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Jadakiss and Styles P Starts A Movement To Make The Hood Healthy With Their Own Establishments of Juice Bars


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Sep 08, 2015

Jadakiss and Styles P are venturing as business men, who are also into philanthropy and humanitarianism. They are innovators because Kiss and Styles are doing something that has not been done in Hip Hop, by launching their own establishments of juice bars called Juices For Life in Yonkers, N.Y and New York City, N.Y.; with the potential to go nationwide and even global.

Jadakiss and Styles P has a great purpose to spread the message of incorporating and educating the masses, especially in the hood about being healthy and adapting to a more nutritious eating routine for vital and active living. With school cut backs and the elimination of certain programs, the education is not available in certain areas. Some people don't know fruits and vegetables are good for them. Especially with heavy advertisement for fast food and junk food, fruits and vegetables don't get the shine that they should.

Kiss and Styles are also providing an alternative in healing the body, including the mind and soul. The ingredients in some of the juices assist with certain ailments such as allergies to help people heal naturally. Jadakiss and Styles P, the doctors of Hip Hop are definitely stepping into a new level and helping people rise along the way.

In an interview with Elite Daily, Jada and Styles expressed the inspiration and motivation for Juices For Life, the lack of education pertaining to health and nutrition; and the fast food epidemic on every street corners in certain communities.

Check it out below.