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Dope Gear: Fendi Printed Cowboy Boots


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Oct 04, 2018

Fashion is dope, it's the type of high that keeps you fly.

One of Fall/Winter 2018 dope gear is the Fendi printed cowboy boots. Fendi has made quite a comeback, from collaborations, furry baseball hats, mini backpacks, to revitalizing; and refreshing its line.

The Fendi cowboy boots makes a declaration of the brand's return, it's bold and audacious but yet subtle. It's the type of shoes when you walk down the street, it will make you feel like you're walking on the runway. With it's glossy finish and brassy Fendi monogram.

Crafted in a robust, textile upper fabric, Fendi's traditional brown tone, leather sole and insole; and Fendi's notorious FF logo ciphered throughout.

The Fendi printed cowboy boots are calf-length and refined with a glistened pointed toe.

Structured from Western footwear, the boots are geometric in its design. The Fendi printed cowboy boots have a wooden, chunky heel and asymmetrical cut-out detailing.

The Fendi printed cowboy boots are perfect for Fall/Winter wear and exhibits Autumn's cool, neutral colors.

For more info and purchase, click on the link below.

Fendi Printed Cowboy Boots