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Fashion Web Series "The Reclaim" Purposed to Transform the Stereotype Imagery of African-American Men

Posted On: January 08, 2016

Launched in December of 2015, a new fashion web series broadcast via Vimeo called “The New Stereotype: The Reclaim” is geared towards alleviating the negative imagery of African-American men in the media.

Marquelle Turner-Gilchrist from Harlem networked with friends and people who are knowledgeable in fashion to develop the web series. Marquelle is a buyer for a luxury fashion company and had a vision to display the strength and diversity of Black men through fashion. The concept of the web series is to present Black men from all corners of the world such as: the Virgin Islands, Africa, Paris and across the nation from: Brooklyn, North Carolina, New Jersey and etc. In displaying different cultures, backgrounds, variety of skin tones, difference in fashion and etc.

It's basically the classic man, the gentleman styles from their blazers, hats, overcoat and more. Besides fashion, the web series features the aspirations, dreams and goals of these men. Their ambition and drive for success. Also, to rid the stigma in the media of the negative images that are displayed to stereotype Black males due to racism and ignorance. For them to shine in a different light, showcase their excellence, fashion sense and trends in menswear.

The New Stereotype: The Reclaim from Marquelle Turner-Gilchrist on Vimeo.




Nail Files: Laqué

Posted On: January 07, 2016

Nail bars which is another name for nail salons are a growing trend, with an ambiance setting and environment of tranquility. Some nail bars serve champagne or wine, give their customers a massage while they are waiting for services to be rendered and sometimes, they might throw nail parties, maybe to launch a new polish color and etc.

Introducing Nail Files featuring Laqué Nail Bar which is located in North Hollywood, California. It's an upscale full beauty lounge that offers a variety of services from nail care, waxing, eyelash enhancements, facials and etc. Laqué is mostly popular for their unique designs in nail creativity, styles and art. From matte to glossy nail polishes and finishes, ranging in an assortment of different colors. 

Some of their designs include glitter, rhinestones, strips of gold or silver for those who like bold nail styles.

Laqué Nail Bar works with their customers to manifest individual nail styles and designs.

The beauty lounge clientele range from celebrities, people who drive several hours from neighboring states to their establishment and tourists visiting from other countries.

Cutomers have given Laqué Nail Bar great reviews, including local and national press. Their prices vary depending on the services and they also cater to men providing manicures and pedicures.

For more information, click on the following links:

Laqué Nail Bar



Billionaire Girls' Club 2016 Spring and Summer Collection

Posted On: January 05, 2016

Billionaire Girl's Club released their spring and summer 2016 collection. The line features different colored tee-shirt from pink, grey to a sky blue. The shirts are imprinted with their trademark signature logo and acronym.

The brand enlisted Vicky Grout who is a London photographer to capture their new collection for their promotional advertising campaign.

For more information and purchase, click on the link.


Pre-Summer Trends: Ray Ban - 'The Clubround'

Posted On: January 04, 2016

Ray Ban presents their new sunglasses for the summer called 'Clubround.'

Ray Ban combined their signature style the Clubmaster and its round models to create their new eyewear product. The Clubround comes in two colors: black and tortoise, framed with Green Classic G-15 lenses for better optical vision and protection from UV rays.

Detailed in brown lacquer coating, a sleek finish and gold metals around the frame, the Clubround is available on Ray Ban's website for purchase.


Headphone Swag: Beats by Dre Solo2 in Collaboration With James Jean - 'Chinese New Year'

Posted On: January 04, 2016

Before the new year kicked off, Dr. Dre's headphone brand Beats By Dre linked with James Jean for the release of their Solo2 newly designed listening device. The 'Chinese New Year' collection comes in three designs and was inspired by the popular Proverb, "Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil."

The headphones are constructed on the Solo2 wireless platform and features artistic Chinese Chen Man’s gold colorways, representing wealth, prosperity, and good fortune for the new year; and the cycle of the Chinese zodiac astrology (ex: year of the dragon, year of the horse and etc.) The designs are featured in gold on two designs and grey artwork in another, envisioned and magnified by James Jean.

The Chen Man consolidated "Wei" and "Yang" and fortified it in an english, American phrase that says: "We Are Young." Beats by Dre's Chinese New Year was released on the market on December 30th of 2015 and is available for purchase.


Holiday Round Up: 2 Chainz Hits The Dab and Hustles $2 Million For His Christmas Sweaters

Posted On: January 04, 2016

Incorporating the dabbin' frenzy into his business affairs, 2 Chainz created a line of holiday ugly sweaters called the "Dabbin Santa" to help people celebrate Christmas in style. The sweaters became a trend and took off like a pair of running tights!

With a promotional and marketing campaign that included linking with other celebrities, social media and sharing pictures of customers dabbin' in their 2 Chainz holiday inspired collection sweaters; the Dabbin' Santa limited edition generated $2 million and counting in sales. Referencing an article from Forbes who interviewed the "Trapavelli Tre" MC, 2 Chainz revealed how he and his team have been brainstorming on ideas to create the perfect line of sweaters and a line of other clothing.

"I don't want people to think this was an overnight success, we've been trying with a bunch of designs for a couple years now."

During the interview, 2 Chainz elaborated to Forbes how certain appearances on several different shows like Good Morning America contributed to the exposure and success of the Dabbin' Sweaters.

With the assistance of the funds from the sales of the sweaters and other products on 2 Chainz web-store, the Hip Hop artist applied it towards spreading some holiday blessings to families ,with his non-profit organization T.R.U. Foundation and gifted one of the families with a minivan to help transport a child with disabilities.

The dabbin' hustle did not stop there, 2 Chainz teamed up with Apple to develop a Dabbin' Santa' video game app, where players have to hit the dab on some bandits.

Chainz spoke about his new business venture with Apple in his interview with Forbes and the purpose for the app.

"Apple worked with us, it's the fastest-cleared app in Apple history. It's only 99 cents, and some of the proceeds go to charity. It's a continuation of maximizing a trend."







Louis Vuitton Recruits Video Game Character, 'Lightning' From 'Final Fantasy' for Their New Campaign Ad

Posted On: January 04, 2016

French heavyweight designer, Louis Vuitton's creative director Nicolas Ghesquière is taking a different and unique approach to market and promote the brand's Spring and Summer 2016 collection.

Stepping out the norm, Ghesquière has enlisted a fictional character to be the face of the new line. The character from the popular video game Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series, Lightning will be the caricature to model for Louis Vuitton.

The collaboration involves Square Enix's Japanese video game artist Tetsuya Nomura, who designed the ads for the campaign featuring Lightning, modeling in some of the collection that was previewed during last fall's Paris Fashion Week in 2015.

The Louis Vuitton's 2016 Spring and Summer fashion camapign ads are called "Series 4," pictured above.