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Kylie Jenner Launched First Eyeshadow Palette, Kyshadow

Posted On: July 28, 2016

After the success of her Lip Kits which continue to generate in sales, Kylie Jenner is expanding herself further into the cosmetic beauty business. The mogul in the making already has her own cosmetic company, Kylie Cosmetics and brands herself as a corporation. She recently announced the launching and release of her first eyeshadow palette called, 'KyShadow.'

The announcement was made via Kylie Jenner's Instagram account as quoted below:

"Surprise! I’ve been dreaming about this moment for so long, and I’m so excited to reveal my KYSHADOW palette. I’ve been using this every single day for the last few months and it’s finally time to reveal it. My bronze Kyshadow kit will be launching TOMORROW at 3PM PST on I can’t wait for you guys to get this!!!"

Since her announcement, Kyshadow has already sold out after launching on July 26th. The Bronze Palette features nine eyeshadows in neutral browns. Kylie displayed a behind the scene clip of her learning how to make eyeshadow and being hands on with the production of Kyshadow.

Its unsure if Kylie will release a full line of cosmetic products as time goes on, which would include blushes, eyeliners, eyelash curlers; and etc.


Modla Creates 3D Printed Design Snapbacks

Posted On: July 28, 2016

Technology continues to evolve and it also expanded into the business of fashion, home decor and etc. There are garments on the market now that are digitally enhanced to behave like a charger or source of power for your phone. The latest digital fashion products to hit the market are 3D printed snapbacks by Modla. Who would of ever thought about designing 3D hats? Well, Modla did! And hunny, if you have an idea, you think it's crazy or the world is not ready for it, make it happen and innovate. Who knows, maybe a shoe for women where they can control the heel length might hit the market next. Something like that, hopefully you get the point. But yeah, back to those hats.

The Modla snapbacks come in three different designs, illustrated with 2D and 3D special effects. It resembles embroidery on steroids over the polyester and wool hat material, with its pop out digital effects. Modla's design for the hats are a melting clock Salvador Dalí style, a 3D imaging skull and a gun blast with flowery intricate.

Limited to only 100 production of the Modla 3D snapbacks, the company is accepting submissions for consumers to create their own exclusive hats. And will even put the consumers' design on the market for sale.


Christian Louboutin Outfits Cuban Olympic Team for Closing Ceremony

Posted On: July 28, 2016

As the Olympics get ready to broadcast their summer games, athletes worldwide are preparing themselves to participate and play to win. There are several notable sponsors and investors contributing to the Olympics, one of them is Christian Louboutin whose brand is the official designer for the closing ceremony look of the Cuban Olympic Team.

Combining efforts with former professional handball player, turned retailed shop owner, Henri Tai, Christian Louboutin and Tai's collaboration took two years in the making. Channeling inspiration from the '50's and utilizing the strength of colors, the Cuban Olympic Team outfits for their closing ceremony is sporty and classy. It gives off casual styling in Cuban military inspired jackets, cropped black pants for women, knee length shorts for men; and array of smooth khaki and deep red.

Red is the signature themed color for most of Christian Louboutin's collection of shoes. He is best known for his red bottoms. Louboutin fitted the Cuban Olympic Team with a variety of shoes ranging from different high-top sneakers and loafers for the men; and kitten-heeled sandals designed to reflect Cuba's flag for women. 

Henry Tai, who owns retail shop and Christian Louboutin elaborate about when the idea came into fruition, concepts of it and venturing together to make it a reality. The behind the scenes clip below details the teamwork of Tai and Louboutin. 


Pharrell Williams and Adidas Collaborated Release of NMD's Collection Called 'Human Race'

Posted On: July 25, 2016

Pharrell Williams is soaring into new heights with his latest collaboration with Adidas, on his continued journey to becoming a fashion mogul.

Combining his acts of altruism in philanthropy, Pharrell draws inspiration to create and design a sneaker collection dedicated to humanity called the 'Human Race.' The new collection is part of Adidas' NMDs line.

What makes the sneakers special and unique are, even though each and everyone of us individually are on our own paths and destiny in this thing called life. What bonds and unifies us in the world's evolution is one race called the Human Race, the circle of life for all mankind.

The Pharrell Williams x Adidas' Human Race sneaker collection were crafted in mesh materials, white and black soles and several colorways such as: mint custom green (pictured below), red, burgundy, mustard yellow, blue and more. The inscription Human Race are detailed in black and some in white on each pair of sneakers and their colorways.

Prior to the release of the Human Race sneakers, Pharrell began his own marketing campaign eight weeks ago on Instagram, promoting and showcasing the sneakers on his feet at different locations and stylin' in various sets of outfits. It was genius marketing and Pharrell is definitely making an impact in the fashion world.

The Human Race sneaker collection by Pharrell Williams and Adidas have already been released to the public and is available on the market for purchase.


Gigi Hadid Rocks Fenty Puma Stiletto by Rihanna in Vogue's August 'Olympic' Issue Spread

Posted On: July 14, 2016

Gigi Hadid landed her first Vogue cover, including a full spread for their August 'Olympic' issue.

Gigi artistically graces the cover of Vogue with olympian Ashton Eaton pictured above. In their combined spread for Vogue, the two join forces with several different athletic, yet fashionable poses.

Hadid is styled in a variety of different outfits and rocks the new Fenty Puma by Rihanna. Pictured below is an Olympic shot of Gigi sporting a black stiletto Fenty Puma with white detailing.

The Fenty Puma stiletto has an athletic appeal to it but it's also sexy. The composition of that provides flexibility and the ability to multi-task with it comes to styling. For the Vogue cover spread, Gigi Hadid is patterned in a full bodysuit (pictured below), accentuated with leather. It's a casual wear, the hairstyle delivers a natural and elegant look, despite the fact it's simple.

Putting in that work with her pose, Hadid is toned in a white with black detailing Fenty Puma stiletto. The shoes have a signature of the number 13.

Vogue also conducted an interview with Gigi Hadid for their August Olympic issue. During the interview, Hadid revealed how she has a repertoire of a professional athlete due to intensive training. This enabled Gigi with ease to do some of the athletic poses which were required for the Vogue photo-shoot. To read the article and view more flicks from the upcoming August Olympic issue, check out the full cover story.


Reebok and Jungle Gurl Collaborated 'Hawaiian Print' Collection

Posted On: July 14, 2016

Jungle Gurl is a swimwear company that design swimsuits with the objective of inspiring women to embrace their bodies. The brand also accredits the importance of being confident in your own skin. Pushing their purpose to a more wider scale, Jungle Gurl recently incorporated creative energies and ideas with Reebok for a new collection inspirited by Hawaii and its culture.

The Hawaiian Print Collection consist of swimsuits, an anorak (pictured below) and exercising attire such as: sports bras.

Reebok and Jungle Gurl also came aboard to recreate a classic and redesign the Pump Fury sneakers, pictured below.

The sports bra and short combination is flexible in style, where it can be worn to the gym, as well as the beach.

The Reebok x Jungle Gurl collection was released on July 11th, for more info and to purchase, click on the following link. Hawaiian Print.

While you're getting a tan from being sun kissed, jogging your way to a healthier lifestyle or en route to one of your workout regime in the Hawaiian Print gear, stay fly and keep your eyes fashioned with a pair of specs from the Sunglass Warehouse. Take advantage of their summer sale by clicking on the link below.