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Gentlemen Files: Odilon Nappa Shoes

Posted On: December 27, 2015

Going through the Gentlemen Files, the Odilon Nappa Shoes were retrieved which are manufactured in Italy.

Odilon Nappa Shoes resemble Bespoke shoes and can be worn with or without socks like the Zoes (Haitians) do.

The shoes' composition are made of leather with a thin sole, featuring paneled designs with two buckles and patterned like a slip on shoe. Odilon Nappa can be styled casual even worn for business wear, with the right blueprint an individual can make a fashion statement and look like a million bucks.

Below is a description of the Odilon Nappa Shoes from it designers and manufacture.

"Crafted from leather, these pointed monkstraps in black leather are polished by hand for a sleek finish. This Italian-handmade pair is enriched with brass double side-buckles and leather soles, giving them a distinguished air. Wear this brand new design to lend a dandyish stance to your city looks."

For more information and to purchase, hit the links below.

Odilon Nappa Shoes/Black

Odilon Nappa Shoes/Cocoa

Odilon Nappa Shoes/Cognac

Odilon Nappa
Odilon Nappa
Odilon Nappa
Odilon Nappa
Odilon Nappa

Winter Trends: AAPE by A BATHING APE - SpongeBob Capsule Collection

Posted On: December 27, 2015

As we continue with more of our "Winter Trends" fashion and style, the latest in sweatshirt gear features America's favorite cartoon character, 'SpongeBob' who is premiered by AAPE by A BATHING APE for their SpongeBob Capsule Collection.

AAPE is a Japanese brand that cross borders and became international. They recently collaborated with the SpongeBob franchise to design, manufacture and market different styled sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweatpants, hoodies; and other wearable products.

AAPE by A BATHING APE's SpongeBob Collection Capsule are as followed:

The collection features a military inspired green fatigue set, which consist of a sweatshirt and sweatpants.

The SpongeBob Capsure Collection by AAPE by A BATHING APE is mostly designed in the cartoon characters color which is yellow and features Spongebob's classic trademark facial expressions.

AAPE by A BATHING APE's SpongeBob Collection Capsule is scheduled to be released in a couple of weeks in the new year and will be available at selected stores nationwide.


Winter Trends: Giuseppe Zanotti Design - Contrast Elastic Hi-Top Sneakers

Posted On: December 27, 2015

When it comes to wedge sneakers, Isabel Marant and Giuseppe Zanotti Design are some of the top brands due to the uniqueness and rarity of their products.

We are in the season of winter although Mother Nature seems to be on vacation, with these mild temperatures across the nation. Winter fashion is all about style and attitude, you can wear a long trench coat down to your ankles but it's all about how you style it baby! Add a thick chunky belt, maybe a little brooch on one of the lapels and accessorize it with a trendy hat; and you are good to go! But anyhow let's get into one of the latest winter trends in street-wear featuring Contrast Elastic Hi-Top Sneakers by Giuseppe Zanotti Design.

Giuseppe has a lot of different styles when it comes to their wedge sneakers, one of them that stood out from the rest was the contract elastic hi-top sneakers because of its design. The sneakers lives up to its name with detailed elastic bands around it.

The Giuseppe Zanotti Design Contrast Elastic Hi-Top Sneakers come in black and white.

The sneakers are framed with gold buckles, intricated with the brand's signature logo imprinted into them. The buckles serve as a closure for the elastic bands.

The wedge is concealed of course and the contrasted elastic hi-top sneakers are constructed in leather with a white bottom sole.

There are so many ways to style these sneakers but they are more leaning on the streetwear vibe. Streetwear can be edgy, rugged, casual and even with a dash or sprinkle of class; because fashion is the school that teaches us about styles.

2 snaps and a twirl hunny!

For more information or to cop ("buy" if you're not down with the lingo) you a pair, hit the following links:

Giuseppe Zanotti Design/Women Sneakers

Giuseppe Zanotti Design Contrast Elastic Hi-Top Sneakers/Black

Giuseppe Zanotti Design Contrast Elastic Hi-Top Sneakers/White


Winter Trends: Fedora Hats feat. Ashanti

Posted On: December 27, 2015

What would winter be without fedora hats and hats in general? Hmmm, bland and boring! Accessories are everything when it comes to styling because it just adds spice to a plain outfit like Adobo to chicken!

One of the trends this winter was the wide brim fedora hats. Fedora hats were huge last year and returned this year with a variety of designs, making them major again this year.

R&B songstress Ashanti was recently styled in all black ensemble paired with some blue jeans and a wide brim fedora hat, which gave her ultra sex appeal.

Being sexy is not about showing skin but attitude and aura. A person can show skin but yet no sexiness, it's all about how you carry it, wear it and; leave a lasting impression like the most subtle but yet seductive perfume. The fedora hats on women brings that out.

Wide brim fedora hats were highlighted in different fashion shows featuring winter themes and collections.

Some wide brim fedora hats are created with certain detailed multi-colored ribbons around the hat, some with feathers and others with plain black or nude colored ribbons. (I have yet to see a gold trimming aound the brim of a fedora hat, even silver which is not a bad idea.)

Fedoras employ several different styles when it comes to their hats, some of them embody the classic fedora hat, some are floppy, some of them look like Indiana Jones type of hats, with this article some of them are wide brim; it varies and it's all about what an individual feels good and sexy in.

Below are links where you can find wide brim/floppy fedora hats and info.





Winter Trends: All Jean Everything

Posted On: December 27, 2015

Wearing jeans is very common and one of the leading brands in jeanswear is Levi's. They managed to formulate a plan for their brand which consist of not only jeans but also jean jackets, jean shirts, jean dresses and even handbags at selected stores. Because of this, the All Jean Everything trend is not only worn during the winter but also autumn, spring and even summer with jean shorts and jean skirts. Basically it's all season trend. 

Below is one of the spring/autumn/winter styled all jean everything featuring KlosetEnvy's creative director, Jai Nice. The focal point of this look is the DSquared2 white wedge hi-top sneakers. And babygirl is rocking from head to toe! From the bold necklace, to the gold bangles, gold clutch and etc. She's definitely a five star chic!

The second all jean everything features pole extraordinaire/video vixen, Maliah Michel. Although this look is edgy and rugged because of the grey knit hat Maliah accessorized with but she kept it sexy and styled it with red patent leather pumps/heels. 

Below are three different ways the all jean everything can be styled from a plain black blazer accesorized with a bold red handbag and leapord print belt. For more info, click on the link:

Fashion Magazine Spread/Layout: Fall 2015

  The second all jean everything jean style featuring: a jean skirt, fur vest and suede and ankle boots. For more info, click on the link:

And the last look is an all jean everything style featuring: an autumn theme with bright yellow handbag, bangle and rain boots.
 For more info, click on the link: