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Artist Spotlight: Beyonce's 'Formation' Inspired Art Pieces


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Feb 29, 2016

Beyonce's 'Formation' literally broke the internet and sparked a new plug in the matrix. Her performance at Super Bowl 50 commemorating the Black Panthers got many people peeved and even had, the former mayor of New York, Rudolph 'Rudy' Giuliani coming out of his skin and showing his true colors. 

Formation resulted in a domino effect by highlighting issues that are affecting America, it gave the public's outcry of police brutality a voice which vibrated all through the airwaves. It created a tsunami of awareness and washed away the abeyance of consciousness to fertilize and breed a state of enlightment. The song also touched the hearts of African-Americans, invoking the power of love, for them to harvest self acceptance and self love.

Then there was also the domino effect of White hysteria and panic, boycott, protest of Formation; and even the police started sweating like they got a taste of that hot sauce in Beyonce's bag. Formation's lyrics does not state anything against police nor their departments. The lyrics speak of solutions, compassion for humanity and eradicating police brutality in order to save lives. 

Several artists were inspired by Beyonce's Formation and it assisted in motivating their creative abilities and skills. These artists established pieces in sketch forms, painting, watercolors, digital art and etc. to design and create Formation inspired art.

By: Sophia Canning



By: Jennifer Hom


By: Armand Mehidri


For phone cases

By: Ruben Studio


Beyonce as Marvel's character, Storm

By: Javere Irie


By: Sibylline Meynet


The sainf of Formation 

By: James R. Eads