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Men Only Nail Bar 'Hammer & Nails' In California Will Be Franchising Nationwide

Posted On: January 08, 2016

Michael Elliot is a former screenwriter who inked classic movies such as: Brown Sugar and Just Wright, in 2013 Elliot had another calling and became a businessman in the nail industry.

It all started when Michael Elliot went into a nail salon to get a pedicure and the experience was uncomfortable due to the salon of course, being filled with women and Elliot stating he felt out of place. So, he decided to open a nail only men bar to offer services such as: pedicure, manicure and etc., in an environment men would be comfortable at and resonate to. Elliot founded the first and perhaps in the world, men nail bar called "Hammer & Nails."

In an exclusive interview with NBC News, Michael Elliot spoke about his vision for the nail bar, the kind of items and materials he used to design it and the services Hammer & Nails offers.

"It started with a 17-foot 'auto' sign that I found in a vintage store. I looked at it and said, "I need to create a place where this sign feels at home." With that, I began to create my vision. All of our nail techs are females. There are no manicure tables and no spa chairs. The lighting is low, there's soft music playing, extra wide leather chairs and you've got your own personal TV and your own personal remote control and Beats by Dre headphones [to put on]."

Hammer & Nails sounds like a place men can watch football or a basketball game, while their feet are being rubbed and catered to. (Treat yourself!)

As the interview proceeded, Elliot elaborated about the importance of men taking care of themselves, nail health and rountine pedicures.

"Many guys, quite frankly, are embarrassed by their feet. Most men were never taught to take care of their feet; it's just a part of the body that they don't pay attention to. So they don't understand things like fungus or how to prevent ingrown toenails."

Due to the success of Hammer & Nails and high demands of nail bars for men, Michael Elliot will be expanding his business and franchising nationwide, as well as across borders into other countries.

"It's all about growing the brand. We're taking applications for franchise opportunities now. So far we've had interest from all over the country and the globe, really: San Antonio, Chicago, Miami, New York City and Atlanta. We've even had interest from as far away as India, Austria, Berlin, Mexico and Uruguay."

With the expanse of Hammer & Nails, Elliot is looking forward to providing a haven for men to get pampered and maintain a healthy regimen of self care.

"Our goal is to award five (licenses) in the first year. We're really optimistic that the new locations will be a success, because once they open up [they're] going to be the 'go-to' place in that city. Let's face it, as a guy do you want to go to the corner [nail] spot or the man-cave nirvana? You're going to pick Hammer & Nails."


Video Source: NBC News




Drug Lord 'El Chapo' Apprehended By Mexican Police Officials and May Face Deportation to The U.S.

Posted On: January 08, 2016

Earlier today, it was reported that the infamous drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman was apprehended and detained by Mexican police officials.

El Chapo has been a wanted man since his escape in a Mexican prison, when his henchmen tunneled him out the maximum facility.

Since then, U.S. and the Mexican government authorities collaborated on taking extreme measures and efforts to locate Señor El Chapo and bring him to justice. The Mexican Navy is the actual law enforcement that captured Guzman today (Jan. 8th) and the United States want him extradited so he does not escape anymore and also; Joaquin faces federal drug trafficking charges from Chicago, San Diego, New York and several other states.

Its unknown when El Chapo will be deported to the U.S. from Mexico, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is raising their eyebrows at Mexico's President, Enrique Pena Nieto to see if he'll allow U.S. law officials to expedite Guzman to the United States where he will face life in prison, in an undisclosed location.

Raw footage of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman being escorted on a plane following arrest, no reports have been disclosed of the location or whereabouts El Chapo was detained to.


Video Source: NBC News / Associated Press (AP)


Patti LaBelle and Walmart Introduce New Cake With Two Different Flavors

Posted On: January 07, 2016

After the success of sales from her sweet potato pie, which was also due to a video that went viral of James Wright singing to the angels, Patti LaBelle in collaboration with Walmart will be releasing a new line of cakes.

The announcement was made on Twitter earlier this week by Miss LaBelle herself introducing: PattiCakes.

Scheduled to hit the market and available at all participating Walmart, the PattiCakes will make their debut on January 18th. The cakes are manufactured in two flavors: Patti LaBelle Vanilla Pound Cake and Patti LaBelle Premium Caramel Cake. Walmart is anticipating on high demands and went into large production of the cakes, in order to move units of sales. A spokesperson for Walmart, Scott Markley stated the actual numbers that will be available at their stores, upon release of the PattiCakes.

"We needed 50,000 pounds of vanilla icing for our first orders of the vanilla pound cakes and 54,000 pounds of batter for the caramel cakes."

The PattiCakes are doubled and tripled in price of the sweet potato pie's $3.98, whereas the the vanilla pound cake will be sold for $6.44 and the caramel cake at $13.44.


New R&B Joint: Brandy - 'Beggin & Pleadin'

Posted On: January 06, 2016

Brandy makes her debut comeback with a new song 'Beggin & Pleadin,' following the premier of her new TV show "Zoe Ever After" on BET this week.

With the electric guitar playing in the backdrop, giving off a mixture of New Orleans sounds, jazz and old school blues; the track was produced by Pop & Oak. Brandy is singing and its like you can snap fingers to it, she's bringing soul, acoustic effects and lots of blues on the mic. There's a multi-tasking of creativity in Brandy's voice (you can hear it) on this cut and how she has evolved as a musician.

Hit the play button and plug your ears to it.


President Obama Addresses The Nation About New Gun Laws & Policies

Posted On: January 06, 2016

President Barack Obama addressed the nation about a new intiative called the Executive Action that will implement new laws, revise, discontinue and convey new policies towards gun safety and manage gun violence, in an effort to decrease it.

Joined on stage were the families of victims and survivors of gun violence, President Obama spoke about the affects and affliction of gun violence. He reflected about mass shootings that has become a growing trend across the nation and doing his part to present a solution. The president became emotional when he expressed the children affected and those who are victims of gun violence. He shed a few tears for those children, especially when he spoke about mass shootings in schools such as: Sandy Hook.

Obama gave examples of different kinds of gun violence from domestic abuse, suicides to school shootings. He elaborated how America is not the only country affected by gun violence but due to their resources and advancements in things such as: technology, politics and etc, it is essential with a sense of urgency to take action in rectifying the problem because the reality is people are dying and to do nothing about it, would be like pulling the trigger as well. One of the executive actions that will be implemented is the extensive background checks during the sales and purchase of guns, even at gun shows. Funding for mental health for psychological assesments to gun buyers, dealers and etc, also to prevent suicides and people from hurting themselves. The president reviewed what the admendment rights of individuals are in accordance with the right to bear arms and does not deny it. He asserted his belief in background checks for guns, not only because of gun violence but the exploitation of terrorist, mass shootings and etc. President Obama gave an outline of what the Executive Action plan's purpose is and the steps they will take in implementing these new laws.

There is another group of people that gun violence has affected in this country for decades, even generations that President Obama did not mention and that is African-American men. Police brutality is gun violence and its become a huge problem and will the Executive Action take any steps on eradicating it? Will psychological assestments be conducted on police officers before they are given a gun or badge to see if they are mentally healthy? That they are not racist people hiding behind badges with agendas, intentions and motives to assassinate people because of their skin color, religion and etc. Let's bring those things to the table too because it is the elephant in the room that can not be swept under the rug. Police brutality also affects women and children. And what are the steps the Executive Action will take in rectifying police brutality and its gun violence? which is the threshold of it.

Things that make you go hmmm.

Until then, check out President Obama's announcement about initiatives towards gun safety and gun violence.

Video Source & Tags: PBS News Hour


New Music: Travis Scott (La Flame) feat. The Weeknd - 'Wonderful'

Posted On: January 06, 2016

Linking up with The Weeknd, Travis Scott liberated some new tunes for your playlist.

The new song is called 'Wonderfu'l and La Flame puts his producing skills touch to it. Also Boi-1da, T-Minus and Mike Dean contribute to the production of the track. It sounds like it took some samplings from Travis Scott's 'Antidote' and mixed a different element of sounds to create a new one. But the instrumentals are more hypnotic.


Self-Taught Stockbroker Teaches Himself About The Business and Becomes a Self Made Millionaire

Posted On: January 06, 2016

A student from West Africa who had a vision of becoming a stockbroker, took a big risk by dropping out of the University of Buckingham where he was studying business management, to pursue his goals in the stock market. Due to his skills and expertise about stocks, trading and investing, Elijah Oyefeso was able to teach himself about the business with the rest of his student loan.

Elijah Oyefeso brought books pertaining to subject matters in stocks, entrepreneurship, financing and investment of money to advance his skills in trading; he also purchased self-help books to activate his motivation on becoming a businessman and to reinforce his goals. After being confident that he absorbed all the knowledge he needed, Elijah became a stockbroker and started his own firm with a list of clienteles. Working one to three hours a day online, Elijah was able to generate an average of £80,000 monthly in less than a year, which is over $100K in US currency and became a self made millionaire by the age of twenty.

Residing in London, Elijah Oyesfeso was featured in a news documentary about trading online and how he was able to make over a thousand dollars in less than 15 minutes and kept going until he averaged close to forty thousand dollars. Elijah took some of his stockbroking earnings and launched another company "DCT Training Group," which is sort of like a school and teaches people about stocks, trading and how to become a stock broker like himself. Basically, paying it forward.


New Video: Trey Songz - 'Blessed'

Posted On: January 06, 2016

Trey Songz took a different approach of reflecting on 2015, by releasing a visual diary of it and a new song.

The R&B joint is titled 'Blessed.' The visuals for it is in black and white, depicting several images of Trey's 2015 experience with family, friends, concert performances, the admiration of his fans and; his personal journey across several borders of the world.


New Freestyle: Fabolous - 'Milly Rock'

Posted On: January 05, 2016

After dabbin' with Chris Brown in his new video, Fabolous gets his 'Milly Rock' on in a new freestyle.

"The Young O.G. Project 2" is set to make its debut next month and in this mix, Fab plugs listeners to 16 bars of weight and flexes on the track.


An Entrepreneur From Philadelphia Opens First Woman Owned Comic Shop, Centered Around Diversity

Posted On: January 04, 2016

An aspiring entrepreneur from Philadelphia opened the first woman owned comic shop, which is centered to raise awareness and diversify the culture of comics. Ariell R. Johnson revealed in an interview how the idea for the shop took twelve years for her to bring into reality, while she was a student at Temple University. Fast forward to 2016, with the right education, knowledge and resources, Johnson finally did the "if you build it, they will come" and officially opened Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse for business.

Amalgam Comics is a mellow coffee shop where people can come in have a latte and read their favorite comic books. The establishment will also hold certain comic inspired events, workshop, book signing, TV/movie screenings and more. During her interview with, Ariell R. Johnson expressed the kind of comic books that would be available to the public, the diversity of them, classic characters, different cultures and etc.

"We will be a legit store, so expect to see the heavy hitters that we all know and love," Johnson stated.
"But in addition to those usual suspects, we want to showcase diverse comics, creators, and characters. We think that comics are for everyone and anyone that loves comics-women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community. We will actively look to stock titles that showcase people in these groups, right long with Superman, Batman, Captain America, and Thor."

Johnson concluded the interview stating how her employees share the same vision as her, the comic characters that she loves and the work Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse will put in to adhere their quality of service and the public's needs.

"We will definitely make extra effort to promote works by and about members of underrepresented groups, but I also have love for the comic book mainstays like Captain America and Batman. I just want to help make people aware of everything that is out there and hopefully get people to expand their horizons."


Album Review: Pusha T - 'Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude'

Posted On: January 04, 2016

Pusha T's new LP "Darkest Before Dawn: The Prelude," starts off with an intro of Pusha rhyming about being a G (God) amongst man that paid for his sins and washed the dirt off his money.

The next track samples the late great Biggie Smalls for the hook and Pusha T brings the heat with some fire for the streets, in 'Untouchable.' He drops some weights about recently being elected as the new president for G.O.O.D and levels his bars on the beat with his gutter flow. The Dream begins the banger, 'M.F.T.R'  which received rave reviews and the bodywork of wordplay on the track is immaculate. From addressing racism, to cleverly expressing an individual's faith and their beliefs:

"Would you question could I swim /if you saw me walking on water."

Also, the pimpin' of Hip Hop artists with 360 music deals and how any moves made on a checkerboard is an automatic king move. 'Crutches, Crosses, Caskets' was produced by MPC King, Timbaland and has a mesmerizing vibe to it, with a mixture of different instrumental sounds (possibly the flute) and sounds effects of a piece blasting a couple of shots. Pusha again with the cleverness of his wordplay.

"My skin is triple black/I'm the omen/ You can't kill a God/ like the Romans, uh."

The universe is all black and this is why Pusha refers to himself to a God and his skin tone being triple black, as in the Holy Trinity of melanin (blessings of the sun). The Roman reference is about their mythologies and Gods such as: Apollo, Mercury, Venus and etc. and their immortality, basically Pusha being an immortal soul. (Added entry: looking at the wordplay, the omen reference is towards racism, ignorance, stereotype; and its atrocities as more African-Americans across the globe become aware and absorb the knowledge of their true history (pre-slavery). In the dictionary omens are usually associated with the color black and the color itself is not expressed positively in dictionaries due to racism. So, the omen is geared to that, the end of it all.)

Although Kanye West appears on the song 'M.P.A,' Ye does not make a cameo in the video. A$AP Rocky and The Dream link with the former Clipse capo in the mostly keyboard production track.

Philadelphia's Hip Hop artist, Ab-Liva premiers on the Timbaland, hypnotic produced cut 'Got Em Covered' with a set of his own bars and does lyrical exercises with Pusha. Beanie Sigel comes off retirement and links with Pusha T on 'Keep Dealing' where the both of them paint a story of a block hugger who's moving keys and boarding flights with his dope lifestyle. kehlani collaborates with Pusha on 'Retribution' and provides the hook in another Timbo produced track, laced with drum effects and sounds effects similar to Tetris but remixed or digital sounds effects. Pusha lyrically multi-task his flow in the instrumentals.

F.I.F.A is one of those bop your head to it type of track and Jill Scott is also featured on the album and shares the spotlight with Pusha on the R&B, soulful 'Sunshine.' Pusha utilizes the platform of music to raise awareness about police brutality,  the inspiration of African-American legacies to create certain landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the disservice of police officers who are suppose to serve and protect and more.

Get your headphones and plug to it!