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Ludacris Loves The Kids and Was Honored For It


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Mar 20, 2015

Ludacris was exploited all over the media, we saw pictures of him in court, his personal life on the front page and all the baby momma drama. But let's not focus on that.

There is a reason Ludacris shines and it is because of the light that is within himself.  Ludacris whose government name is, Christopher "Chris" Bridges is actually contributing a lot of his time, love, presence, goodness, positivity and doing several great things for children, which the media has not highlighted.

We know Ludacris as the Hip Hop artist, actor but did you also know, Luda loves the kids and because of that, he was honored for it.

Ludacris was honored yesterday (March 19,2015) in Georgia by the House of Representatives for his Ludacris Foundation which empowers youth and their families across the nation.

The Ludacris Foundation was founded by Luda himself. He has been going around the nation, along with other voulnteers funding and providing supplies for schools such as, laptops and computers. Luda recently had a #GetConnected campaign a couple of days ago and got other Hip Hop artists invovled in the movement, to supply schools with any tech supplies they needed.

Luda visits these schools and interacts with the students. He takes pictures with them and the kids also love Luda.

Ludacris is empowering children's education and also supplying them with the neccessary resources they need, in order to advance and become great students.

He also visits sick children in the hospital, comforts their families, Luda has played Santa Claus to many people and their families by providing gifts that they couldn't provide for their own children and family.

Luda has done a lot of great things for people and mostly children, who are the future of this world. He has provided Thanksgiving dinners, had turkey drives, toy and coat drives across the nation.

Ludacris has a big heart and brings the warmth of his heart wherever he goes. As hard as Luda might sound on wax, like he'll bust a cap in that a##, children have a special place in his heart.

We salute Luda! 100 gun salute for sure! The media takes for granted the blessing Ludacris is spreading around the nation with his self titled foundation. But would rather focus on baby momma drama instead of complimenting and giving Luda the recognition he has earned and deserved.

Because the blessing that he is, he was honored for it and was given the floor at the House of Representative in Gerogia.

At yesterday's honorary event, Luda made a statement about his purpose for his Ludacris Foundation

“I think it’s one neighborhood at a time,” said Ludacris at the meeting. “So I love to by example, and just try to encourage and motivate people to do good.”