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Toyota Invest $1 Billion In Robotics and Artificial Intelligence


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Nov 07, 2015

In search of the next frontier, Toyota is seeking to invest one billion dollars in robotics and artificial intelligence research and development. The automobile corporation's investment is to assist the company in developing cars with autonomous driving, engineered robotic parts and; A.I. to be utilized as a GPS to direct drivers to their destinations.

Toyota will continue to develop robots and already showcased their R2-D2-like robot, which was designed to help the elderly, disabled people by performing certain tasks of picking up and moving objects for them. The robots are equipped to play music, converse and interact with human beings.

Akio Toyoda, who is the president of Toyota released a statement yesterday (Nov. 6th) about their new projects in robotics and A.I. by informing news media, a facility to begin developments will open in January, employing 200 techs and engineers. Akio also stated a second facility will open up sometime in 2016.

Gill Pratt will spearhead Toyota Research Institute Inc. as their robotic expert. In Pratt's statement, he noted the innovations of robotics and artificial intelligence will evolve daily activities and driving skills for drivers.

"The company's goals are to support older people in their homes with robotics, make cars free of accidents and use AI to allow all people to drive regardless of ability."