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Lookbook From Yeezy 3's Fashion Show At Madison Square Garden


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Feb 12, 2016

As previously reported, Kanye West became a game changer in fashion and music by collaborating the two to debut his new Yeezy 3 collection and upcoming "The Life of Pablo" album at Madison Square Garden.

The show was headline by Naomi Campbell.

And exhibited the full line of the new Yeezy 3 collection.

The models were given a list of do's and don't's for the show. The theme was to come off looking like a picture (an art piece) which required the models to be stiff and lack in facial expressions with their presentations of Yeezy 3.

Also, different poses.

The Yeezy 3 models varied in race and ethnicity by unifying a nation of people coming together and even, with the power of music from TLOP.

Although, this is not the first time a fashion designer utilized the platform of Madison Square Garden to host and present a fashion show, however it was the first time a fashion designer who is also a musician, connected two different elements of shows (fashion and music) to hold a historical event.

Kanye West made history last night (Feb. 11) as a game changer and innovator.

Being the visionary that he is, this was an inventive way for Ye to promote and market his brand in music and fashion.

Update: Kanye West is turning walls sideways and bridging the gap for African-American fashion designers. Because no other labels/brand such as F.U.B.U, Rocawear, Enyce and etc., have demonstrated a fashion show on this kind of magnitude and significance, of not only breaking barriers in fashion due to racism and ignorance; but straight C4 and blowing up as a brand!