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Saweetie featured in Reebok's New 'Alter the Icons' Collection


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Oct 16, 2018

As the newest emergence in HipHop/Rap, Saweetie stars and is featured in Reebok's new 'Alter the Icons.'

In the marketing photo-spread for Reebok's Alter the Icons, Saweetie is pictured modeling two different style of kicks. One is hued in rose, accentuated with gold and adorned with a tag of Reebok's signature emblem. The other sneakers is white and imprinted in royal blue of Reebok's symbol. Both kicks have solid and broad soles.

Showcased in Reebok's promotional video, Saweetie narrates the visuals speaking about the importance of education and Incorporating it into her skill sets. She expressed, how education is rarely promoted in music but somehow managed to integrate it and emerge as a rising star. Saweetie also, conveys about her culture and remaining genuine in the values it taught her. Saweetie concludes the vid, about utilizing education as a key to open doors.

Check it out below.