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President Barack Obama Launches 'Open eBooks', A Digital Resource for Students to Access Books


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Feb 25, 2016

For a president that will be leaving office soon, President Barack Obama is putting in a lot of work of reforming, renovating and revolutionizing important issues affecting America. Instead of dwelling about a problem, although President Obama might address it, his main focal point is on the solution and that's what he focuses on. I admire President Obama for being the leader he is and also, First Lady Michelle Obama for following in his footsteps and facilitate the initiative to empower mainly women, children and even men; and take a step in uplifting people and do her part.

The White House announced and launched a new program called Open eBooks that is a digital and resourceful platform for students and children to access books for free. 

President Obama first hinted about the program in April of 2015. After much needed research, the plan was put into action with the recruitments and enlistments of: publishers, non-profit organizations, tech and digital companies and libraries from across the nation; and bring about its launch. Open eBooks is basically one giant library for children to study, research, retrieve information to do their homework, book reports and cultivate the habit and love of reading. 

“No matter who you are, where you live, or how much money you’ve got, you should be able to access the world’s knowledge and information just like anyone else," stated President Obama. 

The main purpose and targeted audience of Open eBooks was towards children who can't access libraries or a simple book because of the povertywithin their communities, lack of supplies and resources in their schools and etc. Open eBooks is available at the Apple Store and the students need a code provided by an adult because of supervision, in order for them to download and start enjoying the program. 

Check out footage of Michelle Obama introducing Open eBooks below. 

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