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Brujas Releases "Each One, Teach One" Autumn Collection

Posted On: September 24, 2017

Fashion with purpose is what the brand "Brujas" is all about. Releasing their Fall 2017 collection titled, "Each One, Teach One," the collection was inspired by the Mississippi Freedom Schools of the Civil Rights Movement.

Brujas are a freedom organization consisting of a collective featuring healers, musicians, community organizers, hustlers, skaters; and etc. Being active in their communities, Brujas took residency at the New York art gallery, in an effort to bring awareness about their cause.

The apparel for Brujas' Each One, Teach One, Autumn collection also dubs inspiration from Catholic school uniforms, its founders Arianna Gill and Sheyla Grullon wore to school in Manhattan. The collection is compiled of skating and work gear essentials from polo shirts, trousers, sweatpants; and hoodies. 

The lookbook for Brujas Fall 2017 collection was photographed by Robin Giordani, who captured the organization's mission to create a new world one hoodie at a time.

Check it out below.


#StylishSundays: Kyrzayda Rodriguez

Posted On: September 24, 2017

This weeks #StylishSundays features Kyrzayda Rodriguez, where the world is her runway! I love and admire this woman's style, her taste in fashion and how she coordinates accessories to make a statement.

Kyrzayda Rodriguez utilizes her Instagram page as a fashion lookbook to display various styles and trends, her combination of clothing and accessories, mixes prints with solids; showcases her footwear which can go from rain boots to a pair of sexy heels. Most of Kyrzayda's pictures are candid, even when she is posing, it's captured art through the lens of the camera. Gracefully vogues as if she was at a photo-shoot.

With Autumn season here, Kyrzayda Rodriguez gives us some fashion inspiration with a black blazer, styled in two different ways. The blazer is by Vici and has a military, yet casual cut to it. The first look shown below, Kyrzayda styled the blazer with a high waisted, frayed denim skirt. Keeping it hip with some street wear flair, she completed the look with bright orange over the knee boots from WindsorStore.

The second look is a laid back, Sunday chill day one but Kyrzayda's aura gives off sophistication. The black blazer is assembled with a pair of torn jeans, an oversized fashionable white tee and suede booties to compliment the whole look.

Style is an individual's blueprint, it invokes a person's unique individuality in fashion and Kyrzayda Rodriguez tailors this notion.


Rihanna Remixes Fenty Puma Creeper Shoe With Ankle Straps

Posted On: September 24, 2017

Rihanna's reign continues in the fashion industry with the unveiling of her new Fenty Puma shoe, the Ankle Strap Creeper. The shoe is a remixed version of Riri's Cleated Creepers which was released back in late August.

The new Ankle Strap Creeper is similar to the Cleated Creepers but has its own style. It's edgy, funky, different; and stands out just like Rihanna. She took a risk with this shoe and that's what fashion is all about, creative risk baby! I mean the shoes have a thick elevated sole in red and navy undertones for the outsole. Designed in a sleek black leather with the Puma logo in white and of course, the ankle strap displaying Puma's branding in what appears to be a burnt orange.

How can you style this shoe? What do you wear with it? Well, see that's the beauty in Rihanna's Fenty Puma's Ankle Strap Creeper, it will unleash your creativity and inner fashionista!

The Ankle Strap Creeper also comes in beige with white details shown below.

The shoe is expected to hit the market on September 28th, a few days from now at selected stores and online.