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Drake's OVO, Toronto Raptors & Mitchell & Ness Spring 2015 Collection

Posted On: March 28, 2015

Drake's coporation "Octobers Very Own" (OVO) teamed up with the Toronto Raptors and Mitchell & Ness, for a new sportswear collection line.

Drake is venturing out further in the fashion game with his new project. The collection features t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, and even some accesories for the new Spring 2015 line. It was launched yesterday (March 27,2014) and is available online, also in certain stores in Canada.


Picasso Babe Designs Nike Air Yeezy II, adidas Yeezy 750 Boost & Nike Air MAG for Babies

Posted On: March 25, 2015

Picasso Babe deisgned and made some cute popular sneakers for babies, mostly newborns. The are tiny sneakers which model the Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost.

And the the Nike Air Yeezy II 'Red October.'

The sneaker booties are made from cotton, they are knitted and crochet. The newborn shoes were created out of a hobby but will release limited supplies of them, which will be available for purchase through Picasso Babe.

The newborn booties display how Hip Hop is affecting all type of cultures and revising the styles of fashion in them. Also, the mainstream of Hip Hop culture expanding and its continued growth.

There' a Nike Air MAG version of the sneaker booties.

The booties can be purchased seperately or in a Yeezy or collection pack. For more information click on the link: Etsy


Spring Trends: Fashionable Rain Boots

Posted On: March 25, 2015

We are nearing towards the month of April showers which brings May flowers. April during the Spring season consist of lot of rain and sometimes, it can be a drag on our outfits. But there are ways to still express your fashionable individuality with trench coats, colorful umbrellas and rain boots.

We came across a couple of fashionable rain boots, some with bright hues to welcome in Spring.

Starting with Hunter Rhs Orignal Tall. The boots are black and white, with a solid thick sole. The detailing of the designs are painted flowers and a black lining around the boots. They can be worn with jeans, preferably skinny jeans, tights, skirts depending on the style and etc.

The second one is manufactured by Burberry and it's raining cats with these boots. The boot is sort is off white, it has some element of spring colors and designed to create styles with when it comes to color coordination.

The next rain boots are ankle lenght and have a motorcycle detailing to it. The boots is in all black with metal studs, which gives the boots a sophiscated edge. The boots are also mnufactured by Burberry.


A Look Back At Fur Season and The Fedora Hat Trend

Posted On: March 19, 2015

It's almost that time to put the coats, sweaters, boots, winter accessories and etc. away. With these rather fair temperatures in the early start of Spring, it's giving us a little taste of warmer weather.

This past Winter, furs made it their season. From all types of designs with different textures in furs, linings, intricate cuts and etc.

Celebrities made fur season hot and one of them was Kelly Rowland.

Kelly gave us a sexy, sophiscated look with this fur overcoat. She styled it with many layers, which did not look bulky but rather smooth.

Kelly also rocked the fedora trend. Displaying some sassiness here, with her bold gold rings and plumped red lips.

Will fur season and the fedora trend make another comeback later this year? Or will a new fashion trend take its place? Hmmm, only time will tell.


Spring Trends: Oversized Scarves Used As Jackets

Posted On: March 17, 2015

Spring jackets vary in materials such as: cotton, jean, leather and etc. Usually the colors are light and sometimes neutral such a beige and light brown.

We've spotted a few spring trends and one of them is using oversized scarves as jackets. Not just putting the scarves around yourself but being creative with it, like using a belt.

The model in the above picture is wearing a Louis Vuitton poncho like oversized scarf and wore it with a thick belt. The belt balances the whole look and gives it a sexy edge. This is a very classy look but yet it's dope. She's playing with a lot of colors here but somehow, she managed to pull this look off. It's all about style and hunny is working it.

2 snaps and a twirl mama!


The Gentlemen Files: Mixing Different Patterns

Posted On: March 17, 2015

There's always been this rule when it comes to fashion, to stick to one pattern but all that has changed. And also, fashion is all about breaking the rules.

Certain patterns can be mixed and put together to create an outfit and give it a rare look. When it comes to suits, most usually stick to one pattern but lately there's been a trend of mixing patterns with shirts, vests, suit jacket and even the ties.

The above picture, is working with two different patterns. The tie is striped and the shirt is a checkered pattern but both of them compliment one another. It brings out the dullness of the suit jacket and highlights the black spots of the jacket. And the tie stands out.

The next one is Hugh Jakcman who is wearing a patterned suit but instead of going with a solid shirt, he took a risk of wearing a checkered white and black shirt (almost similar to the one in the other picture); with a solid black bowtie. Although, there is a lot going on with this look, it still looks amazing.


Sneaker Head Collects Over $160,000 Worth of Sneakers and Sells It

Posted On: March 15, 2015

Can you imagine how much the things in your closet might be worth? Especially if you are a sneaker head.Things that make you go hmmm. But anyhow, lets get into this article.

Sneaker heads are the people who buy and collect rare sneakers. Some collections vary but the most popular one is Jordans. To some it can be a waste of money investing in all those sneakers and to others or the sneaker head, they can sell them. And that's exactly what a man from Beijing, China did.

A man from China collected 283 pairs of Jordans, which took him twenty years to accomplish. The man needed money to buy a house and instead of applying for a loan, the man sought to purchase the house in cash. The man used the asset of his Jordan collection to do so. He pawned his whole Jordan sneaker collection and received a pay out of over $160,000. The man was able to buy his house and still have money left over.

Who knew an investment in sneakers would turned into a big profit like that.


The Risk Fashion Designers Take

Posted On: March 15, 2015

Fashion, what is it really? Is it just a shirt, a pair of pants or shoes. Or is it more? Fashion is the blueprint styles are created from.

But we can learn things from fashion, like taking risk. Fashion desginers take risk all the time. In their creativity and in making clothes.

We came across a Spring jacket that took a very big risk and in taking that risk, it made the jacket stand out. Who would of thought using sheer materials on a jacket? and use it as sleeves. And created something amazing from it! The jacket is a casual jacket but the sheer sleeves, gives it a classy and sophiscated touch.

Whatever it is you are trying to create and manifest, take a risk. Even if it's different and never be done, create trends that will set and innovate fashion. Not just in fashion, but being innovators in life.


Spring Trends: Grand Frank Floral Tie Collection

Posted On: March 13, 2015

Spring's coolness and summer heating things up, causes the shedding of the many layers in Winter clothing and accersories. The freshness of the new season and more exposure of the sun, brightens up the color of fashion trends. Also in nature, with the growth of new leaves on trees, blooming flowers, colorful butterflies and more. Grand Frank's new collection was inpspired by it and applied towards their Spring/Summer 2015 Tie Collection.

Grand Frank is a company that provides all essentials when it comes to shirt wear and accersories. From: shirts, ties, lapel pins and more. For their new collection, they went floral for their line. It works well with the new season of spring and summer. The new lines of ties are artfully designed looking painted on and some of the flowers are clustered together. The flowers are creatively patterned and the colors Grand Frank went with, are in tune with the season of spring.

The ties can be worn with a shirt alone, with certain colors of shirts from: white, light grey and the tie on the far right can be worn with a pale yellow shirt. As well with it comes to the colors of suit jackets and blazers.

Grand Frank's new spring/summer tie collection comes with a flower lapel pin to be worn with suit jackets and blazers. The line also comes with a different art pattern which looks a little flower but it's designed differently. The brightness of the tes make them stick out. 

To view the productsh Grand Frank supplies, for purchase and more information,click on the link below.


Spring Trends: Camper Together X Bernhard Willhelm

Posted On: March 12, 2015

Who's ready for Spring? We had a lot of snowfall and freezing temparatures for this past Winter season. But it set several fashion trends from: fedora hats, furs, sweaters with leather sleeves and etc. What's going to be one of the hottest fashion trends for Spring? Shoes is a major factor when it comes to fashion and styles. Personally, I always buy shoes first and then work my way up. As far as color, cordination and etc.

Wedge sneakers have been very popular thanks to Isabel Marant and Beyonce who often times wears them. It revolutionalized fashion because many other brands followed suit. Even Nike has their own collections of wedge sneakers. One brand that sticks out from most because of its unique designs and detailing is, the collaboration of Camper Together X Bernhard Willhelm.

Remy Ma frequently wears Camper Together X Bernhard Willhelm sneakers and even her fans were taken aback by them, because it's different. Not many stores in America sell them and they are mostly found online from stores in Paris or Germany.

When it comes to fashion, it's all about individuality. Fashion is the blueprint to build your own unique style from.

Camper Together X Bernhard Willhelm dropped their Spring/Summer line of 2015. Their wedge sneakers usually consists of suede, leather and cotton. They are designed with different colors and patterns.

It's all about how you style and rock them!


Art Inspired Yeezy Sneakers

Posted On: March 11, 2015

Art has always been an inspiration for fashion and styles.

Kanye West's collaboration with Adidas' created the Yeezy sneakers from their joint venture. Some of the sneakers were painted on with the cartoon image of Ye's 2007 "Graduation" album. The sneakers are being sold online and due to their limited supplies, only a few sneaker hustlers have them.

Check out the design below.