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Jay Z's TIDAL To Provide Exclusive Streaming Of Urban Drama & Comedy Shows


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Nov 09, 2015

TIDAL is a music streaming service that Shawn "Jay Z" Carter invested into, although some business analyst thought the worst because it was not an easy start for them (it's not how you start but how you finish), TIDAL is expanding and magnifying as they should. TIDAL will now be providing their customers with exclusive streaming of comedy and urban drama shows. Meaning you will not see them no where else but only on TIDAL.

TIDAL will be broadcasting the second season of "Money & Violence" which is an urban drama about life in the streets of Brooklyn. TIDAL consumers will be able to stream the new season of Money & Violence starting in January, which will consist of twelve episodes and will run for one week before mass distribution of it.

TIDAL will also provide exclusive comedic content with the premier of a new show called, "No Small Talk" consisting of five episodes, which will broadcast for twenty-five to thirty minutes each. DJ Cipha Sounds will be the host of the new comedy show and he's also inked to Roc Nation as part of their management team.

No Small Talk will feature the uprising of three comedians and their performances at the Manhattan’s Comedy Cellar. DJ Cipha Sounds will showcase them by providing a platform for them to succeed in their dreams and goals.

“I didn’t want it to feel polished like the standup specials you see on TV,” Cipha Sounds expressed

“My goal is to help new guys get known, like Def Comedy Jam set up a lot of people’s careers.”

Tim Riley who is TIDAL’s Senior VP of Artist and Label Relations, made a statement about their new service and providing the best streaming service for their customers as well.

“If someone is paying for Tidal, we want that to be the best experience they can have."