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Nas Collaborates With General Assembly To Launch Tech Scholarships For African-American and Latino Students


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Aug 27, 2015

Nasir Jones also known as Nas is joining forces with General Assembly to launch a scholarship program for African-American and Latino students, who are studying in the fields of technology.

This is not the first time Nas participated in education research, he sat on several panels with different themes from slavery, Hip Hop culture and its affect on society, the process of creating his songs and albums; and more. In 2013, Nas took the philanthropic route when Harvard University administered a scholarship program in his honor named after him called, the Nasir Jones Fellowship. The scholarship program was purposed to cultivate the power of education. Fast forward to 2015, Nas is spreading his philanthropist wing again to foster diversity in technology education and tech studies. 

General Assembly is a school for programmers and engineers in all fields of technology from: computer applications, industrial science, analyzing the mechanics and automation of cars, electronic robotics and more. Nas and General Assembly are working together to bring more African-American and Latino students into technology education. Nas' partnership involves Google, Hirepurpose and Microsoft who are all part of different scholarship programs, with various demographics and population.