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Awakening the Goddess in You

Posted On: November 05, 2017

Awakening the spirit of the Goddess in you. Yes, hunny, it is time to reclaim your power! The Goddess energy has returned and it is time to generate this energy from within.

The Goddess, the feminine energy has been suppressed for many generations but you can not suppress something that is an important component in our universe. This is why the earth is imbalanced and Mother Nature has been at war with human kind. This all started when Caucasian males started visiting Egypt and came across the ankh and how women where worshiped in Egypt as Goddesses, a female version of a God. And the ankh (the original cross) represents the Goddess energy displaying the womb. When these men came across those ancient text, symbols and statues of these Goddesses, it was too much for them. These men could not fathom nor had the vision to see a woman as a God, which we already know is a Goddess. Mind you, every man that has entered this earth was conceived in a womb of a woman and came through a woman. Seems like a godly attribute of a Goddess.

In trying to suppress the truth, the womb (the feminine energy, the Goddess) was revised and taken out of the original cross (the ankh pictured below). And revamped into the modern cross (Roman crucifixion of Christ) that we know of today. As well as, the original Holy Trinity which is the Divine Mother, Divine Father and the Divine Child but that's another article on its own. You can't hide nor suppress the truth and guess what? The Goddess is back baby! We are in the era where the Goddess, feminine energy has returned to restore balance on this earth.

In moving forward with the topic "Divination, Spiritual Health & Metaphysics," I have to touch on the subject of the Goddess and the feminine energy. Because there are aspects in spirituality and divination which requires working with deities that are Goddesses, channeling feminine energy through fruits, cowries shells, coffee beans and etc. If you don't know the goddess and feminine energy from within yourself, you can't channel it because it comes from within. To plug into this power as a woman, one has to awaken, invoke their goddess energy from within to channel it; and be one with the divine energy of the Goddess.

Throughout history it has been a power struggle with the masculine energy (men) when it comes to the feminine energy (women). This power struggle does not stem from the universe but human kind, men who had a problem with the feminine energy (women) being worshiped as a Goddess. This is in Westernized cultures because other cultures and parts of the world continue the ancient practice of worshiping the Goddess. When you look at the timeline of history, women have been suppressed in their powers and freedom. There was a time when women weren't allowed to vote, if a women knew how to heal herself, had insight, vision and intelligence that stem from within, she was executed; this is what happened during the Salem Witch Trials. In the suppression of their powers and freedom, women were told by men on how to look, feel, how to carry herself, even with her sexuality; and etc. This psychological conditioning continues on today in our society with some of the advertisements and commercials that we see. Especially targeting melaneted women being told they should be lighter in skin, their hair should be straight, their nose should be thin and etc., to look more like European women. Its more of a racist psychological conditioning which has affected women, their confidence and self esteem.

The general psychological conditioning continues to affect women, even in today's modern society. You have some women who would rather embody and see themselves as a king instead of a queen. Mainly because of how the king has been viewed and praised. The queen is just as supreme, royal and powerful as the king. As a matter of fact, the queen is the most powerful piece on a chessboard. The feminine energy is all around us, we see it in oysters (pictured below), fruits, certain flowers, cowries shells, coffee beans; and more.

Awakening the Goddess energy from within brings forth balance in oneself. It awakens your power as a woman, your innate knowledge, connection to the earth, cosmos; and the universe as a whole. It awakens your intuition, although women are naturally intuitive, awakening the Goddess nurtures and fortifies a woman's intuition. Awakening the Goddess energy from within, a woman begins to see beauty from a different angle, through her eyes and not the eyes of society. This empowers a woman's confidence, belief in herself and cultivates her self esteem. Because beauty is no longer defined through the eyes of another or society but through the eye of her soul.

Awakening the Goddess energy from within also, empowers a woman to bring forth her innate knowledge and wisdom, this energy guides her in healing herself through her soul and spirit. It reconnects women to Mother Nature grounding themselves, in order to elevate into a higher and better version of themselves. Awakening the Goddess energy from within brings enlightenment and knowledge of the women knowing and being familiar with herself, understanding her true power stems from within.


Source of Photos:, Pinterest and Google.


Harvard Medical School Students Take a Stand Against Police Brutality and Injustice

Posted On: December 11, 2014

Medical student from Havard wore black hoodies to honor the lives of Trayvon Martin and also joined in solidarity to take a stand against police brutality, and injustice.

Pictured below, the student hold a powerful quote to make a strong statement.


ACLU Lawyer Completes Agreement With TSA To Track Down Hair Searches and Discovers Racial Discrimination

Posted On: April 01, 2015

The American Civil Liberties Union ACLU finalized their agreement with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to track down records and documents of hair searches. Upon completion, possible bias and racial discrimination has been discovered of hair searches that have been done, targetting African-American women. 

Prior to the agreement, several African-American women have filed complaints with ACLU about their hair being searched and TSA members targetting them because of their hair. ACLU staff attorney Novella Coleman experienced three different bias searches from TSA members. Although TSA explained the searches to be routine, Coleman expressed her searches were racially disciminative and subjective.

"The first time it happened to me, I was completely caught off guard. I went through the full body scanner at the airport. I turned around and looked at the screen, nothing unusual was on it. And then the TSA agent next to me said, 'Now I need to search your hair.' And then she proceeded to grab my hair and just squeeze it from top to bottom. And then she found nothing. … The two white women that I was with from work went through. Nothing happened. They weren't searched."

During the incident, Novella Coleman asked the TSA member the reason or reasons for the search, it was explained that any kind if suspected abnormalities of the hair, should be searched. But when the TSA manager arrived, he recited the policy to Coleman, stating if the scalp is not shown, TSA will conduct hair searches.

Coleman who has dreadlocks disagrees and confirmed to her lawyers her scalp was showing on the day of the incident. She expressed, the searches were intrusive and violated her rights. Since then, TSA has been under investigation by ACLU who viewed a pattern of these searches being conducted only on African-American women, based on the several complaints they received about the matter.

Coleman and other clients have reached an agreement with TSA, following the agreement TSA will revise their hair search policy and treat all passengers regardless of how their hair looks like, with respect and dignity. TSA will also re-train their staff and undergo policy review which might be discriminating or offensive to any races, culture, ethnicity and etc.


The Patrolman's Benevolent Association of the NYPD is a Union That Only Defends Police Officers.

Posted On: December 09, 2014

With the whole Eric Garner incident, Pat Lynch of the 'Patrolman's Benevolent Association' has been making several television appearances trying to defend Officer Daniel Pantaleo. Pat Lynch is what you call a union representative.

Basically in several corporations or companies, there are unions to protect the right of their employees. The union rep is there to negotiate contracts as far as wages, medical benefits, things like time accruals relating to vacation, sick time and etc. The union is also there to follow up on complaints, defend employees and etc.

So of course, Pat Lynch will try to exonerate Officer Daniel Pantaleo, that is his job to do so. Would Pat Lynch admit to Officer Daniel Panteleo deadly take down of Eric Garner? Or police brutality? No, because it goes against his job and what his duties are as a representative for the The Patrolman's Benevolent Association of the NYPD. Which is basically a union.

It raises questions like, why is Pat Lynch and the rest of the The Patrolman's Benevolent Association investigating cases like Eric Garner, if their main mission is to protect and defend police officers? Of course with any investigations, they will find a way to clear the officers name. So, if the police officers have this union which also partakes in their investigation, who is the union or representatives besides victims' lawyers like Eric Garner? Because how can the police investigate themselves?, that makes no sense.

How can justice prevail with a system like that?


From Nickle, Dime Bag Hustles to Billion Dollar Mary Jane Kingpins

Posted On: May 24, 2016

Cannabis is a plant, it can even be characterized as an herb but anyhow, due to its hemp properties, it's a very productive natural resource. Marijuana is illegal in certain parts of the country and legal in others parts. Marijuana has always been a business despite of it being illegal in the whole nation at one point. It is a "enriched" natural resource like gold, oil and diamonds; which makes it very easy when it comes to generating wealth.

The marijuana business is projected to accumulate an average of $45 billions in revenues by 2020 and many have already began investing in it to get a piece of that multi-billion dollar pie. From nickel, dime bag hustlers to musicians, actors, blue collar business men and others; who are transforming themselves into billion dollar Mary Jane kingpins, and even queenpins too. 

Starting with kingpin, Snoop Dogg who invested and collaborated with Ted Chung to launch his own marijuana infused company called, "Merry Jane." Well, we already know Snoop D.O.Double G is the Godfather to cannabis and many other things, created Merry Jane as a resource when it comes to marijuana which provides products such as: food, chocolate, candy and also, services such as: news pertaining to marijuana, fashion inspired by cannabis and etc. Snoop also launched his own brand of cannabis called Leafs by Snoop.

Snoop's Merry Jane took the culture of Hip Hop and cannabis which was already an item and part of music culture, to create a business off it. Snoop being a very wise businessman also, brought style to the table and the fashion sense of being high is to stay fly. 

Next up is Wiz Khalifa, who keeps it real and trill when it comes to Mary Jane. Earlier this year in February, it was reported that Khalifa linked up with RiverRock Cannabis from Colorado to manufacture his own strain of cannabis and also, brand his name with anything pertaining to marijuana. This would include food, cologne and etc.

He began promoting his line of cannabis called Khalifa Kush and if you remember, it made Kanye feel some type of way when he saw Wiz tweeting "KK." And thought it was about his boo boo Kim Kardashian, that little misunderstanding transpired into a beef Ye was ready to serve without knowing if it was seasoned or not. Thank God it simmered down, after a couple of gas faces from both of them, Wiz Khalifa went about conducting business as usual.

Since then, Wiz proceeded with executing his blueprint for his cannabis empire and released Khalifa Kush on mary jane day last month in Colorado. Wiz Khalifa and RiverRock Cannabis are in the process of developing other products to market and sell to the public. 

Also from the West Side of Cali is, The Game who became a ganja entrepreneur and went into the blunt business himself. The Game took a different route with his masterplan and launched a cannabis infused beverage called G Drinks last month. Teaming up with G Farma Brands, The Game's G Drinks are lemonade beverages infused with the company's Liquid Gold cannabis and come in three different flavors: original, strawberry and pink. Along with the G Drinks, Game created his own brand of joints called G Sticks that are rolled up and ready for consumers to blaze. 

Whoopi Goldberg who so far is the only woman from the entertaintment business to become a queenpin and bank some green off that green. Whoopi invested into a cannabis infused botanical company that caters to women (which is a great move with all the yoga and meditation companies). Goldberg is a rebel who breaks the rules and gets high on her own supply, just like Snoop, Khalifa and Game. 

Whoopi's cannabis company called "Whoopi & Maya" was financed and consist of family and friends, where Whoopi is the chairman, basically CEO. Her marijuana manufactured products are aimed at alleviating the pain and discomfort women endure during their menstrual cycles. Whoopi & Maya's products consist of: bath soaks, balms, tinctures and hot chocolate. The marketing of the Whoopi & Maya products involve calming words such as: relax and savor that coincides with the natural effects of cannabis. 

Whoopi revealed she sips on marijuana infused tea, there are no reports if she will invest in her brand of teas as of yet but who knows, anything is possible at this point. 


Tennessee Republican Wants To Start A Version Of The NAACP For Caucasians

Posted On: March 07, 2015

Sheila Butt is a house leader for the Republican party and was recently elected floor leader and since her position, she has been causing quite a stir in Tennessee. In a Facebook page called the Daily Roll Call, Sheila made a comment that had both the Republicans and Democrats raising their eyebrows.

In an open letter by the page manager Cathy Hinners who wrote to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a national civil rights and advocacy organization that is asking 2016 Republican presidential candidates to embrace Muslim Americans; Cathy Butts made a comment mocking the organization and the NAACP.

“Cathy, It is time for a Council on Christian Relations and an NAAWP in this Country."

The comment didn't go well with many people and ended up on political open discussions on the news. Sheila expressed how she saw nothing wrong with her comments and stated how news media was making a big deal out of it. What Sheila refused to admit was the NAAWP stands for the National Association for the Advancement of White People and it was a chapter started by the  Ku Klux Klan member David Duke in 1980. In a 1983 NAAWP news article, David Duke made comments about rebuilding White civilazation which has been tainted by immigrants and non-Whites. 

“The exploding numbers of nonwhites are slowly wrapping formerly white nations in a dark human cocoon. Shall a butterfly emerge, or the beast that has haunted the ruins of every great white civilization that submitted to invasion by immigration and racial miscegenation?”

David Duke also revealed how the KKK is a Christian organization and they would do anything to preserve their whiteness and the purity of their blood. And also how there is an impending issue of White people becoming the minority in the future.

 When the Associated Press interviewed Sheila Butts about her NAAWP comments, she stated her definition of the acronyms were different and stood for "National Association of Advancement for Western Peoples." But some government and law officials in Tennessee accused Sheila of being a racist and following in the footsteps of David Duke. One of them is Representative Johnnie Turner who is a African-American lawmaker, who made statements about Sheila's comments were stemming from White Supremacy. 

“There’s nothing else it could be. It’s a sign of an underlying belief that whatever special privileges that are afforded to people who are white are now being taken away by people of other races, color, ethnicity, etc.. It just reinforces my belief and others who think like I do that there is still a lot of work to do .

And also how Sheila should be examined as a leader.

“To think that someone would make that kind of a statement in a leadership position, that’s making decision that impact the lives of all of us, is a concern.”

 Sheila Butt tried to defend herself with these statements below.

“It saddens me that we have come to a place in our society where every comment by a conservative is automatically scrutinized as being racist. Instead of realizing my post was actually about making sure that every race, religion, gender, and culture has a seat at the table, liberal groups have once again incorrectly and falsely jumped the gun.”

CAIR spokesman told news reporters that Sheila's explanation was unacceptable.

Check out the news media footage below.


Classic Throwback: Kanye West - 'Jesus Walks'

Posted On: January 27, 2015

The controversial king of Hip Hop, Kanye West is known to speak his mind on all levels: from racism, politics, powerful bloodlines in history; even known to express himself via social media with no limits here and there about Hip Hop, who controls music, the media and etc.

In this classic throwback music video 'Jesus Walks,' Kanye West gets controversial when it comes to: religion, people being at war with themselves (searching to break free of their own sins, the enemy within themselves and etc.), racism, musicians being role models, politics in the music industry (airplay and spins on records); modern day slavery based on America's prison businesses (industries) and the amount of Black and Hispanic men who are locked up, terrorism and the Ku Klux Klan.

The most interesting piece in this video is the fall of the Ku Klux Klan burning cross and how it is a cross, they will themselves bear.

There's a lot of powerful imagery in this video, especially the light above Kanye West which depicts a halo.

Plug your eyes to the video below.


Libra Season: The Balancing of the Scales

Posted On: September 23, 2018

Libra season is officially here and ushering in the energy of balance, to teach us areas, aspects in our lives we need to balance.

To adjust and balance these scales, there has to be a tipping point. For any kind of transformation, evolution, change to occur; and etc., one must reach a tipping point.Tipping points are what inspires and motivates balance to be restored.

Meditate on this and ask yourself, what is your tipping point? Or what are your tipping points? A tipping point is usually something that leads to nothing. Where the scale is leaning too much on one side, it’s heavy, it’s a burden; and causing an imbalance. One would have to rid themselves or eradicate this heaviness and burden, in order to adjust and redeem/restore balance.


A tipping point can be anything such as: it can be where a person is giving too much and there’s no balance of reciprocity. This could be a career, a job, a relationship; and etc. There’s an imbalance of reciprocal energy in the form of energy exchanges. A tipping point can also, be letting an issue or a problem build up, where it’s become a burden. The tipping point motivates and leads to the solution for a resolution.

Adjusting and balancing the scales, to lighten things up and elevate.

Libra season can teach us how to balance the solar and lunar energies in our magick. To serve and benefit us for our highest and greatest good. Also, balancing these energies within ourselves and our connections to the earth, spiritual and cosmic realms; and Mother Nature.

Balancing the laws of duality in the universe and nature from within ourselves, in as above, so below. Light and darkness, divine feminine and divine masculine energies in the form of Goddess and God, crown and root chakra, the higher realms and lower realms; and etc.

Utilizing this Libra energy also, to align and balance the scales of our crown chakra and mental energies. In accordance to our heart chakra and energies in motion (emotions, feelings).

Libra season’s significance and symbology is liken to the Justice card in Tarot divination. Where justice shall prevail, vindication and the restoration of wholeness.

In numerology, Libra season’s significance and symbology is the number 2. It represents duality in the alignment of things being whole. How two becomes one. Without duality, there would be an imbalance of the uni (the law of one) in the universe. This one verse in the universe that brings all things together as one.

May the commencement of Libra season and its energies serve us well.

Bless it be!

And Happy Birthdays Libras!

Coach Stores Limited


Round Table: Economic Progress, Education and Empowerment

Posted On: November 21, 2016

I never understood why Black women wear the most weaves and hair pieces but yet, all those stores are owned by everybody else but them. Or why there are so many Chinese restaurants in every melanin community but yet you hardly see any Black owned restaurants in Chinatown. Everybody is getting a piece of that melanin pie, coming to their communities, setting up shop and making money.

But how much money does a Black community make from its own community?

Things that make you go hmmm.

Are you getting a piece of that melanin pie?


Seven Year Old Boy Sent Home Because Of Haircut With Part In It

Posted On: March 01, 2016

A seven year old from Alabama got sent home from school because of his haircut which had a part in it. His mother, Keisha Rembert was furious after finding out why she had to go pick up her son. 

"He was like upset and he said I had to come get him out of school because he was being suspended. He was pulled out of class, saying that he had a design in his head but it really wasn't a design, it was a part," Rembert told news reporters. 

Keisha's son, Rashaad Hunter is an outstanding student who gets straight A's and is in the honor roll at his elementary school. Rembert was baffled on why her son was sent home over a haircut and concerned because of how it affected Rashaad. 

"He was walking with his head down, when I saw him he was like teary-eyed at first because he doesn't want to be suspended for no part in his head. I told him, 'Don't hold your head down, continue to make these A's and B's because that part is nothing."

News officials contacted the Greenwood Elementary School in Bessemer and was informed by the Bessemer City Schools Superintendent, Dr. Fred Primm who couldn't clarify what is an acceptable hairstyle or not from the school handbook. But made it clear that Rashaad Hunter's part in his hair was too long and looked more like a design. 

"We allow small parts but not excessively long parts that are done as designs. That part in that young man's hair would be considered a design. The principal has decided not to suspend the child," Fred Primm stated. 

Things that make you go hmmm. A case of stereotype? Perhaps, you decide. 

Check out the footage of the news report below. 

WBRC FOX6 News - Birmingham, AL -


Reflections of 2017 and Predictions of 2018

Posted On: December 10, 2017

2017 can be summarized based on you, the individual because everybody's journey is different. A summary of 2017 can resonate with you but only you can define what it meant to you. In numerology 2017 was a year of one, 2+0+1+7 = 10, break it down to a single number digit = 1. In numerology, what is the lesson number one is teaching us or has taught us? Basically, putting ourselves first in our lives.

Putting ourselves first when it comes to helping ourselves, loving ourselves, believing in ourselves, taking care of ourselves (self care), learning about ourselves of who we are in soul and spirit, growing and maturing within ourselves, discovering who we are, what we are made of when it comes to our morals, beliefs, ethics and etc., shedding aspect of ourselves which no longer resonates; and etc. It's not selfish for anybody to put themselves first, to love themselves, take care of themselves and etc., because if you don't love yourself, how can you truly know love, understand love or love anybody else? If you can't take care of yourself, then how can you take care of another person? Putting yourself first teaches you how to love and care for another through you. That's one of the lessons for 2017.

It was also, a year of the return of the feminine energy and the awakening of the Goddess.

Women really took charge in 2017, whether it was taking charge of themselves, households, embracing and manifesting their destinies, opening and launching their own businesses and etc., whatever it was, the feminine energy was at work in 2017. Women were also exercising and utilizing their voices to speak out against several issues from: racism, injustice, police brutality, Donald Trump (Maxine Waters), sexism; and etc. Women from all walks of life, ethnicity, culture, heritage and etc. were finding their voices to speak out and bring awareness about sexual harassment. It swept the whole nation and became a global phenomenon of women taking charge of their bodies and not allowing their bodies to be disrespected, violated nor harassed. And brought awareness to it which changed the conversations and tone about sexual harassment, not just in the work place but overall climate of it.

2017 was a year of growth as well. One thing I came to the realization of is growth is quiet, it's silent because nobody sees the process of growth, only the result. Except for babies, their growth are not quiet with all that crying, puking, doodooing and those terrible twos. But their love, the unconditional love of babies is the greatest blessing of them all. Now back to growth being a silent thing, whether it's painful or messy, the point is you are the only one who goes through it alone and by yourself. Generally, nobody witnesses your growth nor even knows about it. For example: the caterpillar in the cocoon, although the caterpillar is shedding and being purged in the cocoon, nobody sees nor witnesses the growth of the butterfly. All we see is the result of that growth which is the butterfly. We don't even see the shedding and the purging of the caterpillar either. And growth requires shedding and purging.

"2017 is the ending, the old life. It’s time to leave behind everything that was necessary and served us to master ourselves but is no longer aligned with who we have become."

-- Audrey Kitching

We are about three weeks away from the new year, approaching 2018. Resolutions will be made, in the excitement of the new year, some will make commitments of "new year, new me" and make promises in the heat of those excitement. How many resolutions or promises that were made during the new year of 2017 were fulfilled and kept? Things that make you go hmmm.

Anyhow, 2018 is a universal year of the number 11 which represents self mastery. And a single digit number of 2 which represents duality. Doing research on this in numerology and astrology, 2018 can be predicted that an alignment with our inner truth will bring about self mastery, answering the call of our souls which will go against everything we believe or we're programmed to believe, and for many, duality will be a hard pill to swallow. Because of the way things have been imbalanced with religion, politics, systematic education and etc. Duality represents balance as in: yin and yang, feminine and masculine, light and dark; and etc.

So in hindsight, may 2018 bring forth the energy and willpower for us to master ourselves, achieve and master balance within ourselves and our lives, may we reprogram ourselves based on our soul's truth; and answer every call our souls whisper.