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University of Missouri Football Players' Solidarity in Unity Brings About Change

Posted On: November 10, 2015

"If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." We all know that classic quote.

Well, the University of Missouri's football players lived up to that quote, they stood in solidarity by rising against racism and discrimination and their unity brought about change. From hunger strikes to protesting, they stood their grounds regardless of racial hostility and finally, the University of Missouri System President, Tim Wolfe stepped down and resigned yesterday (Nov.10).

The hunger strike started by Jonathan Butler, a graduate student at the University of Missouri who wanted to raise awareness about the inequality and racial tension at the school. Followed by that, thirty football playes of the university who themselves got invloved and started a football strike. The football players made it very clear that they would not participate in any practices or play any games until Tim Wolfe resigned. These football are smart too and knew it was a strategic move because if the University of Missouri failed to attend (play) any games, they would have to forfeit and pay that school $1 million dollars. Also the university would lose out in revenues of sale (concession stands, tickets sales) in cancellation of any games. These players took it back when it comes to boycotting, they hit them in the pockets and many other different races and cultures joined in on the boycott as well.

Taking it to the next level of boycotting, the football players of the University of Missouri locked arms in solidarity, got the media involved and the story went national, maybe global now.

The students expressed to the media of being verbally assualted on campus with racial slurs, a series of disturbing racial incidents on campus (like someone drawing a swastika with their feces), racism and even discrimination in some of their classes. The players stated when these issues were brought to Tim Wolfe, he basically brush it under the rug and neglected to act out on it or do anything about it as the president of the school.

In a statement with news media yesterday (Nov.10th), Wolfe (pictured above) did not deny anything he has been accused of and even admitted to taking full responsibility for what has happened. He even urged the students and football players to continue to use their voice and heal from this.

“I take full responsibility for this frustration and I take full responsibility for the inaction that has occurred,” Wolfe stated, adding: “Use my resignation to heal and start talking again.”

After the resignation of Tim Wolfe, students, falculties and players of all sports took to social media to express concern, the history of racism at the school and changes that need to occur in the school.

“Oppression at my alma mater and in the state of my alma mater occurred LONG before the tenure of this System President," tweeted Kim English, a former basketball player of the university.

“If U were black at my alma mater, and ur name was not Maclin, Denmon, Pressey, English, Weatherspoon, Carroll, etc. You didn’t feel welcome,” English stated, listing the names of some of the university’s most prominent black athletes over the last decade.

This is not the first time the students and football players have taken a stand against racism and discrimination, some of them went to Ferguson and partipated in their protest against injustice and police brutality. The students and football players of the University of Missouri, indeed displayed the power of unity and solidarity as one to bring about positive and effective changes when it comes to issues like racism; and sweeping things under rug when it comes to discrimination. These students and football players are part of a change for a better future which they have the vision for.


Armstrong Williams Becomes The Largest African-American Owner In Television Media

Posted On: November 10, 2015

Armstrong Williams wears many hats, well in this case: a king with many crowns, he is a business mogul who knows how to monopolize very well. Serving as the business manager and a conservative commentator for Republican Presidential candidate, Ben Carson, Williams made history last month with the acquisition of two new television stations, becoming the largest African-American owner in television media.

Williams journey in becoming a media leader and boss in television started when he invested in a sidecar deal, which led to him acquiring two television stations. That was back in 2013 and it was the foundation for Armstrong to build his TV media kingdom. Fast forward to 2015, Williams currently owns seven TV stations and  is aiming to own ten stations, as part of his plans to expand into alternative programming and other media businesses.

Armstrong Williams is a businessman with a purpose, he has a vision to bring shows and movies that highlight the positive aspects of African-Americans from family values and morals, to exhibiting positive images and role models of African-American men, to displaying shows that depict both African-American men and women as leaders and innovators in entrepreneurship and businesses. Shows and movies that display the greatness of African-Americans, something for the youth to look up to (to build them up) and etc.

“We want to reinforce the kind of values and virtues that make America great,” Mr. Williams expressed about the programming of his television stations.

“We want the kind of shows that families can sit down and watch and be proud of. We want people to know that you don’t always have to lead with what bleeds. We want to uplift people we want to give people real self-esteem and real worth.”

Williams' also wants to eradicate the stigmas and stereotypes society has placed on African-American, especially Black men. Armstrong Williams owns a company called Howard Stirk Holdings LLC, that is diversify in their employment and is platform for African-Americans to progress in the media field.

“One of the things that we’re proud of is the fact that probably 75 percent of our workforce are minorities. We truly celebrate diversity,” stated Marcus Mullings, vice president of Howard Stirk Holdings.

“Almost 50 percent of that workforce is women. When you talk about the issue of Black men not finding jobs, the issue of inequality, 55 percent of our work force is black men.”

Armstrong Williams has no plans on selling any of his seven television stations, instead he pitches himself and his media kingdom as a corporation and company for investors, advertisers, share holders and other media stations to buy and invest into. Williams focus is to build his network and hit the market starting in the US and expand as a business media mogul.



Jay Z's TIDAL To Provide Exclusive Streaming Of Urban Drama & Comedy Shows

Posted On: November 09, 2015

TIDAL is a music streaming service that Shawn "Jay Z" Carter invested into, although some business analyst thought the worst because it was not an easy start for them (it's not how you start but how you finish), TIDAL is expanding and magnifying as they should. TIDAL will now be providing their customers with exclusive streaming of comedy and urban drama shows. Meaning you will not see them no where else but only on TIDAL.

TIDAL will be broadcasting the second season of "Money & Violence" which is an urban drama about life in the streets of Brooklyn. TIDAL consumers will be able to stream the new season of Money & Violence starting in January, which will consist of twelve episodes and will run for one week before mass distribution of it.

TIDAL will also provide exclusive comedic content with the premier of a new show called, "No Small Talk" consisting of five episodes, which will broadcast for twenty-five to thirty minutes each. DJ Cipha Sounds will be the host of the new comedy show and he's also inked to Roc Nation as part of their management team.

No Small Talk will feature the uprising of three comedians and their performances at the Manhattan’s Comedy Cellar. DJ Cipha Sounds will showcase them by providing a platform for them to succeed in their dreams and goals.

“I didn’t want it to feel polished like the standup specials you see on TV,” Cipha Sounds expressed

“My goal is to help new guys get known, like Def Comedy Jam set up a lot of people’s careers.”

Tim Riley who is TIDAL’s Senior VP of Artist and Label Relations, made a statement about their new service and providing the best streaming service for their customers as well.

“If someone is paying for Tidal, we want that to be the best experience they can have."


African-American Museums Across The Nation

Posted On: November 09, 2015

For all those seeking to learn more about the "real" history of African-Americans "before" slavery, aspects in different cultures, languages, spirituality (Africans believed in being one with God, being Godlike and being gods themselves but that's another article) and etc., there are museums that cater in providing accurate historical facts about African- Americans.

The museums feature subjects in difference of culture, artifacts, African-American soldiers who served in WWI and WWII, innovations and inventions African-Americans contributed to the world before, during and after slavery, monuments and certain historical landmarks designed and built by African-Americans, breakthrough in science and medicine, innovations in culture, food industries, hair products and more.

Listing a few museums and starting with the: DuSable Museum of African American History

The museum is located in Chicago, Illinois and required $10 fee is needed for entry. The DuSable Museum caters to the community with providing after school program and getting the youth to partake in certain history segments they offer.

The second museum is the: The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History 

Located in Detroit, Michigan, this museum is documented as the largest in the world for African-American history, due to its wide range of displays, tours, exhibits and unique shows, programs and events pertaining to African history. Admission into the museum range from $8 to $5 for children, adults and senoir citizens.

The third museum is the California African American Museum.

It's located in Los Angeles, California. This museum is known for its rare artifacts, paintings, sculptures and arts in African-American history. It has a several exhibitions on African and African-American cultures, arts, languages and etc. The museums also features tours and exhibitions highlighting African-Americans in films and movies, their contributions and innovations. Admission to the museum is free, however you have to pay for parking.




Serena Williams Puts Her Pen Game Down and Serves It Up As Guest Editor For The 'Wired'

Posted On: November 09, 2015

Serena Williams was recently the guest editor for Wired Magazine, put her pen game down and let her skills in literature score for her. Unlike serving tennis balls on the court, Serena served her words. Penning an article about the issues of diversity in sports, science, Hollywood and etc., issues in equality and offered some solutions to their problems.

Williams also, graced the cover of Wired Magazine for their November issue. 

The special issue for Wired Magazine is called "Equality In The Digital Age" where they invite special guest to pen their views, analytical thoughts and how to bring awareness about the lack of diversity in certain areas, in order to affect change and for effective evolution in equality.

In Serena Williams' editorial like mentioned above, she clearly states where some of the issues are, as well as pointing out the hiring process for NFL executives, her vision of more women, people from all walks of life, backgrounds in tech, breaking barriers in tennis as an African-American woman and; being a thoroughbred in doing her part to make the future brighter.

Below is the excerpt from the magazine:

"Equality is important. In the NFL, hey have something called the Rooney rule. It says that teams have to interview minority candidates for senior jobs. It’s a rule that companies in Silicon Valley are starting to follow too, and that’s great. But we need to see more women and people of different colors and nationalities in tech. That’s the reason I wanted to do this issue with WIRED—I’m a black woman, and I am in a sport that wasn’t really meant for black people. And while tennis isn’t really about the future, Silicon Valley sure is. I want young people to look at the trailblazers we’ve assembled below and be inspired. I hope they eventually become trailblazers themselves. Together we can change the future."


Also in her editorial, Serena Williams wrote about educational and motivational programs like, Black Girls Code as resources in guiding the youth towards a better tomorrow. She stated how people need to stand up for each other and reflected on a memory when writer and author, J.K. Rowling stood up for her.

 To read Serena Williams' full article, click on the link to Wired Magazine.



Shonda Rhimes To Receive Norman Lear Achievement Award in Television

Posted On: November 09, 2015

Shonda Rhimes will be awarded for her effort, success and contributions in television media network as a writer. Rhimes is set to receive the 2016 Norman Lear Achievement Award in Television at the twenty-seventh annual Producers Guild Award.

“Like the intelligent, strong, and fearless characters she creates, Shonda is a true force to be reckoned with and we are privileged to honor her with this year’s Norman Lear Achievement Award in Television," in a statement made the by Michael De Luca and Jennifer Todd, who are the co-chairs of the Producers Guild Award.

They also expressed, how Shonda Rhimes innovated television media in (entertainment) broadcasting, with her writing abilities and the uniqueness of the shows she's created.

“Shonda Rhimes is one of the most passionate and insightful storytellers in entertainment today. Her pioneering work on Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How o Get Away With Murder has redefined the role of women in media and spurred the debate about diversity in television."

Shonda Rhimes who is a writer, expanded her pen game in becoming an executive producer for ABC and is currently producing four shows which include: Private Practice, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder and Grey’s Anatomy. She's also penned scripts that made it to the big screen: Crossroads and The Princess Diaries 2 and will debut her first book this month in November titled, "Year of Yes."

Rhimes brought diversity to television media when it comes to their writers, executives and producers, not just as an African-American but also a woman. Her achievement in literature, broadcasting and media will be honored in January of 2016, when the Producers Guild Award is aired.

In her statement, Shonda Rhimes noted her inspiration, gratitude and her progression as a writer.

“To be the recipient of an award bestowed upon me by my peers in the PGA is truly an honor. The fact that the award is named after a legendary producer whose work has had such an inspiring effect on my growth as a writer is genuinely gratifying. I couldn’t be more grateful for this special recognition.”


Google Joins The Battle In Eradicating Racial Injustice By Donating $2.4 Million To Affect Change

Posted On: November 09, 2015

Referencing a published article in USA Today, Google's entity is joining the battle in eradicating racial injustice, with a $2.4 million dollar investment in donation to affect social change. The move is a philanthropic one that will make an impact for social change in racism.

It was during a private screening of "3 ½ Minutes, 10 Bullets" that Google made the announcement. The movie was a biographic depicting Jordan Davis, who was shot and killed by a Caucasian man, Michael Dunn for playing his music too loud outside of a gas station in Florida. Davis who is African-American was unarmed and pose no threat ot Dunn.

In accordance to USA Today, wants to eradicate injustice on wide scale, starting with the judicial system in America.

The technology giant’s philanthropic arm chose organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area taking on systemic racism in America’s criminal justice, prison and educational systems, says Justin Steele, who leads’s Bay Area giving efforts.

Steele says the grants are just the first for as it seeks to address the Bay Area’s growing economic gap that has only widened during the technology boom.

“We hope to build on this work and contribute to this movement for racial justice,” Steele said in an interview.

Earlier this year in May, Google took on the initiative to invest in grants towards diversifying tech and digital education, research and industries across the nation. They allotted a maximum of $10 million dollars towards the training and recruitment of African-Americans and women.

It took the leaders of National Black Caucus of State Legislators to address the tech and digital companies to diversify their employees, they even held a conference about it earlier this year in January called the:Supporting the Diversification of Tech Industry’s Empowerment." And it worked. They pushed for change, believed in it and now and other tech/digital coporations are on board to make this world a better place, free of racism and injustice.


Canada Goose and Pendleton Holiday Collection

Posted On: November 07, 2015

Canada Goose and Pendleton have collaborated to bring their consumers a Limited Holiday Collection, detailing the essence of both brands.

Canada Goose is known for their down jackets and coats and Pendleton Woolen Mills for their unique contrast of colors and tribal/abstract designs in their products. Both brand cater to fall and winter weather which they are combining.

The collection will feature the unique designs of Pendleton wool textures, a mix of red and blue colors and emblemed with the Canada Goose’s Arctic Disc on each each products.

The items listed in the Canada Goose and Pendleton Collection are as followed: scarves, wool hats, blankets, fur hooded scarf, duvet liner and more.

The Canada Goose and Pendleton's Holiday Collection is already on the market and for more information, click on the >>> link.


New (International) Movie Trailer: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Posted On: November 07, 2015

Stars Wars: The Force Awakens released another movie trailer, this time international.

The second trailer was released by Walt Disney Studios in Japan. The visuals in Star Wars: The Force Awakens previews more in-depth scenes featured in the movie, introducing new characters like, BB-8 and detailed clips of the other characters such as: Finn, Rey, Leia, Han and more.

The footage of the international movie trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is one minute and fifty two second long, with the movie's theme in bold Japanese letters: “It awakens. Now, the world is yours.”

Check it out below.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters on December 18th nationwide and global.



Buffalo Bills To Wear All Red Jersey For The First Time In Franchise History

Posted On: November 07, 2015

The NFL will be revamping their jerseys as part of a marketing deal with Nike. In doing so, the Buffalo Bills will do something they've never done before and make NFL history, when all their players show up on the field this upcoming week in all red jerseys.  The Bills will also make franchise history.

The Color Rush Campaign speaheaded by Nike and overseered by the NFL, will feature the participation of eight teams including: the New York Jets, Jaguars, Rams and more. The campaign is scheduled to run from Nov. 12th thru Dec. 17th and will be advertised during the broadcasting of Thursday Night Football.

The Bills are scheduled to rock their jersey on the first day of the Color Rush campaign, while being hosted by the Jets, who are part of their campaign and will be rockin' all green. 

The other NFL teams such as the Jaguars will be sporting an all gold jersey which they will debut on Nov.19th. The Rams are fitted for gold jerseys also, which will be showcased when they face off with the Buccaneers.


Toyota Invest $1 Billion In Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Posted On: November 07, 2015

In search of the next frontier, Toyota is seeking to invest one billion dollars in robotics and artificial intelligence research and development. The automobile corporation's investment is to assist the company in developing cars with autonomous driving, engineered robotic parts and; A.I. to be utilized as a GPS to direct drivers to their destinations.

Toyota will continue to develop robots and already showcased their R2-D2-like robot, which was designed to help the elderly, disabled people by performing certain tasks of picking up and moving objects for them. The robots are equipped to play music, converse and interact with human beings.

Akio Toyoda, who is the president of Toyota released a statement yesterday (Nov. 6th) about their new projects in robotics and A.I. by informing news media, a facility to begin developments will open in January, employing 200 techs and engineers. Akio also stated a second facility will open up sometime in 2016.

Gill Pratt will spearhead Toyota Research Institute Inc. as their robotic expert. In Pratt's statement, he noted the innovations of robotics and artificial intelligence will evolve daily activities and driving skills for drivers.

"The company's goals are to support older people in their homes with robotics, make cars free of accidents and use AI to allow all people to drive regardless of ability."