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New R&B Joint: Chris Brown - 'Lady in the Glass Dress'

Posted On: September 20, 2016

Giving fans a taste of 'Lady in the Glass Dress' during an interlude on his 2014 album "X," Chris Brown completes the track in a soulful ballad and serenades his listeners.

The song is a paradoxical tune of Breezy being able to see through the woman he is singing about, wearing a glass dress but yet her heart is broken. Chris Brown also, sees beyond of all that with his third eye and how this woman's dreams are not shattered, as she continues to dream. Breezy wants to be the man to mend her heart, take her dreams from the realms of the unseen and mold them into reality.

Breezy being one of the quadruple (four the hard way) talents in the entertainment industry (singer, dancer, actor and he freestyles with an ill flow) is on his studio grind, laying tracks for his upcoming album "Heartbreak On A Full Moon." The album is currently under construction, until then, grab your earphones and plug into Chris Brown's new joint below.


New Banger: Nicki Minaj feat. Lil Wayne - 'Rich Sex' & Upcoming Tour with Future

Posted On: June 11, 2018

As the Queen prepares to make her debut in August, Nicki Minaj keeps the bangers coming and heat for the streets. Nicki enlists Lil Wayne for her new joint and makes it rain between the sheets with 'Rich $ex.'

Prior to releasing Rich $ex, Nicki Minaj announced her tour which will be headlined by Future called "NickiHndrxx Tour," kicking off in Baltimore, Maryland in September. Pre-sale for the tour begins on June 12 and goes public on June 15.

Check out the details below.

But that's not all, the queen has more honey to sweeten her fans taste and maintain their hunger. Later this week, Nicki will drop another joint featuring Ariana Grande titled, 'Bed.' I mean if you're going to have Rich $ex, you need a Bed right?! Leave it to Nicki and her clever marketing.

Until then, blaze her new heat below via Spotify.



Throwback Thursday: A Different World

Posted On: April 09, 2015

"A man a woman can look up to, shows her a different view of the world."

-- Andrale Marie'


When He Prayed For You and You Are His Blessing

Posted On: August 07, 2016

Say it again! "When he prayed for you and you are his blessing." Uh huh, two snaps and a twirl hunny!

How many of you ladies know there is a man out there praying for you? on some Bryson Tiller asking God to save you for him. Men do pray ladies and have conversations with God about matters of the hearts and talk to God about the woman they love. Some men play that tough act but please, they get weak in the knees when it comes to their queen, they'll almost faint. We all seen the video of the groom that was on the verge of fainting, when his bride came walking down the aisle towards him and it took his homie to hold him up.

And his tears brought us to tears. When I first saw the video, I said to myself, "he must of been praying for her for a long time." I wondered what his story, his testimony was when it came to love. Was this a man who struggled and had obstacles with love? It was just amazing to watch, to see the energy of love at work and how powerful it is. It was inspiration for men out there who might be having a tough time finding the one, their one true love to not give up and one day, she'll become the essence of their dreams. 

The video literally displayed the groom, Gabriel Deku becoming weak in the knees and falling in love. What made it special was, as the bride, Annabella is walking down the aisle, she became his angel who gave him wings, for both of them to rise in love together. How she was his blessing and the answer to his prayers.

It was an all around blessing, because Annabella expressed to other ladies to not give up on love and to never allow any man or anybody to make them feel like they don't deserve to be loved. To never allow any man to make them feel like they are not enough, because with the right man, they will be more than enough. And most of all, that there is a man out there who will love them like God loves them, flaws and all.

Annabella's statement after her wedding is as followed below:

"Ladies, don't you ever think you're not perfect enough, not beautiful enough, not unique enough, not Godly enough, not intelligent enough to be blessed with a wonderful man. Don't you ever settle. If God can bless someone like me, He can bless you. Thank you Father for showing me your love through a man who loves me despite my flaws."

Never settle for less when God instilled greatness in you. Great love is out there, believe in it and preserve your heart for it. Don't take part in any idle talk that categorizes all men or women as the same, don't limit yourself nor feed on the fruit of bitterness. But feed on all that is love, exude love and generate the energy of it, so you can rise greatly in it. Love is an energy that is very pure and powerful. Love expands all things, including you to become a better person.

Check out Gabriel and Annabella special moment below.


Photos Courtesy of: Adebayo Deru Photography


Trey Songz Releases Several Renditions of Song Remixes

Posted On: May 27, 2016

Hide your girlfriends, hide your wives because Mr. Steal Your Girl, the one and only Trey Songz is back at it again.

Maintaining his youth and sex appeal, Trigga Trigga muscles Belly & The Weeknd's joint, 'Might Not' and flexes on the instrumentals. Trey remixes the song to 'All I Had,' singing about his dollar and dream music career. He aims at the ladies and takes a shot at a couple of bars on the track. 

Grab your earphones and well, you know the rest. 

Trigga continues with the remixes and premiered a track called, '3 Times In A Row.' On the song, Trey lets it be known he's like the mafia between the sheets, put her to sleep and bodies it. 

Hmmm, okay then Trey Songz, Mr. love you till you in a wheelchair. He gives a whole new meaning to love sometimes hurts. 

Anyhow, plug his remixed TK N Cash version below. 

In the next track, Trigga gives his own rendition of Kodak Black's 'SKRT' and titles his, 'SKRT 2.' Trey seems to have one thing on his mind and I'm not talking sapiosexuals, but wants to blow your mind with his own brains. 

Sound it off below.


Last but not least, Trey Songz  would rather you jet plane to him in a 'LYFT' instead of taking an Uber.

The song is a remixed of Madeintyo's track, 'Uber Everywhere.'

Check out Trigga's mix to it below. 



The Fire Of Love Burns Deep

Posted On: April 04, 2015

"Two matchsticks burned as one. The fire of their love was an eternal flame, infused with passion."

-- Andrale Marie'


New Music Video: Beyonce - 'Die With You'

Posted On: April 04, 2015

Beyonce released new music for Tidal subcribers called 'Die With You' and offers them what the subscriptions to Tidal will be like.

The song is also a dedication song to her husband Jay Z and the anniversary of their marriage. In dropping the song, Beyonce also released a video for it, which features the Queen sitting at a piano and letting the keys to her heart she gave to HOV, create music from her soul.

Check out the visuals below.


New R&B Joint: Sage The Gemini - 'I'll Keep Loving You'

Posted On: February 19, 2016

After putting his heart out there and opening up about his relationship on social media with his former girlfriend, Jordin Sparks, Sage The Gemini went in the studio to release some more frustrations.  On his new song, 'I'll Keep Loving You,' Sage acknowledged his trust issues which affected his releationship. 

The track is his follow up letter to Sparks which he deleted off his social media. Over snapped fingers and a Motown inspired hook, Sage The Gemini does the gentleman thing and admits his faults. 

Tap the play button and plug to it below. 


Open Discussion/Round Table: Going To The Strip Club Together

Posted On: June 10, 2016

One of the headlines in news publication this week was Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose's divorce being finalize. But what made it a major headline was both Amber and Wiz celebrated the divorce, by going to a strip club and it was very rare. I mean come on, where do you hear things like that? At the same time, it displayed the maturity of Amber as far as their previous relationship, her emotions, just overall holding no hard feelings; and choosing to celebrate the love they once shared, instead of letting the negative outweigh the positive. Amber chose to bask in the positive because not many women could of done what she did, after finalizing a divorce. It would be more like order of protections, drama and etc. 

I admire how Amber Rose showcased as a woman, you can't always let your emotions govern you, fog your choices/decisions and that's something everyone in general can learn from. And to always remember the good in every experience. 

With that said, it brought back the topic of going to the strip club together while in a relationship. I've verbalized my take on the whole matter and there's nothing wrong with it. Because if a woman is not willing to fulfill some of her man's or husband's fantasies, he will find somebody that will (and that's another article). Besides that, who wants to be a boring relationship? A passionless, un-stimulating relationship? It's very important to keep the flame of passion burning in a relationship and sometimes, those flames can burn for an eternity. 

A lot of women think going to the strip club establishes an opportunity for the man to cheat. Well, if he is immature and just can't control that stick of his, then no. But if he is a mature man, who wants to experience his fantasy with the woman he loves, then why not? A woman in a relationship with that type of man, should grant him what he desires and he'll most likely rise in love with her.

Going to the strip club is a fantasy for both couples to bond, liberate themselves of inhibitions individually and with one another, so they can be more receptive, free; and comfortable as an individual and with one another. A woman can choose to be in control of the whole situation, for example: be the one who pays for the lap dance, instruct the dancer and create the kind of atmosphere she desires and also, take into account of his as well. This will enable for both of them to enjoy and fulfill the fantasy with each other, have fun, even share a few laughs in between drinks or conversations; and create an experience that will be unforgettable.

Also, going to the strip club together improves the nature of sex in a relationship, magnifies lovemaking, enhances intimacy with one another; and amplifies orgasm maybe by a trillions watts. It will propel it to be one that is out of this world. 


New Heat: Velous feat. French Montana - 'Flex Wit You'

Posted On: February 22, 2016

Velous and French Montana stunt on a new track called 'Flex With You.' 

After putting his producing touches on Kanye West's newest album TLOP, the Coke Boys soldier goes in the studio and Velous lets his creative juice flow all through the mic. Montana comes on with his polished bars and flexes his shine on wax. 

In a recent interview with Fader, Velous opened up about his journey as a producer, building up his resume, who he has worked with in the music industry; the aspirations and goals he has for himself. He expressed learning as he goes along, improving his skills and how the studio is his second home. 

"My approach changes everyday, because I learn so much sh*t every single day. I spend way more time in the studio than I do outside of it. I'm probably in the studio six days a week, and I probably take a one day break. My approach changes every single day off of the fact that I'm becoming sharper at what I do."

Velous is definitely working and has an upcoming project titled, "The Disco" to hit the airwaves soon. 

Until then, well you know the drill. 



Should You Look At His Phone?

Posted On: April 04, 2015

Things that make you go hmmm...

I'm gonna tell you like my elders told me, "mind your business." Also, "pray and ask God to bless your hands because its obvious your hands are idle, looking for trouble or trying to create problems."

We all seen the pictures of Beyonce with the x-ray vision eye, trying to decode or figure out what's on Jay Z's phone. It's a natural reaction, we all been there and done that. And Bey looks like she's studying something or reciting some numbers in her head. (Lol) But anyhow.

Why would our elders think its a violation of privacy to look at man's phone or a woman's phone? And keep in mind, the marriages of our parents and elders lasted. Divorce was unheard of back then, if there was problems on the home front, it would be rectified, instead of getting lawyers and judges involved. Also, the women back then knew how to pick and choose their battles. And this is where this whole looking at the phone thing comes in.

Is it really worth the aggravation, the stress and drama looking at a man's phone brings? You migh look at his phone and see a text message that says: "Thanks for dinner, really appreciated it." from Sabrina. Now you all upset, calling your girls, making threats on leaving him, crying and getting all worked up. Only to find out, Sabrina is a business partner who finalized a deal during a business dinner, the company your man works for sponsored.

If you analyze this incident, our elders are right. Looking at a man's phone is creating problems that were not even there. And if you are busy and being constructive with your time, you will not have time to be looking at a man's phone. It's one thing if a man gives you reasons or your suspicious because of his odd behavior, even then you should know yourself well enough to trust your intuition. Your intuition will tell you more than the phone can.

So, I agree with the elders, find something to do and choose happiness. It's not worth the drama, pain, headaches, stress and all the negativity looking at a man's phone might bring. And it is a privacy thing too, respect and honor it ladies. Life is really simple, so why do things to complicate it? If anything, go take pole dancing class and step your game up behind the doors and in between the sheets. Learn how to do Kegel exercises and strengthen your vagina muscles. Ladies, you do know your vagina is a muscle? When you flex it, you get that grip and give him a nice hug. For real, although that's a whole article on its own but you get the point.

I am my sister's keeper.

Happiness is a beautiful perfume to wear and spread the joy of its scent.