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Forbes Release World's Billionaire List, America Tops The Chart With Bill Gates Being #1

Posted On: March 03, 2015

Forbes released their annual World's Billionaire List. Despite the economy's inflation and recent drop in oil prices, the money keeps moving. Forbes list featured some newcomers, the youngest billionaire, and placed America on the top of their list.

Accodring to the Forbes' published world's list, the youths are on the rise in becoming billionaires, especially in tech inventions and businesses. Evan Spiegel who is the youngest on the list, acquired his fortune by being one of the creators of the photo-messaging app Snapchat. Forty six young billionaires are listed in the article.

Going around the world, Russia decline in billionaires by over 20% with reports of 88 billionaires, opposed to last year's documents of 111. Nigeria's business trade boss, Aliko Dangote lost of shares in some stocks, affected his fortune of $25 billion from last year.  Mexico's Carlos Slim Heru comes in at #2 again and newcomer from Guatemala, Mario Lopez Estrada puts his country on the list for the first time. Including Japan, Germany, Norway, Peru and the United Kingdom who crowned other newcomers to the billionaire list. Samsung's creator from South Korea made the list and Iceland's Thor Bjorgolfsson made a comeback since Forbes' 2009 list.

America had several billionaires on the list and some who made the list for the first time. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is climbing the list by five spots at number 16, Uber cofounders Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp made the list and Elizabeth Holmes is listed as the youngest women billionaire. Warren Buffet took back the No.3 spot from Spain's Amancio Ortega, who made the list at No.4.

America came in number one on the list with Microsoft's Bill Gates.

Forbes named Bill Gates as the richest man and person on the planet. Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft.

At the age of 13, Gates started to show interest in computer programming and linked with childhood friend, Paul Allen to launch what became the world's largest computer software business. Microsoft continues to dominate the market in computers, tablets, mobile phones and more. Bill Gates who grew up in a middle class home and knows what the value of a dollar is, gives back to the world through several charities, non-profit organizations and; philanthropy work.

Bill Gates charts the list with a networth of $79.2 billion.


Zambia Elects & Appoints Their First Woman Vice President, Inonge Wina

Posted On: January 31, 2015

In other parts of the world, Zambia made history by electing and appointing their first woman vice president. Hmmm, is America ready for a woman vice president? You know the answer to that. Anyways, let's get to the story.

Zambia in Southern Africa, elected their first woman vice president. Inonge Wina was appointed by President Edgar Lungu, after serving as the national chairwoman of Lungu's Patriotic Front. The 73 year old displayed that it is never too late to achieve in life and be all you can be, when she took the political position as the highest ranking woman ever. Being a pillar in the community, Inonge Wina always been active in working towards the enhancement of her community and is an activist for women rights. She developed a support group in Zambia to help injured police officers and their families.

One of the challenges, Inonge Wina will face as vice president is working with President Lungu, to improve the conditions of economics in Zambia. Wina will also assist the president, in revising policies for food and fuel supply in Zambia.



Style & Grace: Michelle Obama's Stunning Brandon Maxwell Gown at The State Dinner

Posted On: August 06, 2016

Making a grand entrance at this year's State Dinner, First Lady Michelle Obama allured the red carpet in a stunning ivory crepe gown by Brandon Maxwell. She was dignified in royalty, polished in grace and finessed with style. Mrs. Obama was poised with elegance and moved with the agility of a queen.

The 2016 White House State Dinner was in honor of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore and his wife Ho Ching, both President Obama and the First Lady greeted the couple on the red carpet. Michelle Obama's Maxwell gown boasted sophisticated simplicity, not one to warrant attention but had a demeanor that took the spotlight with no effort. The First Lady shined with a pair of diamond earrings, kept it cool in a tucked chignon and a smooth, sleek back bun.

Brandon Maxwell made his debut in September of last year, at New York Fashion Week and gradually grew throughout 2016 as an evening-wear designer. He was the recipient for the Swarovski Award for Womenswear at the 2016 CFDA Awards. Maxwell has worked and styled Lady Gaga, which he continues to do. His clients include Naomi Campbell, Iman, Kerry Washington and many others.

In an email statement to Women's Wear Daily (WWD), Brandon Maxwell spoke about the experience of designing a gown for the First Lady.

"It has been an incredible honor for me and my team to create this dress for the First Lady."

Maxwell expressed, the personality of Michelle Obama, the inspiration that she is for women from all corners of the earth and how she became his muse to fuse his creativity.

"Strong and elegant, she is the embodiment of the woman that inspires me to create, and a role model for women all over the world."


South Carolina Police Officer Charged With Murder After Video Of Killing Surfaces Online

Posted On: April 08, 2015

A video which has gone viral, displays patrolman Michael Slager who happens to be a Caucasian police officer, shooting Walter Scott in the back several times who is an African-American man. Scott was unarmed and shot to death.

This has become too common in America, almost every news article that reported this story, it was basically Black and White. Because the police brutality against Black men is becoming an issue that can no longer be swept under the rug.

Walter Scott served his country when he enlisted himself in the US Coast Guards and remained there for two years. Thank God there is a video to vindicate him, but let's say there was no video, would the outcome be the same? Would Slager still charged with murder?

What kind of message are these incidents sending to little African-American boys? And the youth? How about little Caucasian boys? If we do not step in now, the cycle will continue with these children when they get older.

What baffles me about the video is, I don't know why Walter Scott turned his back and started to run away, knowing what happened to Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Sean Bell and a list of other African-American teenagers and men who were shot and killed by the men who were sworn in to serve and protect them. But are these so called police officers just hiding behind their uniforms and badges, to use their positions and powers to execute these African-American men.? These police officers are too trigger happy to shoot at African-American men and the justice system fails them.

Even after the video, Officer Slager sees nothing wrong with his actions and tries to rational what he did, although it was wrong.

How can an individual justify shooting a person in the back who was unarmed?

The content in the video below is graphic for some viewers.

There was not a warning shot aimed in the air, no shots to the legs, this was an execution. Slager failed to perform CPR on Walter Scott who was laying there lifeless, instead he handcuffed him. He didn't even attempt or made any effort to save Scott's life. As police sirens got closer, Officer Michael Slager ran and picked up the taser and moved it closer to the body, tampering with physical evidence. If there was nothing wrong with his actions and he followed protocols as a police officer, he would have no need to move the taser.

The video also contradicts Michael Slager who initially wrote in his report he performed CPR and did not. Even the police officer who was the first one the scene, following the incident did not perform CPR either, they left Walter Scott there to most likely bleed to death and made no effort to turn him around so proper oxygen can flow through his body.

What is another man's life worth to another? Does the color of his skin make his life any less valuable? Is that the reason a campaign and movement started called "Black Lives Matter?" Because God makes no mistakes and does not waste His time creating people. But it seems like there has been a war waged on African-American men, like it's open season.

Again, if this video never surfaced, would Officer Michael Slager be charged with murder today? Or would he be roaming the streets, pointing his gun to kill another African-American man?


Selma's Bridge 'Edmund Pettus' Named After Ku Klux Klan Leader

Posted On: March 17, 2015

The bridge named "Edmund Pettus Bridge" has become a symbolic landmark. This was the bridge Martin L. King and many others crossed in order to gain voting rights for African American. The irony of all this is, before King and the others marched on that bridge, this was a bridge Ku Klux Klan marched and used to for parades, and their KKK activities. The bridge was named to honor one of their KKK leaders and his name was Edmund Winston Pettus. He held one of the hghest position as a klansmen and later became a U.S. Senator.

Things that make you go hmmm. A Senator, who most likely is one of the people responsible for the racist and bias structure of America's judicial system. And we are sure some of them are still there. But that's is another article.

So, the bridge went from being used for racial motivated marches to marches that combatted racism.

No wonder Martin L. King and the other marches were met with resistant, attacked with billy clubs and etc. Because of what the foundation of the bridge represents, which is hatred and racism.

Fast forward to 2015, President Obama led marchers through the same bridge to honor Selma's 50th Anniversary. It was a great and peaceful march. One that will be documented in history books.

Obama made a powerful speech at the forefront of the bridge.

But there's only one problem, the bridge is still named after a Ku Klux Klan leader and it needs to change. How can we truly honor and tribute the landmark of what the bridge stands for now, which is: courage, justice, equality, selfless acts of love, standing for what you believe in, unity  and etc.; if it's still named after a person who represented the opposite of all that.

Well since President Obama spoke to young America during his speech and they listened, because they've put together a petition to change the name of the bridge from Edmund Pettus Bridge to Selma Bridge. The petition was founded by Students Unite which consists of children and young adolescent who are making a difference in this world.

The petition has generated over 172,000 and needs about 28,000 more signature to reach their goal.

Let's make it happen.

Please click on the link below and make a difference.


Roc Nation and Kevin Durant Join President Obama's Education Intiative, The Roc to Donate 30,000 Backpacks

Posted On: June 14, 2016

Roc Nation formed an allegiance and parternership with STATE Bags which is a a buy one, give one backpack brand benefit program from Brooklyn to participate in President Barack Obama's Education Intiative. Roc Nation also partnered up with My Brother's Keeper Alliance which provides resources to improve the social narratives for Black boys and young Black men. 

Combining these two partnerships, Roc Nation is set to donate 30,000 backpacks as past of the The White House and the U.S. Department of Education's MBK Success Mentors Initiative, according to published documents. 

Kevin Durant was in attendance at the White House along with STATE Bags' Co-Founder, Scot Tatelman for a My Brother's Keeper Success Mentor initiative gathering (Summer of State), to raise awareness about the importance of mentorship, and how it guides youth in both their school and home life.  Durant issued a call of action for community leaders and mentors to ensure that the youth are attending school and partcipating in their studies.

STATE Bags and Roc Nation will continue with an ongoing partnership to get athletes like Kevin Durant invloved and other artists involved, in taking part of raising awareness about the importance of young people's attendance in school. Roc Nation and STATE bags will host signature bag drop rallies across the nation in six select cities such as: DallasLos AngelesMiamiNew York CityPhiladelphia, and Seattle.

Jacqueline Tatelman who is the STATE Co-Founder/Creative Director, made a statement about the purpose and goal of their partnership with Roc Nation. 

"This partnership and initiative with Roc Nation not only provides a tremendous platform to equip thousands of students across the U.S. with the proper tools for success, but will go beyond simply a material donation through our motivational bag drop donation events in select cities. It's an absolute dream come true for us, and exactly why we started the company!"

And the intiative of the bag drops to motivate children to conquer the odds against them. Also, to be role models that are shaping a better tomorrow for them. 

"Our approach at bag drop events is to simply ignite a fire within these children, motivating them to beat the odds often stacked against them. The inspirational team of STATE PackMen/Women - child development specialists that have successfully risen from at-risk neighborhoods themselves - serve as role model figures to the children served. Layering on idolized artists and athletes from Roc Nation? Just incredible!"



Ludacris Loves The Kids and Was Honored For It

Posted On: March 20, 2015

Ludacris was exploited all over the media, we saw pictures of him in court, his personal life on the front page and all the baby momma drama. But let's not focus on that.

There is a reason Ludacris shines and it is because of the light that is within himself.  Ludacris whose government name is, Christopher "Chris" Bridges is actually contributing a lot of his time, love, presence, goodness, positivity and doing several great things for children, which the media has not highlighted.

We know Ludacris as the Hip Hop artist, actor but did you also know, Luda loves the kids and because of that, he was honored for it.

Ludacris was honored yesterday (March 19,2015) in Georgia by the House of Representatives for his Ludacris Foundation which empowers youth and their families across the nation.

The Ludacris Foundation was founded by Luda himself. He has been going around the nation, along with other voulnteers funding and providing supplies for schools such as, laptops and computers. Luda recently had a #GetConnected campaign a couple of days ago and got other Hip Hop artists invovled in the movement, to supply schools with any tech supplies they needed.

Luda visits these schools and interacts with the students. He takes pictures with them and the kids also love Luda.

Ludacris is empowering children's education and also supplying them with the neccessary resources they need, in order to advance and become great students.

He also visits sick children in the hospital, comforts their families, Luda has played Santa Claus to many people and their families by providing gifts that they couldn't provide for their own children and family.

Luda has done a lot of great things for people and mostly children, who are the future of this world. He has provided Thanksgiving dinners, had turkey drives, toy and coat drives across the nation.

Ludacris has a big heart and brings the warmth of his heart wherever he goes. As hard as Luda might sound on wax, like he'll bust a cap in that a##, children have a special place in his heart.

We salute Luda! 100 gun salute for sure! The media takes for granted the blessing Ludacris is spreading around the nation with his self titled foundation. But would rather focus on baby momma drama instead of complimenting and giving Luda the recognition he has earned and deserved.

Because the blessing that he is, he was honored for it and was given the floor at the House of Representative in Gerogia.

At yesterday's honorary event, Luda made a statement about his purpose for his Ludacris Foundation

“I think it’s one neighborhood at a time,” said Ludacris at the meeting. “So I love to by example, and just try to encourage and motivate people to do good.”


Arkansas Along With 12 States To Begin Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

Posted On: March 06, 2015

As legislatures continue to make their appeals in Congress about welfare reform laws, Arkansas has been added to the list of drug testing welfare recipients in their state, along with twelve other states.

According to a published news article, Arkansas passed a bill that would require people who are seeking government assistance to be drug tested before they are approved. The bill was passed last month and went into effect a couple of days ago. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families in Arkansas provides housing, food, grants and even job placements for recipients. Its unsure if the people in Arkansas who are already recieving welfare benefits will be tested, but the bill states they might be subjected to random or routine drug testing.

The Senator of Arkansas in a press conference with news media expressed, how over the years there has been many welfare frauds and how some people took advantage of the benefits by using it to purchase drugs. And with the new bill, they will be able to monitor it closely.

"It's about the accountability for receiving those benefits," Sen. Blake Johnson (R-Corning) said.

If a recipients fails a drug test, benefits will be withheld from them for a period of six months and if they fail again, they will default on their benefits. However, their children are eligible for those benefits but will be done through another caretaker or social worker.

The bill in tiself has opposing views from certain lawmakers who feel it is a waste of money and how the funds should be used to get the dealers off the street instead.

Arkansas is the 13th state to implement the bill following states such as: Hawaii, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas and West Virginia


Baltimore: The Aftermath and Clean Up

Posted On: April 30, 2015

Baltimore put it on for their city and this was a community that had nothing to lose to begin wth.The poverty, the drugs and crime in Baltimore, Maryland is the every day reality for the people who live there. And then to add insult to injury with police brutality, which most likely is another issue in Baltimore. A couple of weeks ago, local government officials cut their water supply, Baltimore has been brewing for awhile and what took place over there, is a clear example of when you leave a neglected pot on a stove and then turn the heat up.

Baltimore is a town that was repeatedly kicked down and eventually, they find the strength to get up and rise up. The media wants us to believe it's all looting and rioting but failed to look at the core of what caused those things. This was a community that was fed up and like the pot on the stove, it exploded. This was a community that was hurting and hurt people, hurt people. Not condoning or making any excuses for the actions of some in Baltimore, but most of it was done out of pain, frustration and anger.

The media could portray Baltimore like a community who destroyed their town and focused on the negative but regardless, the positivity and healing in Baltimore will supercede all that. There's a lot of love and unity in that town, who came together to clean up their community.

Depsite what happened between the residents and police officers in Baltimore, there is hope for a better tomorrow.

And the next generation displayed in Baltimore, that sometimes the best way to fight a revolution is not always through violence but peace, kindness and love.


Tennessee Republican Wants To Start A Version Of The NAACP For Caucasians

Posted On: March 07, 2015

Sheila Butt is a house leader for the Republican party and was recently elected floor leader and since her position, she has been causing quite a stir in Tennessee. In a Facebook page called the Daily Roll Call, Sheila made a comment that had both the Republicans and Democrats raising their eyebrows.

In an open letter by the page manager Cathy Hinners who wrote to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a national civil rights and advocacy organization that is asking 2016 Republican presidential candidates to embrace Muslim Americans; Cathy Butts made a comment mocking the organization and the NAACP.

“Cathy, It is time for a Council on Christian Relations and an NAAWP in this Country."

The comment didn't go well with many people and ended up on political open discussions on the news. Sheila expressed how she saw nothing wrong with her comments and stated how news media was making a big deal out of it. What Sheila refused to admit was the NAAWP stands for the National Association for the Advancement of White People and it was a chapter started by the  Ku Klux Klan member David Duke in 1980. In a 1983 NAAWP news article, David Duke made comments about rebuilding White civilazation which has been tainted by immigrants and non-Whites. 

“The exploding numbers of nonwhites are slowly wrapping formerly white nations in a dark human cocoon. Shall a butterfly emerge, or the beast that has haunted the ruins of every great white civilization that submitted to invasion by immigration and racial miscegenation?”

David Duke also revealed how the KKK is a Christian organization and they would do anything to preserve their whiteness and the purity of their blood. And also how there is an impending issue of White people becoming the minority in the future.

 When the Associated Press interviewed Sheila Butts about her NAAWP comments, she stated her definition of the acronyms were different and stood for "National Association of Advancement for Western Peoples." But some government and law officials in Tennessee accused Sheila of being a racist and following in the footsteps of David Duke. One of them is Representative Johnnie Turner who is a African-American lawmaker, who made statements about Sheila's comments were stemming from White Supremacy. 

“There’s nothing else it could be. It’s a sign of an underlying belief that whatever special privileges that are afforded to people who are white are now being taken away by people of other races, color, ethnicity, etc.. It just reinforces my belief and others who think like I do that there is still a lot of work to do .

And also how Sheila should be examined as a leader.

“To think that someone would make that kind of a statement in a leadership position, that’s making decision that impact the lives of all of us, is a concern.”

 Sheila Butt tried to defend herself with these statements below.

“It saddens me that we have come to a place in our society where every comment by a conservative is automatically scrutinized as being racist. Instead of realizing my post was actually about making sure that every race, religion, gender, and culture has a seat at the table, liberal groups have once again incorrectly and falsely jumped the gun.”

CAIR spokesman told news reporters that Sheila's explanation was unacceptable.

Check out the news media footage below.


NYC To Pay Victim's Family $3.9 Million In Police Shooting Case Of Unarmed Teen

Posted On: February 05, 2015

New York City agreed to pay $3.9 million dollars, after court proceedings to the family of an unarmed teen, shooting victim.

The incident was from 2012, Ramarley Graham was shot by a police officer in the chest, inside his family's living room. Graham was 18 at the time, the incident happened in the Bronx, after Graham was suspected of drug dealing by Officer Richard Haste. The officer followed Graham into his home to apprehend him but shot him instead, stating he saw Graham reaching for something.

Since the shooting, Richard Haste was charged with manslaughter, while in motion, the whole case was thrown out of court, when the judge fined the prosecutor for trying to improperly instruct the grand jury. The case went into retrial, but then the district attorney told the grand jury to disregard testimonies from police officers, who came forward to testify Richard Haste was notified over police radio that Graham had a gun. The grand jury did not indict again.

Ramarley Graham's family then filed a wrongful death suit against the city of new York, with claims stating Graham was not even the suspect in the question. The judges in the case, awarded Graham's family $3.9 million in the suit. The family has another case pending about Graham's civil rights being violated, from acts of police brutality from Officer Richard Haste.

Federal prosecutors already have begun to investigate the whole incident, to determine if Ramarley Graham's civil rights were violated and if the case, will go to court or not.