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Billionaire Boys Club Releases 'Holiday Edition' Varsity Jackets

Posted On: November 07, 2015

An exclusive Holiday Edition Varsity Jacket has been released by the Billionaire Boys Club. Only fifty of the varsity jackets were manufactured and will come at a first come, first serve basis.

The BBC Holiday Edition vasity jackets are designed in black and white, with leather sleeves. The wording of the brand Billionaire Boys Club are styled in art graphic white letters, both in English and Japanese.

The back of the varsity jacket details a more graffiti wording of BBC.

The BBC Holiday Edition varsity jackets are available for purchase and for more information, click on the >>> link.


Rolex Presents Their 'Star Wars' Customized Collection

Posted On: November 07, 2015

"Star Wars" is scheduled to debut next month in theaters across the globe. Manufactures have already started to take a piece out of the Star Wars franchise pizza, knowing it's a big pie when it comes to marketing and business.

Rolex is one of the companies that will incoporate the franchise of Star Wars in order to sell their products, based on the promotional scale of the movie. Rolex collaborated with South Korea’s BOONTHESHOP and Bamford Watch Department  to exclusively sell the limited Star Wars Edition pieces.

The watches are designed in Star Wars theme, ranging from sleek black, highlighted in white.

To a fine touch of silver, monogrammed with one of the characters from Star Wars.

The Star Wars' Rolex Edition watches come in a uniquely designed box, with the branding of all the companies involved.

The limited edition pieces will also feature the Submariner and Daytona.

The Rolex Star Wars Collection watches are shceduled to hit the market on November 27th.

For more information, click on the >>> link.


Fall/Winter Trend: Timberland and Atmos "Camo" Boots

Posted On: November 06, 2015

Hoody and Timberland season is officially here!

A man has to be diverse and know how to multi-task when it comes to fashion. Suited one day and styled the next in some jeans and Timbs.

But anyhow, lets get into these new boots from Timberland.

Tokyo based, Atmos linked with the classic brand, Timberland to release a Fall/Winter Limited Edition "Camo" Boots. The shoes are the signature 6 inch Timberland boots which kept the original wheat color and revamped it a little, with a camouflaged nylon collar.

The Camo limited edition Timberland boots are scheduled to be released at selected stores on November 14th.

And will also be available for purchase via Atmos.


Chris Paul's Air Jordan 13 Retro "CP3 Home" Edition

Posted On: November 05, 2015

The Jordan Brand are set to release the Air Jordan 13 Retro "CP3" to honor Chris Paul.

The sneakers are the Home Edition Collection of the Chris Paul CP3, designed in Hornets' inspired colorway.

Air Jordan 13 Retro kept its classic design and polished the CP3 Home Edition, with blue and purple exterior lining, styled with a white leather upper.

The Jordan Brand have yet to confirm a release date, however the sneakers will be available in China's market on November 11th.


Adidas Honors Military Heroes With Veterans Day Collection

Posted On: November 04, 2015

Adidas will be paying homage to military heroes with a Veterans Day Collection.

The collection features colorways from Adidas lines such as: D Lillard 1, Basketball's D Rose 6 and more. The sneakers are detailed with a patriotic theme and are scheduled for release on November 11th. The sneakers will also be worned by athlete to commemorate Veterans Day.


New Trailer: Primitive Presents Glamour Documentary

Posted On: November 02, 2015

Sex appeal has always been used to sell things. You ever seen those Uncle Ben's commercials, it's all hot and steamy, the couples making out in the commercial cook the rice with the heat they bring on television screens. Axe bath & body for men is another company that utilizes the nature of sex appeal to sell their products. And they are good with their gimmicks, pitching their products to men in a way to make them think it will help them attract women. Basically sex appeal sells and so does controversy but that's another article.


Exploring new ways to expand their brand, Primitive traveled to United Kingdom and researched their Glamour fashion and modeling scene, where the exposure of topless women has been used to sell clothes, magazines, products and etc. Highlighting the controversy of it, Primitive showcased a documentary of why the industry will no longer feature topless modeling in any of their fashion corporations, ads, company, shows, events and etc.

The documentary was produced by filmmaker, Jeffrey Woodlings and directed by, Jubal Jones.

The images for their lookbook documentary was captured by photographer, Willie Toledo.

Primitive being the fashion designer that they are, incorporated the controversy of United Kingdom's topless modeling and the exposure of sex appeal into their brand debuting a collection featuring: tee shirts, long sleeve shirts, hats, skateboards, keychains and etc.

The lookbook for their collection can be viewed below.


ColorWare Presents Beats Wireless 'Constrictor'' Headphones

Posted On: November 02, 2015

In collaboration with Beats Headphones, ColorWare introduces and releases 'Constrictor.'

The Beats Studio Wireless Headphone is detailed and designed in boa constrictor with a copper palette.

Below is a statement from ColorWare about their product: 

"A funky, edgy Boa Constrictor pattern slithered its way into ColorWare’s Limited Edition Collection. The pattern has a slight copper iridescent quality and is wrapped around the headband and ear cups on a pair of Beats Studio Wireless headphones."

The Beats Constrictor Headphones are currently on the market for purchase and more information is available at