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Creed Director, Ryan Coogler Becomes The First Warner Bros. Creative Talent Ambassador in U.K.


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Feb 22, 2016

Ryan Coogler is the director and co-writer of the successful movie Creed, which received a Golden Globe, several NAACP awards and more. Coogler recently made history a couple weeks ago when he was named and became U.K.'s first Warner Bros. Creative Talent Ambassador. 

Mr. Debonair particpated in the programs and resources at the Time Warner Foundation in association with Sundance Institute to establish his first film, "Fruitvale Station." The movie was about Oscar Grant who was a victim of police brutality and made national headlines. Coogler will assist Warner Bros. Creative Talent's scholarships, funding and training programs to develop the goals of future movie directors and producers from all backgrounds. Some of the scholarships include: three Prince William scholars in film, television and games in partnership with BAFTA; apprenticeships at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden and Warner Bros.

Ryan Coogler continues to expedite his vision, trailblazing his own path and currently in formation of directing the first ever mostly Black cast superhero movie, Marvel’s "Black Panther."