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New Kicks: Nike's 'Sage Hi Reimagined'


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Oct 16, 2018

Derived from Nike's 1 Reimagined collection which was released earlier this year, Nike revamped one of the styles and released the 'Sage Hi Reimagined.'

Nike's 1 Reimagined series is galvanized by Air Jordan 1 and Air Force 1. Motivated by their compositions of design and style. The Sage Hi Reimagined conserves those stylistic blueprints and sublimed them into a boot. A sneaker boot.

The Sage Hi Reimagined is donned in sleek black and a white rugged, thick sole. Nike's Swoosh is trademarked on the outside of each sneaker boot, shined in black. It's cloaked and constructed with a robust and bulky strap, featuring a buckle.

On the in part of the Nike Sage Reimagined, the sneaker boots are detailed and zippered admist a broad pull tab, inscribed and articulated with the dialect The Force is Female. Inspired by Off-White's labeling tags.

The drop for Nike's Sage Hi Reimagined is scheduled for November 1st.