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Baltimore: The Aftermath and Clean Up

Posted On: April 30, 2015

Baltimore put it on for their city and this was a community that had nothing to lose to begin wth.The poverty, the drugs and crime in Baltimore, Maryland is the every day reality for the people who live there. And then to add insult to injury with police brutality, which most likely is another issue in Baltimore. A couple of weeks ago, local government officials cut their water supply, Baltimore has been brewing for awhile and what took place over there, is a clear example of when you leave a neglected pot on a stove and then turn the heat up.

Baltimore is a town that was repeatedly kicked down and eventually, they find the strength to get up and rise up. The media wants us to believe it's all looting and rioting but failed to look at the core of what caused those things. This was a community that was fed up and like the pot on the stove, it exploded. This was a community that was hurting and hurt people, hurt people. Not condoning or making any excuses for the actions of some in Baltimore, but most of it was done out of pain, frustration and anger.

The media could portray Baltimore like a community who destroyed their town and focused on the negative but regardless, the positivity and healing in Baltimore will supercede all that. There's a lot of love and unity in that town, who came together to clean up their community.

Depsite what happened between the residents and police officers in Baltimore, there is hope for a better tomorrow.

And the next generation displayed in Baltimore, that sometimes the best way to fight a revolution is not always through violence but peace, kindness and love.


Kendrick Lamar Featured On The Cover Of Mass Appeal

Posted On: April 30, 2015

For their #56 issue, "Mass Appeal" features Kendrick Lamar for their cover, in celebration of the legendary Hip Hop artist Easy E, which was a California native like Kendrick.

The shoot was photographed by Chris Buck who captures some amazing and rare footages of Kendrick. K Dot was interviewed by Mass Appeal who goes into details about the meaning behind Kendrick's to "Pimp A Butterfly" album and its cover, which is currently on iTunes and at your local record store.

Mass Appeal: "When the album cover was posted up on Instagram, you had a message on there (attributed to the Lil Homie) that said, in part: To Pimp A Butterfly, its the American dream.How is it the American dream?"

Kenrick: "It’s the American dream because everybody wanna feel like they’re in control of their success. We’re puppets in so many different places [in our lives]. To pimp out something from a negative place and take it to a positive place, that’s what everybody wanna do. Everybody have their own story. I have mine with good kid, m.A.A.d city. You have yours. And to come out of these harsh realities and do something positive, you’re pimping the butterfly. You’re coming out this cocoon of this caterpillar and you’re making the best out of it. Everybody wanna do that."

Mass Appeal: "A kid on the Internet pointed out that Section.80 is outlined like a book; good kid, m.A.A.d city like a film; and To Pimp A Butterfly like a poem. Is that how you see it and was that planned?"

Kendrick: "Yeah, definitely. [There]’s actually a sketch of braille that’s added to the title hidden inside the [CD] booklet that I don’t think nobody has caught yet. You can actually feel the bump lines. But if you can see it, which is the irony of it, you can break down the actual full title of the album."

Mass Appeal: "Considering how Uncle Sam is a character on the album, the term American dreamcombined with To Pimp A Butterfly has a sinister vibe to it. If the caterpillar and butterfly represent black people, it brings to mind how prisons are full of black and brown inmates who are used as a source of cheap labor, and how the media fuels fear by constantly showing black criminals on the news."

Kendrick: "Yeah, that’s the deeper meaning to it when you pull the layers back. We’re in a society where we definitely are baited to pump fear and keep the negativity going. To keep the cycle continuing, y’know? It’s a pimp situation. And me recognizing that, it’s the start of something new. To let my people—black and brown [because I grew up with] a lot of my ese potnas in Compton—recognize what’s goin’ on. It’s fortunate that I’m in a blessed situation that I ain’t have to be 40, 50 years old to tell the story. I’m 27. I’m fairly young. A lot of people that tell the story they already old and they really can’t talk to the youth because the youth don’t respect them. I got the power in my hands where the youth respect me. Not only as an artist but as a person. It’s only right for me to put that energy out there, and let ’em know what’s goin’ on in the world."

Check out the live interview of it below.

 While the interview continued, Kendrick was questioned about politics and expresses the possibility of going into politics one day.

Mass Appeal: "When you say “Compton to Congress…” on “Hood Politics” is there any deeper meaning to that? You’re not thinking of maybe one day, you know…"

Kendrick: "[Smiles] Nothing is a coincidence. [Laughs] Put it to you that way. Them words are no coincidence. They were well thought out."

One can only imagine the type of political campaign Kendrick Lamar would lead. K-Dot dropped some gem about the future generation, which he envisions in a great light, that will shine and triple its worth.

Mass Appeal: "What do you think is the future of your generation?"

Kendrick: "I think the future of my generation is entrepreneurs times a hundred. We’ll probably be one of the most prosperous generations in history. Not only do we have the belief, but we have the work ethic to go out there and get it. We are very independent. We are very confident in our own identity, which is a great thing. Because what this [generation] has is more people starting their own business and not being confined to what [an existing] company has to offer [them]. But, on the other hand, our belief system is gonna play a major part in it. Our belief system is not the way how my parents were, how my grandparents were, and the more and more time goes on, we lose that thought or idea of God and energy. So what happens is we stop caring for people and we stop honoring and respecting people, you feel me? So I think once we grab that aspect back into my generation we’re gonna be alright."

Kendrick Lamar, a man with a vision and the eyes of God.

To subscibe and get a copy of the issue, click on the link below.

Kendrick Lamar: Mass Appeal Issue



Carmelo Anthony Marches In Solidarity With Baltimore

Posted On: April 30, 2015

Carmelo Anthony returns to his hometown in Baltimore, Maryland earlier today and marched with the community.

Sporting a grey sweatshirt with the written letters "Cassius Clay," the Knick star marched in solidarity with Baltimore in the fight to end police brutality and racial injustice.

CBS Baltimore was there live and filmed the historic moment. They also interviewed Anthony, who expressed that Baltimore will always be home to him and his leadership in support; and marching for a good cause.


New R&B Joint: Ciara - 'Dance Like We're Making Love'

Posted On: April 30, 2015

Ciara premieres a new track off her upcoming album, "Jackie."

The song is called 'Dance Like We're Making Love' and was produced by Cirkut and Dr. Luke. The production on the track is a hot one, with its snapping fingers special effects in the backdrop and a few other sound element. Cici's voice sounds great on this track, this is one of those songs to bop your head to and get your dance on.

Plug your ears to it below.


Wale Makes A Stop In Baltimore and Talks With The Kids & Community

Posted On: April 30, 2015

Wale in support of the community in Baltimore, Maryland, made a stop in their town and talked to the kids and adults as well.

In the first video, Wale talks about the struggle of being an African-American men in America: from their racist structure as far as the school system, being harassed by the police and well aware of what the town of Baltimore is going through. Wale expressed his understanding of the community's frustration, pain and anger, and how he symphatize with them and; feels their pain as well. Wale told the people of Baltimore he was there to listen and offer solution in moving ahead.

Check it out below.

FOX 5 interviewed Wale upon his entrance into the Baltimore High School and what his message was for the public. Wale stated to the interviewer about Baltimore being oppressed for awhile and why they reacted the way they did. Wale expressed how he has high hopes in the youth of Baltimore and believes in them.

Plug to the footage below.



New Freestyle: Tyga On Tim Westwood

Posted On: April 30, 2015

During an oversea trip in the United Kingdom, Tyga stoped by Capital 1Xtra's show, Tim Westwood and raises the bar with a freestyle. This is Tyga's second freestyle on Tim Westwood.

Tyga usually spits his bars with his eyes closed while he is freestyling, as if he is zoned out and in another dimension. He goes over Kanye’s “All Day" and Big Sean’s “IDFWU,” dropping a few verses on the instrumentals.

Check it out below.


Baltimore: In Destruction, There Is Rebuilding

Posted On: April 30, 2015

Everything happens for a reason and sometimes, we may not understand the reason, but all things serve a purpose.

"In destruction, there is rebuilding."

Baltimore might have been down for awhile, but they will rebuild and be stronger, better than before. There's a lot of courage and strength in the people of Baltimore, who united and stood up for one of their kind, so imagine what they can build together.


New R&B Joint: Tyrese feat. Jennifer Hudson - 'Shame'

Posted On: April 30, 2015

Tyrese and Jennifer Hudson are both featured in a short film called 'Shame' and recently dropped a song with the same title.

In the track, Tyrese gets his grown man on, admitting his mistakes, finding forgiveness and redemption; in his shame of hurting a woman. Tyrese sounds soulful on this track and serenades the instrumentals with his lyrics. Hudson brings the hook of the song, which sounds like a choir of multiple voices. Its unsure where the album will end up, Tyrese is currently working on his anticipated album "Black Rose."

Until then, plug your ears to the song below.


New Movie Trailer: Black Mass feat. Johnny Depp

Posted On: April 29, 2015

It's fair to say Johnny Depp is a legendary actor but off something different. He becomes and morphs into the characters that he plays. There's a few actresses and actors like Depp, who basically bring these characters to life, through themselves.

In the movie, "Black Mass" Johhny Depp did just that, even the people on the set were amazed on how he transformed into the original gangster, Whitey Bulger, the character he plays for the movie. The film is directed by Scott Cooper and depicts Bugler's as the infamous gangster, who was also the brother of a Senator and an informant for the F.B.I.


The trailer for Black Mass is a great selling pitch for the movie because of the suspense which was created from certain scenes and the music that is was playing in the background. Johnny Depp is used to playing challenging roles, in the trailer you could see he became Whitey Bulger, with the sound of his voice, the mannerism and engulfing himself as a true crime boss. Depp did some major research and studying for this role, reviewing F.B.I. files, talking to people who knew Bugler and not just acting the part, but actually converting himself into Bugler for the movie.

Check out the trailer below.


New R&B Joint: Mariah Carey - 'Infinity'

Posted On: April 28, 2015

Mariah Carey released a new song, linking up with music producer L.A. Reid for a new joint titled, 'Infinity.'

The track starts off with the element of violin sounds playing and goes into Mariah's melodic tones of ohhs and ahhs. The song is one of those feel good joints, Mariah serenades and still has her angelic voice to bless the instrumentals with. Towards the end, Mariah goes to extreme levels with her high notes and finishes the song strong. Listening to the lyrics of the song, it seems like Mariah is letting off a few shots at Nick Cannon but in a very classy way.

Mariah Carey will be releasing her greatest hits via Epic Records in a 18 tracked project called, "#1 to Infinity." The album is scheduled to be released on May 18th.

Until then, well you know the drill.


New R&B Joint: Kehlani feat. Chance The Rapper - 'The Way'

Posted On: April 28, 2015

Kehlani enlists Chance The Rapper in a new song called, 'The Way.'

The track sounds a little edgy, sultry and plugged with some funk because of the instrumentals. The song is off Kehlani's LP "You Should Be Here," which was released today and available on iTunes.  Chance The Rapper comes on the track and gives a masculine, hard touch to it.

Blaze it below.