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Pharrell Williams Links Up With BMX Nigel Sylvester and Joey Bada$$ for G-Star's '#NewYorkRaw'


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Jun 03, 2016

Taking over the Big Apple, Pharrell Williams is accompanied by BMX pro, Nigel Sylvester and Joey Bada$$ to launch the opening of G-Star on Fifth Avenue. Going on an adventure in BMX bikes, the three musketeers hit the pavements of NYC and travel from Williamsburg to SoHo, enroute to the new G-Star store of 5th ave. While on their journey, Pharrell gives a detailed acoount about the trip, being one with the road, environment and the experience of the ride. 

Th visuals depict Pharrell, Nigel and Joey along with their bike entourage, doing BMX stunts, enjoying their day in the city, having fun; and living life. While fans waited, upon arrival, Pharrell, Slyvester and Joey Bada$$ greet them, take pictures and open the door to the new G-Star spot.

Check it out below.