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First Lady, Michelle Obama and LeBron James Collaborate For Social Activism In Education


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Oct 26, 2015

First Lady, Michelle Obama and LeBron "King" James have recently collaborated on a new project together to promote social activism in education. The two philanthropist are joining forces to foster a new program called “Better Make Room,” to help students nationwide achieve their dreams and education goals.

The program was inspired by President Barack Obama's initiative to increase college enrollment in five years. Better Make Room is developed to empower and motivate students in continuing with their studies and going forth in education; by applying and enrolling in college. It also extends towards job training and trade school.

During the press conference of the announcement for Better Make Room, the First Lady elaborated on the mission of the program.

"The idea behind Better Make Room is pretty simple. We want to create a space where young people can engage with each other, where they can inspire each other to complete their education beyond high school,” Michelle Obama stated. “Because the truth is that right now, that space really doesn’t exist in our popular culture.”

Better Make Room is part of Michelle's Reach Higher Initiative in her effort towards social activism for a better America. During the press conference, the First Lady expressed Lebron James' position in the program and his vision to motivate young America in obtaining their goals, dreams and etc. after high school.

"LeBron is investing so much in you guys because he knows that you’re worth it."

She continued with her speech and made a statement about James' leadership.

“We love this man because of the man that he is, not because of the athlete he is, Michelle expressed. “He is a role model.”

Better Make Room is also part of King James program, LeBron James Family Foundation which is a non-profit organization that assist college student to acquire their degrees.