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MAC Premiers Viva Glam, Ariana Grande 2

Posted On: June 22, 2016

MAC premiered the second installment to their conjunction lipstick line with Ariana Grande

The Viva Glam, Ariana Grande 2 comes in tones of a shimmering lipglass mauve or a matter orchid pink. You can glam it up and blend the lipsticks to create something new or wear them individually. 

The lipsticks serves a purpose and has a glam up campaign. Every cent and dollar from the Viva Glam Lipglass and Lipstick will be funded towards helping women, men and children who have been affected and living with HIV/AIDS. Each proceed will go into medical research and medical care. In reference to documents, the MAC AIDS foundation has generated $425 million dollars in funds and continue to go forth with their humanitarian work. 

Prices vary for the Viva Glam, Ariana Grande 2 products based on countries: The Lipglass Viva Glam Ariana Grande 2 is $16 USD and $19 CAD and the Lipstick Viva Glam Ariana Grande 2 is $17 USD and $21 CAD. They will be available at selected stores and released on September 8th. 


Travel In Style This Summer With Alexander McQueen and Globe -Trotter Luggage Collabo

Posted On: June 22, 2016

Whatever your travel or vacation plans might be, do it in style. 

Navigate around the world in royalty with the new Alexander McQueen and Globe -Trotter's new luggage collection

Their collabo created matching luggage with distinctive characteristic in their designs. The trunk is a trolley measuring at twenty one inches (pictured below)

and the utility case  (pictured below) is thirteen inches of space to keep your essentials in. 

The hardware on the Alexander McQueen x Globe -Trotter luggage features silver studs throughout each piece, leather straps with belt buckles and a skull padlock in silver, to secure your items. Interior furnishing of the luggage parades McQueen's trademark and impressions in frosted ghostly skulls and onyx lining. 

Pricing for the luggage collection are modified in USD based on the merchant. For more info and to purchase, click on the following link: Alexander McQueen x Globe -Trotter Luggage


Summer Style Inspiration: Mesh Cut Out Swimsuit & Embellished Kaftan Cover Up

Posted On: June 22, 2016

Summer season is officially here baby! The season of traveling, sipping lemonade on a beautiful island, enjoying the many fruits of your labor from winter; and expanding your knowledge of different cultures and languages. 

When going to the beach, you want to be comfortable but also stylish. Even at the pool or at a pool party event. There's several swimsuits to choose from, varied in different styles and colors. For my Style Inspiration segment, I chose a swimsuit that is chic, classy and trendy for the season. The Nadia Mesh Cut Out One Piece Swimsuit (pictured below) was created by a Turkish brand called, Norma Swimwear

It's fun and flirty. With this swimsuit, accessories is not really required because the neckline is a jeweled necklace inspired design. What you can accessorize with the Nadia Mesh Cut Out swimsuit is a cover up that creates mystery but yet emanates subtle details. The Biba Embellished Kaftan (pictured below) compliments the luxury appeal of the swimwear and gives off a romance flair. The embellishment around the collar and it's sheer onyx material is a perfect combination to wear to a pool party. 

Since this is a beach summer Style Inspiration, I combined a few accessories to jazz up (pictured below) the two attires above. A straw tote  with metallic detailing, a cowboy inspired, floppy straw hat and Prada sunglasses to highlight the bohemian styled sandals

The Kaftan cover up is also great for cool summer evenings and nights for beach strolls. It's a get up and go type of outfit, simple but yet sophisticated, delightful and something you can relax in while chillin' on a beach chair

For more products and purchase information, click on the following link: Summer Style Inspiration


Beyonce's Garden Of Eve Off The Shoulder Summer Style

Posted On: June 21, 2016

Almost a week ago but not quite, Beyonce uploaded a Garden of Even themed photographs. Bey looked like she was having an intimate moment with Mother Nature, in her organic state, fresh faced with a flowery ornament crown. 

She is the Queen Bee. But there were no bees buzzing, just Beyonce around some plants, flowers and lavenders in a peaceful setting. Beyonce was styled in a two piece off the shoulder outfit. The ensemble is a light blue and white with horizontal, sea stripped impression designs on the top and vertical, sea stripped impression designed on the pants. 

The light linen material outfit's off the shoulder top is a little ruched, sashay flowing and ruffled crop top (pictured below). Despite the fact that it is an outfit, the top is a versatile piece of wardrobe which can be paired with, for example: short, fringed jean shorts. The bottom is a wide leg, trouser pant. Beyonce styled it with heels. 

It's an outfit that can be worn to a fun date, a brunch with friends and like Beyonce depicted (pictured below), a nature outing where you can completely indulge and savor in the moment. 

Summer is officially here, it's good to set trends and utilize fashion as a blueprint to create styles that resonate your individuality and character. Sometimes, it's okay to take risk with fashion because it's an art-form about imagination and the genius application of styles. 


OPI Launches Infinite Shine Summer '16 Collection

Posted On: June 21, 2016

Summer fashion and style is all about bright, colorful and cheery colors. Nude and neutral colors also play a big part in summer. Tones of pink to pastel, to beige, peach and etc. 

To welcome the summer season, OPI launched their Infinite Summer Shine '16 collection which will debut in July.

The highlight of these new nail polish, is you can swim in the ocean or pool and they won't peel off. Infinite Summer Shine are designed for long wear, provides high shine and application of the nail polish is easy. The collection comes in ballerina inspired colors from chiffon pink, blush, peach and also some darker tones of pink and nude. 

OPI's Infinite Summer Shine '16 will be available in July and priced at $12.50 USD each at selected stores


Future Chills With His Son In Gucci Threads

Posted On: June 19, 2016

A few days ago, Future also known as Hendrix, uploaded these adorable pictures of him having a father and son moment. The flicks depicted him bonding with his son and from Future's smile, he enjoys fatherhood. 

Hendrix was styled in a Gucci Cotton Polo that is designed with snake embroidery around the collar. The polos come in several two toned colors and also, solid colors pictured below. Pricing varies for each of the Gucci polos depending on colors, location of stores and online boutiques. 

Keeping it casual and vibing with the summer, Future had on a pair of Gucci Blooms Print Sandals. Devised in an all black leather gummy sole, the sliders are paneled with Gucci's signature print design and accentuated with floral ornaments. The Gucci sandals are priced at $280 USD. 

To complete the look was Future's cute little pumpkin and his bright, cheery smile! 

Awww, too cute! 


Nigerian Artist Creates Afro Combs To Honor African-American Activists and Freedom Fighters

Posted On: June 19, 2016

Hailing from Nigeria is Fred Martins who created and designed these uniquely afro combs and picks. They're not like regular afro picks, Fred had an amazing vision to bring his design into reality, because the afro combs and picks reflect the images of African-American activists and freedom fighters. 

Taking his skills of graphic artistry and photography, Martins constructed the afro combs and picks in resemblance of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey, Fela Kuti and Patrice Lumumba. Their facial imagery are composed in the area of each comb's tooth. 

Afro combs and picks have been around since Egyptian time as pictured below from a museum.

And was an iconic symbol of the raised Black fist during the Black Power, Civil Rights and Black Panthers movements in the 70's. Also in movies, cultured fashion (some would rock an afro pick in their hair as an accessory) and more, pictured below.

 Fred Martins stated during an interview, the motivation for him to create the activist/freedom fighter afro combs was to link African-Americans to their ancestors. Also, for historical and cultural values. He expressed in urging the youth to learn more about their history and African heritage. For them to gain knowledge of their ancestors and use it as a guide, to become leaders and empower leadership. 

Check out Fred Martins' full collection of afro combs below. 


Tinie Tempah Rocks Gucci Trench Coat for Cover Art to His Upcoming Album, "Youth"

Posted On: June 19, 2016

Fashion is an art form, it's a blueprint that helps you construct or create your own style. For his upcoming album, Tinie Tempah utilized fashion and himself to promote the project. 

Graced in a Gucci GG Supreme Trench Coat, sporting a fade with twists in his hair (pictured below), round specs to accessorize his eye and a well manicured beard; Tinie is demonstrating his personal artistic style. The cover art for latest album "Youth," has him posted in front of wooded backdrop and tropical leaves. Some words are highlighted in white, not sure what kind of font it is. 

The main focal point of the Gucci trench coat Tinie is rockin' is the intricate detailing embroidery. This is why Tinie Tempah has his back slightly turned at an angle, to display the sophisticated patterns of fashion stitching.

Sewn into a brown suede material which can be viewed below, the embroidered design is a beautiful piece of artwork. 

The Gucci GG Supreme Trench Coat is highlighted with brown suede throughout it from the: waist belt, pocket covers, to the collar and upper chest area; and mini wrist belts. 

The inside of the Gucci trench coat is polished in fine silk, resembling one of Gucci's classic scarfs and meticulously encased.

Priced at $4,990 USD, the Gucci GG Supreme Trench Coat is at selected stores and available online for purchase. Tinie Tempah's album, Youth is slated to be released on September 16th.


Flick of The Wrist: All Black Everything Timepiece to Hit the Market for $95,000

Posted On: June 19, 2016

Dubbed as the world's blackest watch, hmmm, more like all black everything timepiece. Vantablack is the color of the watch and was created by Anish Kapoor, a Brittish-Indian artist. Vantablack is in a class of its own and can't be found nowhere else on earth, except in space where the black hole exist. 

Surrey Nanosystems which is a London based company, initially refined Vantablack that is sometimes mistaken for paint. It's a glossy, finished coat consisting of fibers made out of graphite called, carbon nanotubes. The interesting thing about the enamel is, it has almost the same fundamentals as melanin because it absorbs light. Although, it's man-made material, melanin is of the universe and earth. 

Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps (MCT), a Swiss watchmaker was part of the project to develop and manufacture the timepiece. The S-110 Evo Venta Black is the watch's name and it's compiled of Vantablack materials, which appeals to the timepiece unique features. The watch is a limited edition and because of the sensitive nature of its substance, only ten of them were created. Vantablack materials were applied to the watch by Surrey Nanosystems.

S-110 Evo Venta Black are expected to hit the market later this fall and will be sold at $95,000 USD.

Below is a behind the scene footage that illustrates components and structures of  timepieces created by MCT.


Big Sean Jet Planes In Style

Posted On: June 17, 2016

No matter where you are going, one should always travel in style. You want to arrive at a new destination gleaming like the sun, wearing the right threads to accommodate the weather and location of your choice. Landing in Amsterdam, Big Sean was dressed head to toe, making his presence felt in the Netherlands this week. Posted up and camera ready in front of one of German's finest on wheels, Sean mixed casual and luxury to fit his individual style. 

Chillin' in a black Carhartt Hooded Sweat Holbrook (pictured above) and a slate, grey t-shirt underneath, Big Sean complimented by fresh by staying cool in a white John Elliott Denim Thumper jacket. With his shoe game on 100, rockin' a pair of Yeezy 950 Boots in Moonrock, Sean's Goyard briefcase represented business. And also a man, who knows how to balance his lifestyle and unpack his luggage, whether it's chillin', pleasure; or just doing him. 

And of course, Big Sean made sure his bling was on point, shinnin' like five stars with an emerald ring to light the way. 


Vogue's Remixed Swimsuit Edition Desiigner's 'Panda' With Model, Andreea Diaconu

Posted On: June 17, 2016

Although, he has never been to Atlanta, there's no doubt Desiigner is a thoroughbred from Broooklyn, NY. In Vogue's latest video editorial called "Swim City,", the G.O.O.D music artist takes viewers into the Big Apple's streets during the summer and views from under the Brooklyn Bridge, overlooking the East River. The video is a remixed fashion version of Desiigner's banger, 'Panda.'

Starring in the mini-clip is model Andreea Diaconu, glowing in several swimwear attires and voguing in different poses. 

Check it out below.