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iPhone 6S's Commercial Featuring: Jamie Foxx and Stephen Curry

Posted On: October 31, 2015

In their new commercial ad, iPhone enlist the acting skills of Jamie Foxx for their new 6s'.

The ads for the new smartphone commercials features three videos, with Jamie Foxx starring in two.

For the first commecial, Jamie Foxx displays to the masses the unique voice command feature of the new iPhone 6s, conversating with their famous robotic voice, Siri.

In the second commercial which is their third installment, iPhone details the camera and video editing features of the new phone: videos shot in 4k Ultra HD, how the pictures can move and more.

The visuals for the video features Stephen Curry, along with other commercial actors and actresses.


Pendleton and Levi's 2015 Fall/Winter Collection

Posted On: October 31, 2015

America's favorite brand "Levi's" has another fashion partnership with Pendleton and brings consumers the best of both worlds. Pendleton is known for their signature wool lines and Levi's of couse, for their jeanswear, together they've created a Capsule Collection for Fall and Winter of 2015.

The collection is both for men and women, the featured item is their trucker jean jackets that are detailed with a Pendleton lining of black, navy, and grey abstract wool design. The trucker jean jackets also come with a matching wool blanket that you can bring to a seamstress and turn it into a scarf or find a way to rock the blanket and make it look hot!

Two snaps and a twirl hunny!

The Fall and Winter 2015, Levi's and Pendleton Collection comes also with a wool work shirt that can be worn with the jacket or styled uniquely by you.

The Capsule Collection is currently on the market and can be purchased online.


Nike 'Destroyer Varsity Jacket' Makes A Comeback

Posted On: October 30, 2015

Right on time for the fall and winter season, Nike Destroyer Varsity Jacket makes its comeback. The jacket has a more sleek appealing look with suede detailing, a mixture of tawny and black colored exterior, contoured with leather sleeves.

Nike kept some of the design concept from the original version, the jacket is blended in wool with an insulated lining.


The Nike Destroyer Varsity Jacket maintains the look of a varsity jacket with its ribbed collar and cuffs. The jacket is also lined with leather zip pockets and is already on the market at selected stores for purchase.


Japanese Jeweler, Justin Davis' New 'Star Wars' Collection

Posted On: October 30, 2015

The movie "Star Wars" usually generate profitable sales at the box office. When it comes to manufacturing products, Star Wars usually sells to children and adults.

Bringing the hype of the upcoming movie to the fashion forefront, Japanese jeweler, Justin Davis showcased his new Star Wars inspired, themed collection.

Justin Davis' Star Wars jewerly collection features: diamond-encrusted pendants and rings with the same likeness of Darth Vader, the Stormtrooper, and other characters from the movie.

For more information about the Star Wars collection, just click on the >>> link.


Back To The Future's '2015 Nike Mags'

Posted On: October 28, 2015

A couple days ago, Nike announced part 2 of the reality for the sneakers which were featured in the Back To The Future movie, starring Michael J. Fox.

The sneakers were ahead of their time and have officially arrived but will make their debut next spring of 2016 through an auction. The kicks were a self tying sneakers that Fox put on and they did their thang!

The sneakers are called "Nike Mags" and are equipped with power laces. The Nike Mags are innovating and revolutionizing fashion because of the technology enhancement of the sneakers, which sense the person's motion who puts them on; in order to fit the Mags properly to lace them up.

The Mags' tech wear also provides comfort and support. Michale J. Fox received a pair of the Nike Mags which will be auctioned off to raise funding and awareness for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research in 2016.

The Nike Mags will not be on the market commercially and it's unsure if Nike will manufacture or produce any in the future. 




Winter Trend Look: Yeezy 950 Duck Boot

Posted On: October 28, 2015

With his continued joint acquisition with Adidas, Kanye West will be releasing his 'Yeezy 950 Duck Boot' from his winter collection "Yeezy" line.

The boots are scheduled to hit the market on October 29th and will debut at Sneakerboy's online store today at 8pm eastern time. 

The Yeezy 950 Duck Boot features a waterproof, Cordura upper and suede detailing, the gripped sole is made for winter like weather such as: snow, icy rain and etc.

The Yeezy 950 Duck Boot are the first products to be released from Ye's winter collection.


Moncler and New Era Collaborates For Limited Edition Snapbacks

Posted On: October 28, 2015

"Fashion evolves with style."

At least that's what the French would say.

Moncler was founded in France and is a French, as well as Italian brand which recently teamed up with New Era to manufacture Limted Edition Snapbacks. For their promotional campaign of the hats, Moncler and New Era presented them in abstract art, featuring the color of each hat.

The hats are constructed in nylon with the imprint of Moncler's logo in the front and back of the snapbacks. The collection comes in three colors which are: black, red and white.

Moncler and New Era also showcased a marketing video for the snapbacks on YouTube before they hit the market, to give a preview to consumers.

Below is a statement from them about their new product.

"This new collaboration Moncler & New Era explores new territories and different cultures, by redesigning the cap that is associated with basket players and street style, which has been a symbol of youth movements linked to the world of hip hop music since the 70s."

"The cap, which will be available in the colours white, red and black, was produced in Moncler’s very own fabric nylon laque, and has a cotton lining."

Check out the footage below.

The snapbacks are scheduled for release at the end of this month. For more information and store locations, log on to either or


Nike Debuts "Doernbecher Freestyle" Collection

Posted On: October 27, 2015

For over ten years, Nike has been collaborating with the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in their effort to promote philanthropic, social activism in medicine and medical science.

Nike took a different approach with the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital by getting the kids involved in designing and creating the sneakers they sell, to raise awareness and funds for the hospital. The children also design apparel which have been very effective in Nike's activism with the hospital. The sneakers and the apparel will be debuted in their 12th edition for Doernbecher Freestyle 2015 Collection. All proceed will go to the hospital for research in medicine, medical science, to fund medical equpiments for the hospital; and medical resources for the children.

The Nike Doernbecher Freestyle Collection will be released and on the market for sale on November 21st. in retail stores and can also be purchased on online.


Spike Lee Receives His Own Signature Jordan Sneakers From Nike

Posted On: October 24, 2015

The Jordan Brand from Nike honors Spike Lee with the release of the Air Jordan Spike Forty sneakers. Spike Lee has always supported and rocked Jordan throughout the years and now others will be able to wear his own signature sneakers, from the same brand he loves.

The design structure of the Air Jordan Spike Forty is constructed with mesh, but sort of has a mosaic effects to it in the midsole of the sneakers. The detailing is a glassy icy blue outsole with a lace lock featuring Spike Lee's image.

Spike Forty is written on the heel of the shoe with the Nike Air imprint in back of the sneakers.

The Air Jordan Spike Forty is made in Spike Lee's favorite team color which is the New York Knicks and the sneakers will be on the market on October 28th.


Stylist Corner feat. Converse

Posted On: October 24, 2015

Our Stylist Corner segment features some looks from Converse's Fall/Winter line.

We picked out two pair of sneakers and jackets to style them with. The first look is an all black everything look, starting with Converse's hightop Chuck Taylor All Star Lux Hardware wedge styled sneaker. The name of the shoe speaks for it, laced in suede with a satin appeal,

the studded hardware in the back of the sneaker gives it an edgy but yet rugged look.

The Chuck Taylor All Star Lux Hardware can be styled with Converse's Womens Leather 3/4 Moto Jacket to complete the all black everything look. The jacket is made with lambskin leather, depending on the clothes you choose,

this look can either be casual, rockstar and; splashed with a dash of class if styled correctly with the right accessories.


Stylist Corner feat. Converse Part 2

Posted On: October 24, 2015

The second look from our Stylist Corner segment featuring Converse is a another pair of the Chuck Taylor All Star Lux Hardware in silver. It's a hightop hidden wedge sneaker, with suede detailing. The sneaker is alloyed with some black coloring effects and will give you options on how to style it just like the black ones, but with limited colors.

It features the same hardware designs in the back like the black ones but the metallic fusion gives it a different appeal.

The sneakers can be paired and styled with Converse's Womens Fleece Plaid Biker Sweatshirt that compliments the silver/grey contrast detailing in the jacket. The plaid is sort of casual but the leather sleeves on the jacket adds a little excitement and gives it a sleek look.