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Case Studyo x James Jarvis 'Amphora' Vase

Posted On: September 21, 2016

Case Studyo designs and sculpts out of the ordinary ceramics, figurine ceramics and home furnishings. Their artistic creative concepts and direction are usually out of this world. Case Studyo art pieces, from canvas to sculptors are rare and unique in their designs. They have collaborated with an endless list of artists and continue to push the envelope when it comes to creativity.

The Belguim based sculpture's recent collaboration involves James Jarvis and a limited edition vase called "amphora."

James Jarvis is a toy designer and illustrator from Britain, who created a playful cartoon caricature/character and gave it a comic strip storyline. Jarvis took his creation, linked up with Case Studyo and applied it towards designing these signature vases. The vases are sculpted in the likeness of the caricature and doesn't really display much of a facial expression.

The amphora vases are cute and adorable,  they can fit or be put anywhere around a house, even in children's room to brighten it up with some flowers. They're different and stand out from traditional designed vases. For anybody who wants to add an edge to their interior designs and want to take a risk of how they furnish their homes, the amphora vases brings the right touch to it.

As mentioned, the amphora vases are limited editions and only 100 of them will be released on the market. Case Studyo nor James Jarvis has yet to reveal when or where these vases will be available for sale, the vases will come with several documents of authenticity and autographed.

For more information, click on the following link:

Case Studyo


Preview of Olivier Rousteing and Nike's Exhibition Called, 'The Circle'

Posted On: June 03, 2016

Olivier Rousteing continues in his collaboration with Nike. As a creative he was recently recruitd by Nike to design an architectural sport themed art fixture for their NikeLab X158.

Enlisting the assistant and creativity of three Chinese designers, Olivier unified with Zhang Zhoujie, members from WOFO and Super Nature Design to create rare and remarkable sculptures in reference to soccer. The art fixtures features a defensive and offensive players in action that are simulated by space time illusion, a futuristic soccer player kicking a goal and a sports arena. The pieces were created using digital technology, special three dimensional effects and computer grids.

Check it out below. 

 The Olivier Rousteing and Nike's The Circle xxhibition is located in Shanghai. 


EmojiWorks IntroducesTheir Emoji Keyboard

Posted On: November 07, 2015

EmojiWorks recently debuted their Emoji Keyboard, equipped with all the emoji icons to help consumers communicate better in expressing their thoughts and emotions. 

The Emoji Keyboard is a bluetooth wireless device which is compatible with: Mac, iOS and Windows on tablets, laptops and desktops. To provide consumers with the best service, EmojiWorks created the Emoji Keyboard with different selection of skin tones for the icons, in both pro and plus versions.

Below is a introductory footage of the new keyboard.

The Emoji Keyboard is on the market for pre-order and more information is available by clicking on the >>> link.


China Opens The World's Most Amazing Bookstore

Posted On: May 28, 2016

In a digital world of reading books without flipping any pages on a tablet, China knows print (media) publishing will never go out of style. Also, that there is something about a new book smell, the sounds of flipping pages and the ability to write in books, as in the connecting with the writer of it.  And how all these things are special to readers. 

Combining the passion, creativity and imagination both books and art-forms unleash, China opened the world's most amazing and beautiful bookstore. 

Shanghai based design studio XL-Muse welcomes patrons into a kaleidoscopic and prismatic portal of creativity, for the interior to the new Zhongshuge-Hangzhou bookstore. The alcove of the bookstore opens with a chalky, silver and pearl veranda of roundabout bookshelves. The ceiling has a transparent and reflective effect to it.

The bookstore continues into another part of it, exhibiting wood, primarly oak hampered floors and interior detailing. The books are neatly stacked and sort of paint a masterpiece together. Finally the children's section of the library is equipped with a ferris wheel and roller coaster architecture on the walls (with books stacked in them) that gives it a circus theme.

The Zhongshuge-Hangzhou bookstore is documented as the world's most beautiful and is open to the public. It's a tourist haven, especially for book lovers. 

Check out more pics of the bookstore below. 


Tanner Goods and Pendleton Collaborate To Bring Consumers Blanket and Pillow Set

Posted On: October 23, 2015

With the cold weather approaching soon, Tanner Goods recently released their collaborative blanket and pillow set with Pendleton.

The blanket is designed from Native American inspiration and tribal art. The designs feature four geoglyphs which are representation for earth, water, fire and wind; to tribute the Pacific Northwest natural terrain.  

The pillow is a throw pillow with the same unique designs and a reversible print pattern, just like the blanket.