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Travel in Style this Summer with Arlo Skye's Rose Gold Luggage

Posted On: June 11, 2018

Summer is here, well not officially but traveling season is. Imagine yourself surrounded by palm trees, cool breeze, picking up seashells; and listening to the whispers of the ocean. Feels like paradise, don't it? Well, before you get there to the actual destination of your summer getaway, you need some luggage to travel with.

Arlo Skye released a brand new rose gold luggage set, to travel in style with.

The rose gold luggage set is detailed in pink metallic hue, accentuated with silver highlights and quiet Run Lisof wheels for serene travel. The luggage set was created for the working traveler and features charging docks for MacBooks and a USB C port.

Assembled with enough space to pack all you need, the Arlo Skye rose gold luggage set comes equipped with: two shoe bags, a laundry bag, portable charge; and leather name tag to accommodate all your traveling necessities.

The luggage set is sold separately and available for viewing and purchase at Arlo