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Anaya Lee Willabus Becomes Youngest Author to Make History Writing a Book With Chapters

Posted On: March 06, 2016

In the spring of 2015, a nine year old penned, authored and launched her first book. Anaya Lee Willabus made history as the youngest published author to write a book in chapters. Her book "The Day Mohan Found His Confidence" storyline is about a little boy named Mohan, who struggles to find balance at home and school. Mohan discovers his confidence to accomplish and excel.

Anaya was inspired to create and write the book during trip to Guyana (the homeland of her parents) with her family and witnessing the struggles of some of the children there. 

"Our first trip to Guyana inspired me and I have the gifts that were needed," Anaya expressed. "These events that happened to Mohan are not things that happened to me, but have happened to many other children. For example, many other children may have problems in school, many other children may have lost one of their parents."

Following her vision, Anaya began the creative process and implementation of her book. She was guided by her mother who is the CEO of a promotional company (Rhythm Nation Entertainment) but Anaya wanted to have sole creative control with designing the book cover, the kind of picture she wanted, the graphic work and etc. 

"Whatever she told me I put down and it had to be exactly that otherwise she gets very upset," explained her mother. "There were about 20 different covers and she didn’t like any of them. She wanted this font, this picture and she had to have pink and purple (her favorite colors)," Willabus' mother elaborated. 

The picture Anaya Lee selected is a photograph of her little brother playing soccer. With the love of reading and being an avid writer, also combining the scrapbook of ideas she had, Anaya penned her first book.

During a recent interview with NY Daily News, Anaya Lee's mother expressed how she knew there was always something special about her daughter. 

"We knew something was different with her," Willabus' mother, Dimple proudly expressed. "She never learned to walk. She actually started running. She started reading at 2 years old."

Her mother also conveyed, that Anaya is just ike any other kid who loves eating candy, fights with her siblings despite her extraordinary talents and abilities. 

Anaya’s favorite books include: Malala Yousafzai‘s I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban, and President Obama‘s Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.

"I like to read all genres, of books. I love both reading and writing. They both have something that I love in them," Anaya Lee Willabus revealed during her interview. 

Anaya also asserted, she prefers the classic and original way of reading. And not into Nook or Kindle. 

"I prefer traditional books because of the beauty of turning the pages." 

(I agree, there's nothing like the smell of a fresh new book and the sound of turning pages.)

Anaya Lee's book "The Day Mohan Found His Confidence" can be purchase at Barnes & Noble,  Amazon,  and Rhythm Nation Entertainment.

Congrats lil mama, you inspire me! 


Sibongile Sambo Opens Africa's First Woman Aviation Company

Posted On: March 06, 2016

After being denied a flight attendant job because of her height, Sibongile Sambo took matter into her hands and decided to open her own business. Sibongile Sambo did more than become an enttreprenuer, she set the standard and made history by opening Africa's first woman (female) avaition company. 

For Sibongile, it's more than running or managing a business, it's a passion for her to get more women into aviation and to become female pilots. As the founder and CEO of SRS Aviation, an all female aviation company, Sambo is able to provide a resource and outlet to nuture her passion. It was not easy breaking into the male dominated industry, Sibongile Sambo had to learn the language of aviation and find the right investments to fund her vision. 

After being commisisioned for her first flight back in 2004 for the South African government, Sambo has grown and expanded her SRS Aviation company by providing luxury and tourist flights across the globe, personal helicopters and more. 

"It could be a tourist charter for $1,000 or could be a head of state traveling on a VIP aircraft to the United States, which could be about $200,000."

With learning, Sibongile Sambo not only grew her business but also grew in skills and knowledge about avaition. She was able to assist and help three women obtain their private pilot licenses and are now employed full time. Her company, SRS Avaition has an Air Operating Certificate from the South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) that allows Sibongile to operate commercial flying activities and conduct piloting classes. 

SRS Avaition managed to link and has a partnership with MCC Aviation, one of the leading and prominent avaition businesses in South Africa. The deal provides accessible fleet of aircraft, operational and technical support. 

Last year in 2015, Ethiopia Airlines ran and dispatched its first all women crew flight and Siza Mzimela became the first Black woman to open a commercial airline. Sibongile Sambo is optimistic that more women will continue to go into avaitation and airline businesses, become founders and even investors in them. She also expressed, a rise in more women pilots and flight crews. 

"What I’m proud of about our company is that we have managed to penetrate the male dominated industry," Sambo revealed. "Aviation is growing in Africa. We are going to grow with the growth in Africa."


First Lady, Michelle Obama Visits and Surprised School in Washington, D.C.

Posted On: March 06, 2016

As part of her initiative of getting people to adapt towards a more healthy and nutritous eating regime, and energectic lifestyle with her "Let's Move" campaign, First Lady, Michelle Obama visited and surprised two schools in Washington, D.C. 

In casual wear and with a bright smile, Michelle strolled into Watkins Elementary school and surprised their cooking class. The students learn how to make recipe and cook with the vegetables they grew in the school garden. During her interaction with the class, one of the students asked Michelle if she knew Joe Biden and while preparing tortillas, Mrs. Obama made a statement how she never cooked them that way before, and one of the children remarked he never seen her before. It's funny and comical. Michelle made the day and lesson extra special for those children who will remember the experience and for some, it will inspire them towards a goal and dream. 

During her second visit to Burroughs Elementary School, upon arrival to their classroom, one of the kids could not contain his excitement and joy of seeing Michelle Obama and he ran into her arms and gave her a hug. Which was really sweet and she had a motherly reaction to him. Watching those faces and seeing the reaction of those little Black girls, the twinkle in their eyes, it's like a beam of light for them and beacon of hope as in: "you can become the First Lady one day too." Little Black girls need to see more of that, more positive and nurturing role models and not negative images society have been portraying about Black women. You don't have to fight with one another, fight over men, lack in self respect and mannerism, low self-esteem, uneducated, lack in ambition, golddiggers, sisterwives nonsense (Michelle Obama is not sharing Barack Obama (he's not a pimp but a president) nor does he put her in a position to do so) and etc. like some of these reality show project about Black women. That's another topic and article to be covered. 

But anyhow, lets focus on this article. 

While at Burroughs elementary school, First Lady, Michelle Obama took part in the lesson of the class with its students and picked out earthworms with them.

"You guys have this amazing garden, and I’m so proud of you. And I want the world to see all the great things you are doing and all the great things you are learning so much from your garden and from your school," Mrs. Obama expressed.

Michelle was attentive to the children who were teaching her about composte, gardening and etc. 


It didn't stop there, Michelle surprised Eriks Brolis and Linda Bilsens at their home & family garden during an interview. Mrs. Obama complimented both of them for their roles as leaders, their efforts in motivating and teaching their community to garden and eat more fruits and vegetables. 

Michelle Obama will continue to visit and surprised schools and home gardens throughtout the spring season as part of her Let's Move campaign: Garden Tour Intitiative.  



Gabby Douglas Wins American Cup and Aims For Olympic Gold

Posted On: March 06, 2016

The all-around gold medalist champion, Gabby Douglas made a full comeback at the 2016 AT&T American Cup held at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, when she won the American Cup Saturday night (March 5th). The  accomplishment puts Gabby on the road to the Olympics and in the lead for the gold. 

"From the bottom of my heart, I really believe that I can achieve more," Douglas said. "And it’s just not for the wrong intentions. I’m like, 'Guys, I'm back. I'm serious.' I feel like gradually and the more and more I keep proving that, I really hope that people believe it."

Gabby Douglas is aiming for the gold medal for a second Olympic since her last championship in 2012, she will be embarking on making history because the last time a gymnast went for a second gold was in 1968. Douglas will have to combat doubts and rumors that her comeback was a publicity stunt. Although, she has been training and applying effort to achieve the second gold. 

With a high score of 60.165, Gabby took the American Cup and toasted to her victory. Maggie Nichols came in second place with a score of 59.699. Douglas was clean with her floor routine, beat the odds with the uneven bars and finished strong on the balance beam. 

"It means the world to me that my fans always come and support me and lift me,” the 20-year-old Virginia native said. “To have this positive energy and positive vibe, it just means a lot."

Photo Tags: John Cheng/USA Gymnastics


Africa Opens Its First Ever Solar Powered Airport

Posted On: March 05, 2016

Africa launched its first ever solar powered airport. Previously, India opened the world's first solar powered airport back in 2015 and innovated the production and manufacting of energy.

Within six months, the completion of Africa's solar powered airport was constructed and had a budget of $9.5 million dollars of financing. The project involved and was spearheaded by: Airports Company South Africa (ACSA), the Minister of Transport - Dipuo Peters and the Department of Transport that officially opened the George Airport Solar Plant.

The 200 square solar power plant is operated and functions utilizing the installation of photo-voltaic panels, which harnesses energy directly from the sun to generate electricity. The Chairman of the Airports Company South Africa Board, Skhumbuzo Macozoma expressed during the opening ceremony of the airport that the photovoltaic (PV) technology is a safer and cleaner way of converting electricity from solar radiation. 

"Harnessing solar power is a viable cleaner energy source which contributes towards diversifying the energy mix. This plant will ensure that the airport is self-sustaining in terms of its power needs and will eventually extend to the broader community within the George municipality."

Skhumbuzo Macozoma's vision is to transform all of Africa's airport with this new groundbreaking technology and implement a more natural way of producing energy that is resource efficient.

"As an airports management company running nine airports nationally, part of our strategic objective is to minimise our environmental impact. There are a number of key drivers Airports Company South Africa needs to manage to reach this objective and these include reducing energy consumption, water consumption, percentage of waste recycled, noise levels and energy efficient materials usage, amongst others."

The George Airport Solar Plant is built to conserve the electricity and energy it harnesses from the sun, therefor will be able to operate all night. 


Katie Washington Becomes First African-American Valedictorian at Notre Dame

Posted On: March 05, 2016

Congratulations to Katie Washington for becoming the first African-American Valedictorian at Notre Dame. Call it diversity, inclusion -- these things have to keep happening because this is what Martin L. King, Malcolm X, W.E.B. Dubois, Ida B. Wells, Angela Davis, Nikki Giovanni and so many others stood up and fought for; due to racism and ignorance that tried to exclude Black people from accomplishing goals like this one. It paved the way for Katie to walk into the dreams of those people noted (as well as hers), the prayers of the ancestors and the doors she opened for the future. 

The daughter of a doctor and nurse, Katie furthered her education in medicine by becoming a biological science major at the University of Notre Dame. While she was at Notre Dame, Washington engineered a lung cancer research, minored in Catholic Teaching, generated a 4.0 grade average and co-authored a medical research paper with one of her professors of biological sciences. 

Katie Washington's educational accomplishments led to success, when she became's Notre Dame's first Black valedictorian and made history at the univesity. 

Washington credits her parents and her tribe (the circle of people around her) for their motivation and belief in her. 

"I have had so much support, people who really wanted to see that I reached my full potential. They all had my best interest at heart."

Katie also expressed in her interview with Northwest Indian Times, modesty for her achievement and being overwhelmed with contentment. 

"I am humbled. I am in a mode of gratitude and thanksgiving right now."

Continuing with her journey, Katie Washington will enroll in Johns Hopkins University, where she will aspire and work towards a medical degree and PhD.


Mom Pens and Authored Book, 'Bad Hair Does Not Exist!' to Empower Her Daughters in Embracing and Loving Their Own Hair

Posted On: March 04, 2016

A mother of two was disappointed when her babysitter told her three year old daughter in Spanish that she had bad hair, "pelo malo." Sulma Arzu-Brown who is African-American and Honduran, calls herself "Garifuna" which represents her Afro-Latino background, was inspired by the incident to pen a book and empower her daughter to embrace her hair. During that time, Sulma was going through some form of evolution, transitioning into the woman who would author the vision of her book. 

In trying to instill love and confidence into her eldest daughter, to nurture her self esteem from the lack of images displayed which doesn't reflect her daughter, Sulma learned to make a difference, it would have to start with her. Arzu-Brown decided to cut off all her chemically processed hair and began her natural hair journey. The result of it, planted a seed in her daughter who saw her mother in a different light and also, saw her own self through the spectrum of that light.

"One day I went and cut it all off. I came home and this little girl took a sigh of relief and said, 'Mommy we finally look alike.' I didn't realize what a power of influence I was in my daughter's life until I found out that she struggled to look like me."

From there, the words flowed and found their way into the hearts and souls of little girls, as well as adults when Sulma Arzu-Brown authored and launched her book, "Bad Hair Does Not Exist!" The book is innovative and was written in two languages, English and Spanish (Pelo Malo No Existe!). The bilingual book is purposed and geared to empower and encourage girls of African-American, Afro-Latino, multi-racial, mutli-culture and etc. to embrace, love, discover the beauty in themselves and know that all of them are beautiful. 

During a recent interview last month, Sulma Arzu-Brown explained how the term "bad hair" in any languge can affect a little girl, her perception of herself and how it can contribute to low self-esteem issues. Sulma also expressed, her book Bad Does Not Exist, implores the power for girls to take ownership of their beauty. Azru-Brown elaborated about the dispute of race and culture issues in other Hispanic community such as Brazil and how she wants to combat it by having the book transalted into Portuguese.

"I think it's important to highlight that Latinos and other people of color both share common challenges. I am Black, but I happen to be born in Honduras so I'm also Hispanic. I just wanted to let both communities know that we are one. We deal with the same challenges." 

Along with the book Bad Hair Does Not Exist, an app was launched, sponsored by the StartUp Box, a company that is trying to fortify and expand tech, entrepreneurship amongst African-Americans, Latinas and etc., beginning with the South Bronx. The founder, Majora Carter heard about the book and Sulma Azru-Brown's vision and wanted to amplify it. 

"It's really important to have the ability [to produce] positive images for young women to feel good about themselves, especially in this country where little girls are valued according to what they look like in spite of many of our best efforts," asserted Majora. 

Carter also expressed, the message of the book and the statement its making. 

"It's important to say things like 'bad hair doesn't exist' and that everyone is beautiful."

Bad Hair Does Not Exist can be purchased at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. 



Teyana Taylor Will Become The First Woman to Collab With Reebok in Designing Iverson Sneakers

Posted On: March 03, 2016

Teyana Taylor as a woman can rock some heels and add rhythm to her hips. She can also switch it up with a pair of sneakers and keep the tempo of her sexiness. The cadence of her atitude.

Taylor has a love for sneakers which landed her a business collaboration with Adidas in 2013 and with Packer Shoes in 2015. As a business woman, Teyana inked her third joint venture deal with Reebok which will create a legacy for her, as well as paved the way for others. Taylor will become the first women to collab and design the former NBA basketball player Allen iverson's signature sneakers, the 'Question Mid.'

The first Iverson sneakers' collection will be in red, scheduled to be release in October and will be part of 20th anniversary celebration of the styled shoe. Taylor uploaded a preview of it below. 

About two weeks ago, Teyana Taylor posted a picture giving some clues of her new business endeavors with Reebok at their headquarters. She was wearing a classic white and blue pair of the Question Mid. 


A photo posted by Jimmy Neutch (@teyanataylor) on

Congrats to Taylor! 







Fashion Runway Highlights: DSquared2's Cargo Pants

Posted On: March 03, 2016

Dean and Dan Caten are the creatives behind the Canadian brand, DSquared2 and both of them are limitless with their vision, creativity and overall performance. During the Milan Fashion Week, Dean and Dan showcased their new DSquared2 collection for 2016 Autum/Fall and 2017 Winter line. Both seasonal collection features bold and extreme pieces, embellished and detailed in furs, Victorian/French lace, sequin, some gold and silver paneling and more. 

There were several highlights from the DSquared2 runway and of them was the cargo pants. 

The DSquared2 cargo pants are featured for the fall collection line which were designed with a millitary tone, consisting of its range of colors and patterns.

The cargo pants are calf length to knee length with big and bold pockets at each sides. The details at the end of the cargo pants are styled differently such as: slits, zipper paneling and sneaker lace finish. DSquared2 military inspired cargo pants were paired with French looking lacy black and white tops. There's one layered look with a white tee, a pale pink Victorian top with the cargo pants, mix with a skirt belt; eccentric jackets, some accessorize with belts and etc.

DSquared 2 cargo pants are dauntless and audacious in their fashion forward designs. 

Check out the lookbook of the highlighted DSquared2 cargo pants on the runway below. 



Spring Trends: Nas' Daugther, Destiny Jones' 'Lipmatic' Lip Gloss Line

Posted On: March 03, 2016

Inheriting the hustlin'' spirit from her father Nas, Destiny Jones is an enterprising and goal oriented young lady. Destiny who is implementing her destiny, launched her own line of lip gloss titled 'Lipmatic,' inspired by her father's classic and definitely a Hip Hop hall of famer album, "Illmatic."

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, Destiny sat down with the magazine to talk about how she came up with the name of the lip gloss line, her favorite movie which she revealed is Scarface, filming a TV reality show pilot but thankful it wasn't green-lighted. 

"In the past I was like no I would never do a reality show. Then I was approached by one. I was hesitant, but I had so much fun with the other people that they wanted to be a part of it. So I was like I could kind of see this working. But it didn’t work out and I’m very, very thankful because that could’ve went so wrong... I feel like there was once a time I was able to do one, but now at this point in my life looking back I don’t think I could be on a reality show."

Lipmatic has been on the market since 2015 but according to the interview launched in 2014. The line comes in 12 different colors and tones of neutral, pink, beige, red and more.

The marketing and promotional ads of Lipmatic was inspired by New York City, featuring different landmarks and neighborhoods. 

The NYC titles for the Lipmatic lines are: Queensbridge Bricks, Jamaica Ave. Jewel, Jackson Heights Street Lights and a list of others.

For more information and to purchase, log on to


New Heat: Fat Joe, Remy Ma & French Montana - ' All The Way Up'

Posted On: March 02, 2016

The Bonnie and Clyde of Hip Hop when it comes to bodying instrumentals and beats, Fat Joe and Remy Ma are reloaded with a new banger titled, 'All The Way Up' featuring French Montana. 

Premiered by HOT 97, the trio blazed the mic on this new heat. The track has that New York City vibe to it, the type of music to cruise on the West Side Highway or keep you on point durng gridlock on the FDR. It will make you bop your head or lean back and come back up with a dab! Rem and Fat Joe deliver their set of bars, while French Montana comes through with the hook and keeps things wavy. 

Plug your earphones to it below and get lifted!