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Kid Cudi Delivers Empowering Speech In a TED Talk to His Former High School


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Dec 28, 2015

Kid Cudi recently visited his former high school in Ohio and participated in a TED Talk speech to inspire the present students at Shaker Heights.

Cudi took to the stage and began his speech reflecting on the last time he was at the high school and how much he matured not just in age but also, his perspectives on things.

Kid Cudi expressed what made him the man that he is today, the diversity in his community growing up and even observing/witnessing it today. How his mother has always been his number one fan, evolving out of his shell in conquering who he is and making his mark in this world. Cudi kept it honest about not givng his all into his academics while he was in high school but displayed strength by admitting it and knowing he still has a lot to learn. By acknowledging this, Cudi is basically letting the youth know to make education/academics their priority, regardless what they are naturally great at and what their passion are. Cudi also admitted how he didn't get a chance to make his mark in the world academically but thank God for music, he was able to turn up the volume and elevate himself in his goals and dreams. Although, the music thing was going into unknown territory but it gave him the freedom to believe in himself against all odds because unlike passing a test where he was not confident in; music gave him the leverage and platform to spread his wings and soar.

"We are all the commanders of our own destinty."

Cudi made the above statement and quote as one piece of advice he would give to people and also, for them to pay it forward. He elaborated the importance of surrounding one's self with people who are smarter and more intelligent than us, who are ambitious and people we can learn from, grow with and; able to provide information to execute goals, dreams and etc. Kid Cudi seemed to have some regrets and being on that stage gave him a way to vent, release and; make peace with his mistakes in life. And again, it exhibits the strength of a leader because when we learn from other people's mistakes, it teaches, guides and; prevents us from making the same mistakes as well.

He ended his speech with these inspirational and powerful words:

"I just want you to know that life will throw you a sh*t ton of curveballs. It’s scary. But if you believe, man. If you believe, and if you want it, and if you want to work hard enough for it, it can be so. Because there’s no difference from me and you. I just really wanted this sh*t. I wanted it bad, and I didn’t want to be a failure. And nobody’s a failure in this room, don’t ever think that. We can all win."

There's more, plug to the video and hopefully you'll learn something new or discover gems of wisdom to shine brighter! 

Hi_ I'm Scott _ Scott Mescudi _ TEDxSHHS from illSwanson on Vimeo.

Footage Source: illSwanson