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130 Med Students Graduate in Somalia, Making History & Progress Towards a Better Tomorrow


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Dec 29, 2015

Reviving healthcare, one hundred and thirty student graduated in medical studies at the University in Somalia’s capital.

The historical event was the biggest class to receive their degrees in beocming doctors and forged the promise of a better tomorrow in Somalia's healthcare institutions. The graduation also embarked, the country's will to rise after a 2009 bombing during a graduation ceremony. Some of the survivors were in attendance at the present graduation and expressed, the success of the med graduates in tackling the challenges of healthcare, working with the government, improving the availability of medical supplies and equipment; staffing in hospitals and etc.

The med graduates consisted of men and women, some of them were interviewed and made statements about ooking forward to working with the people of Somalia and providing quality healthcare.

Hit the play button to check out the footage.

Congratulations to all the graduates.

News Source: CCTV