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New Kicks: Nike's 'Vandal 2K'


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Oct 16, 2018

Branching off its standard 1985 kicks, Nike diverged a new concept of design for its Vandal collection. Adding variety to it, Nike released the 'Vandal 2K' sneakers. The kicks are in vogue and fashionable with the trendy platformed sneakers.

Reinvented in hot pink hue dubbed as Hyper Magenta, the Vandal K has a husky and towering 2" sole layered in white. The Swoosh motif is inclined on the outer part of the kicks and strapped in a Velcro clasp.

The Nike Vandal 2K has a cushion insole for comfort and an all around statement kicks, amplified in bold vibes. It's not the traditional fall/winter colors but daring and audacious.

For more info and to purchase, click on the link below.

Nike Vandal 2K