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New Music Video: Beyonce - 'Formation'


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Feb 08, 2016

This past weekend has officially been declared 'Beyonce's Weekend' because the takeover is real baby!

Beyonce pulled up on the scene on Saturday (Feb. 6) and rolled out a brand new video called 'Formation' and just basically shut sh*t down!

The Queen Bee which is Beyonce's moniker, embodies her name and reigns as an entertainer and musician. 

Formation is being called "Pro Black" trap music because of its powerful statement and purpose to address issues in racism, police brutality and the negligence that took place during the 2005 Hurrican Katrina and its effect on its Black community. The visuals for Formation depicted several symbology in African-American cultures, heritage, ancient history in being indigenous people, Black Indians; and pre-slavery history (moors).

Beyonce utilized her platform as a musician and entertainer to release a song with a purpose, a cause to eradicate racism, affect change, raise awareness and bring forth a powerful statement about police brutality, and the communities being affected by it, especially the demographics of the younger generation.

The lyrics for Beyonce's new song, Formation also addressed issues in society when it comes to the natural essence of African-American beauty and their facial structures and features. Bey let it be known that she loves her daughter Blue Ivy's natural hair (as she should) and is teaching her daughter to embrace who she is, her God given hair and love herself in the process. And that's what power is about, love!

Yonce addressed Illuminati rumors which sort of plagued African-American celebrities, entertainers and even some sports figures and the stature of their success. The contributions of their success are due to their hard work, talents, skills, abilities, passion and God given gifts; and these are the things that should and need to be highlighted.

Illuminati rumors being linked to some African-Americans makes it seems as if Black success and wealth is evil. Meanwhile when Caucasians, White people achieve success, you hardly hear anything about Illuminati and their success and wealth are viewed as something they worked hard for and earned. There's no difference when it comes to African-American's success and wealth as well. Illuminati rumors centered around Black success and wealth is ignorant, racist and stereotypes the achievements, innovations and accomplishments of African-Americans and their contributions to society. I would get more into it but that's another article on its own.

Anyhow, Beyonce somehow made controversy marketable for herself in a positive way. The thing I admire about Beyonce is her quiet demeanor, down to earth and nonchalant attitude. And when Yonce makes moves, it speaks volumes and resonates power in her reign as queen (basically, chess moves for a king to checkmate with!).

 Bey's new music video Formation can be viewed below, get your dance on and bop your head to this!