of apology on their website. But is a statement of apology enough to heal the wound that was inflicted?

Things that make you go hmmm.


Weekend Recap: President Trump Gives Speech Against NFL Players Protesting of Police Brutality

Posted On: September 25, 2017

On a Friday evening, you would think the president of America would have better and more productive things to do like hmmm, combine minds with his staff and draw up a proposition on how he is going to help displaced people in Houston, Texas, Puerto Rico; and other areas that has been affected by recent hurricanes. Or even get into some Netflix and chill with Melania Trump, nah he would rather stir up conflict and spread hate across the nation.

Let's recap and get to it.

During a speech at a rally in Huntsville, Alabama to campaign for Sen. Luther Strange, president Donald Trump decided to use his platform at the time for ulterior motives. Instead of giving a speech to campaign for the senator, Trump decided to inflame racism.

Former San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick began a movement of kneeling down during the National Anthem at football games, in an effort to protest against police brutality towards melanated people. Since then, the move has received several controversies and backlash. The most recent backlash comes from President Trump while he was at this rally in Alabama. Upon opening his mouth, Trump spewed hate, bigotry; and ignorance.

Are we shocked? because I'm not.

I mean look at his face in the above picture, Trump looks so miserable. But anyhow.

The president urged patrons at football games to get up and leave if any players continue to protest in the manner of kneeling down. He also, urged NFL owners to fire any players that partake in the movement Colin Kaepernick started, referring to those player as "sons of b*tches." Hmmm, that's like the pot calling the kettle black.

This is the president that is saying all of this, somebody who is suppose to be a leader and influence the people in a positive and effective manner. But this is not the case with President Donald Trump, who seems to lack credentials as a president and a leader. If anything, somebody should fire him! And get him out of the White House! Because he needs to seriously pipe down with all this hate, racism and ignorance in his system. Trump makes racist people feel so comfortable and them not realizing this is not the '60s. We don't play that! But at the same time, that comfort he gives racist people works to our advantage because they feel so comfortable to take their white hoods off, and reveal their identity as a racist! These racist people have been cowards since the beginning of their inception of racism, let them show their faces so we can now how to move.

Check out the full speech below.

The keyword in President Donald Trump's ignorant speech was "owner." He was directly but indirectly speaking to the owners of the NFL, those who think like him and share the same view to basically instill fear in their players with firing them if they protest. This is the same technique slave owners used in the past when one of their slave chose to stand up for themselves. They would basically use that slave as an example to instill fear in other slaves to control and oppress them. This was a system Willie Lynch created. I don't know what time Donald Trump think he is living in but hunny, he needs to wake up and smell the coffee or that kush! Get a clue or something because like I said, this is not the 60s, this is not the era of his racist forefathers. Trump really needs to go meditate or take a walk, and reevaluate his whole presidency.

Furthermore, they really need to start mentally and psychologically evaluate candidates that are running for president, test them on social views, what their thoughts are on racism; and if they qualify to be a leader of a whole nation. Especially if they lack direction like Trump does. 

Now getting back to the keyword which is "owner," the melanin (Black) buying power is in the trillions, it is time to put our money where our mouth is. Some of you are in position to make an impact and difference. Start investing and buy out these NFL teams, stadiums, get in positions as investors; and make a difference that is going to to leave a mark. Beyonce said it best, "get in formation." Get information and get yourselves in positions to make sure NFL players are not being ridiculed and harassed for standing up, in this case kneeling down against racism and injustice, for bringing awareness to affect positive changes to benefit all of humanity; and for just taking a stand against everything that is wrong with this nation. At the end of the day, that's what it comes down to. Know your power and exercise it! Do some cartwheels on these racist people and stunt on them!

Get in formation and make a difference.


Video footage provided by: CNN