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Doctors Perform The First Ever Penile Transplant


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Mar 17, 2015

A surgical team of doctors from South Africa made history in medicine and research, when they performed the first ever penile transplant.

The operation took place a couple of months ago back in December of 2014. The recipient of the operation was given a large donation and was subject to the operation, because he endured a circumcision gone wrong. The circumcision was a rite to passage from boyhood to manhood but it was a botched job, which left him with less of an inch. The young man was distraught and he couldn't find anybody to help him fix his penis. Until a team of doctors decided they would help him and restore his penis.

After the young man passed a series of exams and tests, he was cleared for the surgery. The procedure was a nine hour process and doctors successfully gave the young man a new penis. According to BBC News, doctors expected the young man to fully recover later this year, sometimes around November but he recovered sooner than expected. Doctors reported the young man is able to urinate with no problem, he was able to perform his sexual duties with no problem and even experienced an orgasm. Doctors are thrilled about the surgery and stated it will help men across the world with penis issues.

In order to perform the surgery, doctors used the same protocols for facial reconstructive surgery, which involves connecting the nerves and blood vessels. The doctors who performed the surgery explained how the penile transplant was much harder than facial transplant, but with precision and diligence, they were able to administer the operation.