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Anaya Lee Willabus Becomes Youngest Author to Make History Writing a Book With Chapters

Posted On: March 06, 2016

In the spring of 2015, a nine year old penned, authored and launched her first book. Anaya Lee Willabus made history as the youngest published author to write a book in chapters. Her book "The Day Mohan Found His Confidence" storyline is about a little boy named Mohan, who struggles to find balance at home and school. Mohan discovers his confidence to accomplish and excel.

Anaya was inspired to create and write the book during trip to Guyana (the homeland of her parents) with her family and witnessing the struggles of some of the children there. 

"Our first trip to Guyana inspired me and I have the gifts that were needed," Anaya expressed. "These events that happened to Mohan are not things that happened to me, but have happened to many other children. For example, many other children may have problems in school, many other children may have lost one of their parents."

Following her vision, Anaya began the creative process and implementation of her book. She was guided by her mother who is the CEO of a promotional company (Rhythm Nation Entertainment) but Anaya wanted to have sole creative control with designing the book cover, the kind of picture she wanted, the graphic work and etc. 

"Whatever she told me I put down and it had to be exactly that otherwise she gets very upset," explained her mother. "There were about 20 different covers and she didn’t like any of them. She wanted this font, this picture and she had to have pink and purple (her favorite colors)," Willabus' mother elaborated. 

The picture Anaya Lee selected is a photograph of her little brother playing soccer. With the love of reading and being an avid writer, also combining the scrapbook of ideas she had, Anaya penned her first book.

During a recent interview with NY Daily News, Anaya Lee's mother expressed how she knew there was always something special about her daughter. 

"We knew something was different with her," Willabus' mother, Dimple proudly expressed. "She never learned to walk. She actually started running. She started reading at 2 years old."

Her mother also conveyed, that Anaya is just ike any other kid who loves eating candy, fights with her siblings despite her extraordinary talents and abilities. 

Anaya’s favorite books include: Malala Yousafzai‘s I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban, and President Obama‘s Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.

"I like to read all genres, of books. I love both reading and writing. They both have something that I love in them," Anaya Lee Willabus revealed during her interview. 

Anaya also asserted, she prefers the classic and original way of reading. And not into Nook or Kindle. 

"I prefer traditional books because of the beauty of turning the pages." 

(I agree, there's nothing like the smell of a fresh new book and the sound of turning pages.)

Anaya Lee's book "The Day Mohan Found His Confidence" can be purchase at Barnes & Noble,  Amazon,  and Rhythm Nation Entertainment.

Congrats lil mama, you inspire me! 


African and Caribbean Fabrics and Inspiration are The Decor for New Designer, 'DTS' Summer Collection

Posted On: June 03, 2016

For my segment of Artist Spotlight and Creatives, I am showcasing the talented and ingenious of DTS by Daniela Stone. A designer that rocks some #BlackGirlMagic and defines Black excellence. 


Their new summer collection features traditional African prints of off the shoulder tops, solid color shorts, some high-waisted with meticulous sewn in fabric of the prints. 

The collection has a Caribbran vibe to it while sustaining and honoring African culture. They are handmade in Jamaica. 

The DTS summer shorts' ensembles are flirty and fun. Some of the pieces are unique in the precision of how they were designed and sewn. Below is a one piece that has a seashell effect for the top.

For more pics from the DTS summer collection, check out the lookbook below. 

For more info, to check out other collections and purchase, click on the link below:

DTS or call, 

1 (876) 316-8822 


Beyonce Styled in Senegalese Designer, Selly Raby Kane's Kimono and Skirt

Posted On: June 20, 2016

Last week Beyonce was spotted in New York City styled in some unusual but fabolous threads. She was wearing a kimono and skirt, many wondered who the designer was? Well, it's Selly Raby Kane, a designer from Senegalese. And the threads Beyonce was rockin' are her signature designs

The Selly Raby Kane kimono is embroidered in different appliquéd patterns, on a black leather polished material as pictured below.

Bey's signature Selly Raby Kane skirt depicts several colors similar to a rainbow. The skirt is created with two overlapping pockets on each sides of it, pictured below.

Keeping it casual in luxe wear, the Queen Bee was flowing in some goldish brown waves, mauve lipstick and black binocular inspired specs

The kimono and skirt was featured in Selly Raby Kane's 2015 collection called 'Dakar City of Birds.' For more information, to view some more collections and purchase, click on the following link: SellyRabyKane


July Forecast: Eclipse Season

Posted On: July 05, 2018

The month of July ushers in eclipse season, where all that does not belong will be eradicated and the illumination of all that is divine will come to light.

Whatever is not meant to be nor is not serving you for your highest and greatest good, will be removed. It’s not part of your destiny, it’s not fortifying nor nurturing your purpose, the cosmos will obscure (eclipse) it from your path.

All will be cleansed and purified, the slate will be wiped clean.

Understand it was necessary for your growth, no matter how painful, unfair, unjust or negative the experience was, it was all part of a Divine plan to bless you. That is why the heavenly realms, as well as the gatekeepers of the lower realms allowed it to happen.

You’ll become more wiser, stronger in the faith of who you are (and all that you are becoming and will be), a new sense of clarity, strength through perseverance, intuitive insights to magnify vision; and so much more.

As the slate is being wiped clean, within that darkness, new seeds will be planted.

Trust that everything happens and manifest within its own Divine timing. As the sun illuminates during an eclipse, all that is divine in you will be illuminated as well. This month is also, a month of liberation. Be liberated within the free spirit that you are.


Creative Digital Art byArtxman


Case Studyo x James Jarvis 'Amphora' Vase

Posted On: September 21, 2016

Case Studyo designs and sculpts out of the ordinary ceramics, figurine ceramics and home furnishings. Their artistic creative concepts and direction are usually out of this world. Case Studyo art pieces, from canvas to sculptors are rare and unique in their designs. They have collaborated with an endless list of artists and continue to push the envelope when it comes to creativity.

The Belguim based sculpture's recent collaboration involves James Jarvis and a limited edition vase called "amphora."

James Jarvis is a toy designer and illustrator from Britain, who created a playful cartoon caricature/character and gave it a comic strip storyline. Jarvis took his creation, linked up with Case Studyo and applied it towards designing these signature vases. The vases are sculpted in the likeness of the caricature and doesn't really display much of a facial expression.

The amphora vases are cute and adorable,  they can fit or be put anywhere around a house, even in children's room to brighten it up with some flowers. They're different and stand out from traditional designed vases. For anybody who wants to add an edge to their interior designs and want to take a risk of how they furnish their homes, the amphora vases brings the right touch to it.

As mentioned, the amphora vases are limited editions and only 100 of them will be released on the market. Case Studyo nor James Jarvis has yet to reveal when or where these vases will be available for sale, the vases will come with several documents of authenticity and autographed.

For more information, click on the following link:

Case Studyo


New Music: Jaden Smith - 'Back On My Sh*t'

Posted On: September 28, 2018

Inspired by the movie Crystal Moselle directed film "Skate Kitchen" which he stars in, Jaden Smith liberated a new track titled 'Back On My Sh*t.'

"The song is completely inspired by the movie Skate Kitchen that just came out," Jaden Smith conceded to Zane Lowe during a Beats 1 interview earlier in the week.

Jaden went into details explaining the whole concept on the song, as expressed below.

"It’s about a female crew of skaters that are trying to find themselves, but they realize that their crew is the only thing that really helps them go through the city and feel like they are apart of something."

With production by KeanuBeatz and Ayo & Keyz, the new track can be streamed below.



New Movie Trailer: The Birth of A Nation (Trailer 2)

Posted On: June 21, 2016

Nate Parker released the second trailer for "The Birth of A Nation." The highly anticipated and acclaimed movie is about the true story of Nat Turner and the slave rebellion of 1831 in Virginia. 

In entertainment and the dimensions of creativity, most artists are triple threats but Nate Parker is raising the bar because he wrote, directed, produced; and is the lead actor in the film. Parker worked behind the scenes to bring his vision to the forefront and also, took himself in front of the camera to magnify that vision. 

Already recognized for his hard work and dedication to the movie, Nate Parker has already won several awards for The Birth of A Nation such as: Grand Jury Prize in the U.S Dramatic Competition at this year's Sundance Film Festival and Audience Award. 

The Birth of A Nation is expected to be released October 7th, the film stars Gabrielle Union, Aja Naomi King, Penelope Ann Miller, Jackie Earle Haley and more. 

Hit the play button and check out the trailer. 

Incase you missed the first The Birth of A Nation trailer or maybe want to see it again, check it out below. 



Throwin It Back: Vado feat. Jae Millz - 'Respect The Jux'

Posted On: November 02, 2015

Throwin' It Back with a soulful joint from Vado.

Movie director, F. Gary Gray and Vado brought a new level to music video production when they took a crime novel by a New York based writer called, "Respect The Jux" and basically introduced another level as well when it comes to marketing and promoting a book; with the culture of music and Hip Hop.

This was very innovating.

Respect The Jux was written by Frank C. Matthews, even his name sounds like a crime boss character name, but anyhow the book's subject is a depiction of "jux" and the character "Cat." It was inspired by true events and honored the works of the GOAT in crime and street literature: Iceberg Slim and Donald Goines. 

F. Gary Gray obtained the rights to the book Respect The Jux and along with Vado, they turned it into a movie. The cast also included Ed Lover, Robert Constanzo, and Nashawn Kearse.

Frank Matthews makes a cameo in the music video as a paper hustler, who's moving books. Vado and his soldiers rock tee shirts in an effort to promote the movie.

Check the throwback video below.

Video tags: WorldStarHipHop







Puma Collaborates with Fashion Icon, Karl Lagerfeld to Celebrate Its 50th Brand Anniversary Collection

Posted On: October 17, 2018

In celebration of its brand 50th anniversary, Puma collaborated with fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld for a signature capsule collection.

The collection features two pair of kicks, inspired by Lagerfeld keen and sharp style of dressing. One of the Puma kicks is detailed and referenced in Karl Lagerfeld's huge black sunglasses, directly paneled on top of the sneaker's laces. The shoe has a white colorway and black Puma branding. The sunglasses are detachable.

The second pair is a white on white colorway, manufactured and donned with Karl Lagerfeld's distinguished black tuxedos.

Both of the kicks from Puma's anniversary collection is imprinted with Lagerfeld's silhouette on the insole and heel.


The Puma x Karl Lagerfeld collection is slated for release online and at selected stores Oct. 19th.

For more info and to purchase, click on the links below.


Karl Lagerfel


5th Grader Who Was Bullied & Launched Her Own Clothing Line, Showcased Her Collection at New York Fashion Week

Posted On: March 01, 2016

She's only ten years old and already fearless when it comes to her goals and dreams. At such a young age, Egypt Ufel is an alchemist who knows how to take a negative situation, turn it around to something positive and transform it into a blessing. Bullied in school because of her weight, some kids would of folded but instead Egypt who also goes by the name of Ify, stood up for herself by launching a clothing line wiith a purpose of catering to plus size. She utilized her experience to bless others with it by becoming a fashion designer and created clothes to help plus size children and adults with acceptance and love of self.

Egypt made history as the youngest plus size fashion designer and her story made headlines across the nation. In developing her clothing line 'Chubiiline,' Ify also became an activist for bullied children and launched another clothing brand called, 'Bully Chasers.'

Since launching both brands and putting work on her sewing machine,

Egypt created a collection for her line which was debutted and showcased at New York Fashion Week. Ify again made history as the youngest fashion designer to premier at NYFW. 

Egypt Ufel and her models took the runway at the Small Boutique Fashion Week and exhibited clothing varied in all sizes. In a recent interview with Huffington Post, Ify revealed she started sewing at five years old and credits her grandmother for teaching her. She expressed her designs are inspired by African prints which she combines with urban threads and trends. 

Egypt is guided by her mother who nutures her vision. 

Ify expressed one of her fashion goals in her interview is: 

"I would love to design for the first lady Michelle Obama and her beautiful daughters Sasha and Malia," she revealed.

Below is a news report from TODAY about Egypt Ufel's testimony and quest into the fashion industry. 

Godspeed Ify!


Motivation 101: He Turned $1 to $500 Million and You Can Too

Posted On: November 02, 2015

It's Monday and some people dislike Mondays and if you don't have goals and dreams, Mondays will always be a drag. If you are working at a job you hate, Mondays will always be a burden; and if you are not maximizing your potential then Mondays is not something you will look forward to.

If you're doing something you love, Mondays is a blessing.

Lets get into this article and inspire you!

It's international Motivation 101 from Africa.

First off, never, ever let anybody not even yourself limit you! The universe is limitless, God is limitless, imagination is limitless, creativity is limitless; and guess what? Yup! You are limitless! - Say it: "I am limitless." Believe it, let the words grasp to your soul and apply them. Now go out there and conquer your goals and dreams!

And here's something to empower the power in you (© 2015) to do so.

In the November Edition for Forbes Africa, Dr. Cosmas Maduka graces the cover with a very powerful story of trials and tribulations, surviving war and tragedy, being an overcomer, believing in himself with only a vision; and becoming one of the billionaires in Africa. The magazine features a biography of how Maduka took $1 (and a dream) and turned it into a $500 million dollar kingdom.

To read more of Dr. Cosmas Maduka story of triumphant succes, subscribe to ForbesAfrica.

Cosmas Maduka is featured on the list of Africa's most profitable men and billionaires as:

The President of Coscharis Group. Dr. Maduka is an industrialist and philanthropist of huge repute. The man is also an avid sports fan and has donated millions to develop sports and its teams in Nigeria. He is the president of Nigerian table Tennis Federation.  Dr. Maduka has held the position of Non-Executive Director of Access bank Nigeria in the past. 

For Cosmas Maduka it's not about the money but utilizing it as a resource to make a difference in alleviating Africa of its issues from: medicine to sports, social issues, investing in hospitals, day cares, entreprenuership, businesses and etc. By doing this, it has brought him tremendous success: internal as being fulfilled with purpose and also, reaping the fruits of his labor.