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Dub Mix: President Barack Obama Goes To 'Work' and Brings The Irie Vibes

Posted On: May 31, 2016

In the latest dub mix by BaracksDubs on You Tube, the compilation brings the Caribbean vibes to the White House and has President Barack Obama getting his peppa seed on. 

The mix is off Rihanna's joint 'Work' featuring Drake. The visuals showcase several screen shots of President Obama, saying the words that coincide with the lyrics to the song. 

Check it out below.


Detroit Launches 1st Ever Start-Up Week To Help Black Entrepreneurs & Businesses

Posted On: May 31, 2016

Sponsored by Chase, Detroit launched its first ever Start-Up Week to help and assist Black entreprenuers and businesses with viable resources and information. The Detroit Start-Up Week was for five days, featuring over hundred events and had close to 2,500 particpants who attended and absorbed the activities and resources that were provided. 

Chase invested an estimate of $100 million for the next five years to restore and rehabilitate Detroit's economic state. 

"Detroit Startup Week is a great opportunity to recognize small businesses’ importance to the city’s recovery and to ensure they gain access to the necessary resources to support and grow," the  CEO of Chase Business BankingJennifer Piepszak conveyed. 

Piepszak also, elaborated on the importance of entrepreneurship in the improvement of Detroit. 

"Entrepreneurs are playing an invaluable role in Detroit’s comeback."

 During Detroit Start-Up Week, free courses were offered to entrepreneurs from: tech studies and overall technology, mobility, entrepreneurship 101, civic innovation, food-preneurship, art-design, social entrepreneurship, the Internet of Things (IoT), neighborhood collaboration and more. 

Kyle Bazzy who is the lead organizer of the Detroit Start-Up Week, elaborated on the cleverness of the people in Detroit, their endurance and ability to rise to the occassion. 

"Our city is unlike any other, with both ingenuity and a welcoming spirit, brilliance and grit, and opportunities abound. Detroit Startup Week is designed to glue together those opportunities, celebrate what’s already working, and lay the groundwork for what’s to come."

Ford Motor Company was in attendance the Detroit Start-Up Week and Bill Ford was the keynote speaker, who expressed the relevancy of imaginative and ingenious thinking. 

"More than a century ago, Ford Motor Company was a startup business that applied innovative thinking and collaboration to get where it is today."

And went on to establish their support to Detroit. 

"We are proud to support the next generation of entrepreneurs at Detroit Startup Week who embody that same spirit."

Bill Ford highlighted how it is imperative to breed and stimulate ideas, in order for business to grow, maintian growth and manage longetivity. 

"The best advice that I got and will give to other people is to always remain curious as a person. Because so many executives get to where they think they’ve made it, and they shut down."

Ford revealed their company's work in Africa and other countries. Experimenting with electrical bike and employee shuttles to sensors that map remote areas in those countries, to deliver medicine and provide services to isolatsed villages. During his opening speech, Bill Ford stated that despite creating and developing cars and trucks, automakers need to examine other areas with humantarian efforts.

"We have to continue to build our core business and do a great job of that. The other is that we have to imagine this new world and find a leadership role in that, as well. It does put a strain on management, but that’s the world we’re in. We don’t have a choice. We need to do both and we need to do both well and thoughtfully."


Attica Scott Becomes The First African-American Woman to Serve In Kentucky's State Legislature in 20 Years

Posted On: May 31, 2016

It took twenty years but it happened when Attica Scott became the first African-American woman to serve in Kentucky's State Legislature. 

About a week ago (yes, people are still saying that catchphrase), Scott took the victory in a three person primary race when she won the Democratic for Kentucky's 41st House District and made history. Attica defeated Tom Riner who has been serving in the Kentucky House for twenty four years (since 1992) and political runner, Phil Baker. 

NBCBLK recently did an interview with Scott, where she opened up about her plans once she takes office, her challenger and the challenge she face to win the primary; and what will be first on the agenda upon filling her seat at in politics. Attica expressed how winning the election exhibited Kentucky's population in wanting change and embracing that change. 

"It feels amazing to be the first Black women in almost two decades to be elected to the legislature in Frankfort — that's huge. I'm representing a district that is 50 percent Black and 50 percent white so that says that people across the district regardless of race believed in my leadership and also knew it was time for a new voice and a fresh face."

With a background as a community trainer for anti-racism and organizing criminal justice and racial equality rallies, also an educational resume consisting of: an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Knoxville College and a graduate degree in Communications from the University of Tennessee. Attica Scott is confident that she is the right person for the job and has vision to equip Kentucky with competent and efficient policies that will modernize Kentucky. 

Scott is ready to bring her vision and plans for juvenile justice reform and improvements for juvenile detention centers to rehabilate instead of conditioning them.  She also wants to implement the same plans for the jail and prison systems in Kentucky, by raising the minimun wage, provide servies and resources to make sure those that's been incacerated stay out of trouble.

"We have to look at how we are incarcerating our young people — particularly Black and Latino girls, We need to look at the state minimum wage. We need to look at what we're doing to restore people who are formally incarcerated into society. Whether it's the restoration of voting rights for people formally incarcerated or banning the box so folks can have a second chance and become employable."

Attica Scott credited her mentor, Rep. Eleanor Jordan who was the last African American to serve in state government in Kentucky. Attica revealed to NBCBLK that Jordan guided, supported and empowered her throughout her whole campaign and political run. 

"She supported my campaign and wrote a joint letter to the district letting everyone know that she supported me. That says a lot. She has been one of my political mentors and I appreciate the fact that she's a Black women who actually ran for Congress. She didn't win but she did run in 1999 and left the legislature in 2000."

Eleanor Jordan opened the door for Attica Scott to find her way and the triumphant prize that makes all of them winners.

Congrats to Attica Scott! 


New Music Video: Chance the Rapper feat. 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne - 'No Problem'

Posted On: May 31, 2016

Chance The Rapper  released the visuals for his upbeat and lively track, 'No Problem' featuring 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne.  

In the video, Chance is basically having fun, getting his milly rock dance on and setting the tone right for the summer. 

The song is off Chano's successful album/mixtape "Coloring Book," that recently made digital stream history on Billboard 200. The theme of it is Chance letting the record labels know, they will not hinder nor stop his creativity, and what makes him an artist. No Problem's visuals features the rapper inside a skating rink chillin' with Lil Wayne and rockin' with 2 Chainz in back of a Maybach. It also has cameos from DJ Khaled, Young Thug and Boosie Badazz.

Hit that play button and get your dance on!


New Freestyle - Jadakiss - 'All The Way Up'

Posted On: May 30, 2016

Another freestyle to Fat Joe's and Remy Ma's banger, 'All The Way Up' and this time, the track get a Kiss  from Jada. 

Donned as the Jada's Verse, Yonker's finest gives it a D-Block mix and styles on the track, freebasing his bars. As one of the wordplay kings, Kiss goes all the way up, headlining the track; and reaches his pinnacle of being one with the instrumentals. Jada has an extremely nice flow on this, his voice sounds like fine wine. 

Plug to it below. 

Notable Wordplay: "Reason n*ggas die, they don't know how to live enough./ They can tread water, but they can't swim enough."

Jadakiss gets philosophical that some people might be alive but dying inside, because they're not living their lives. 


Steve Harvey Gives Testimony to 'People' Magazine About Being Homeless, His Will to Succeed and Building His Entertainment Empire

Posted On: May 29, 2016

In the latest edition of 'People' Magazine, Steve Harvey graces the cover with that million dollar smile of his and exudes the bubbly personality that he has. 

People magazine sat down with Steve Harvey for an exclusive interview where Steve Harvey opened up about the testimony of his success. How he went from being homeless, living in his car, enduring things in life which made him strong; and gave him the will to succeed. Who would of ever thought that Steve Harvey went from homelessness to stuntin' in some gator shoes. Nobody knew the miles and miles he had to walk in hell, just to create heaven on earth. 

For many people who give an account of their success and reveal of knowing they would get there, for Steve Harvey it was different. Hope was like a luxury for him that he could not afford. 

"It kills me when I hear very successful people say, 'I always knew I would get here,' " he stated. "I didn't. I always hoped I would get somewhere, but this is above and beyond. My imagination didn't even go this big."

Taking a risk to pursue his comedian career by quitting his job, Steve Harvey took a paycut earning an estimate of $50 dollars a week, separating from his wife and trying to make his dreams come true, against all odds. Steve Harvey found himself homeless,

"That was an ugly period, just very painful," Harvey conveyed to People magazine of becoming homeless in the late '80s.

Harvey even hit his lowest point (and that is usually where God will allow you to go in order to propel you like a rocket but that's another article) and it was at the lowest point Steve Harvey got intimate with God and began to truly hear Him for the first time. He heard this voice talking to him, the God in him (some would even say his highest aspect of himself in order for Steve to elevate). During an emotional period of his life, Steve heard God saying to him, 

'If you keep going, I'm going to take you places you've never been,' " he revealed. "It was like God said, 'Don't quit, you're almost there.' " 

Since that encounter and revelation, Steve Harvey went on to host his own radio show, The Steve Harvey Morning Show in New York City on 107.5 WBLS. He also wrote several books, including his 2009 all time best sellling Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, which transpired into a movie, that followed with a sequel. Steve became the new face and host of the classic TV show, Family Feud; and continued to expedite himself into the entertainment business. Steve developed his own successful daytime talk show, The Steve Harvey Show. With all of this, Harvey built his entertainment empire and generated an estimate worth of $100 million and counting.

Looking at Steve Harvey, you would of thought it was easy for him but his testimony is the epitome of how you can't judge a book by its cover because there is more that meets the eye when it comes to Steve. The things he experienced and endured in life were not in vain, they are all part of this master plan to get Steve Harvey where he is today. His experiences and the lessons he gained from them are a treasured chest for Harvey, who guides and empower many people that come to his show; by sharing his insight, knowledge and wisdom. Steve would not have been able to do those things, if he did not have that kind of testimony. You never know the tomorrow that today is preparing you for. 

Loving himself some custom made suits and wearing gators, today Steve Harvey is a happily married man, created some children and has his own family. He is also and became the antidote to heal millions across the world from the ills of life and their experiences. Learning the many lessons of life and even as he goes along, Steve Harvey expressed to People magazine that he never wants to go back to his past. 

"I'm running from homelessness," he opened up."I can't ever be in that position again." 

And secured his future to make sure he always has a career. 

"If my show gets canceled, I've got three more. I don't have any free time, but I have 12 jobs."

 What can you learn from this? What kind of gems of wisdom can you acquire from Steve Harvey's testimony? Well, that answer lies within you. He didn't always have a home but his dreams where always housed in his soul, God furnished Steve Harvey with a vision even when he couldn't see it sometimes. No matter what dungeon Steve found himself in, he garnered the courage to build his castle and create a residency of success. 

So, pick up the latest issue of People, check out Steve Harvey's interview. Hopefully, you'll learn something that will give you some insight into your own goals and dreams. 


Article Reference: People Magazine


Pharrell Williams and Chanel Team Up to Combine Creativity for Upcoming Collection

Posted On: May 28, 2016

Billionaire Boys Club brand CEO and founder, Pharrell Williams  collaborated with Chanel to combine their creative aspects when it comes to fashion. As a musician, Pharrell utilized the elevation of the stage to rise in his success and accelerate himself into the fashion buisness. 

Having no fear of being himself and expressing his individuality outside of fashion norms, by showcashing his own personal style, Pharrell was able to attract prior collaborations with other fashion brands. They are: G-Star, Moynat, adidas Originals, Louis Vuitton, Moncler, Ladurée and many others. For his imaginative vision, innovations, originality, inventive creativity, his dedication; and fearlessness in the fashion world, Williams was honored at the CFDA Fashion Awards back in June of 2015. Pharrell received the Fashion Icon Award which was presented by Kanye West. 

Pharrell has been able to use his platform in both music and fashion as a humanitarian and philanthropist

Expanding himself into the odyssey of his fashion career, Pharrell recently traveled to Paris and visited the Métiers d’Art of Chanel. While he was there, Williams absorbed the knowledge, craftsmanship and the prolific genuises of Chanel such as: Maison Michel the hat maker, Massaro the shoe makers, the embroiderer Lesage, the pleater Lognon; and the work of feather and flower maker, Lemarié. Pharrell got first hand experience of Chanel's behind the scenes creation for their 2015/16 collection from the Métiers d’Art Paris in Rome.

Pharrell Williams also worked hands on, taking part in the creative process with Chanel and developed his own unique pieces which will be at selective boutiques in June. 


China Opens The World's Most Amazing Bookstore

Posted On: May 28, 2016

In a digital world of reading books without flipping any pages on a tablet, China knows print (media) publishing will never go out of style. Also, that there is something about a new book smell, the sounds of flipping pages and the ability to write in books, as in the connecting with the writer of it.  And how all these things are special to readers. 

Combining the passion, creativity and imagination both books and art-forms unleash, China opened the world's most amazing and beautiful bookstore. 

Shanghai based design studio XL-Muse welcomes patrons into a kaleidoscopic and prismatic portal of creativity, for the interior to the new Zhongshuge-Hangzhou bookstore. The alcove of the bookstore opens with a chalky, silver and pearl veranda of roundabout bookshelves. The ceiling has a transparent and reflective effect to it.

The bookstore continues into another part of it, exhibiting wood, primarly oak hampered floors and interior detailing. The books are neatly stacked and sort of paint a masterpiece together. Finally the children's section of the library is equipped with a ferris wheel and roller coaster architecture on the walls (with books stacked in them) that gives it a circus theme.

The Zhongshuge-Hangzhou bookstore is documented as the world's most beautiful and is open to the public. It's a tourist haven, especially for book lovers. 

Check out more pics of the bookstore below. 


New Freestyle: Meek Mill & Fabolous - 'All The Way Up'

Posted On: May 28, 2016

Meek Mill and Fabolous link up to freestyle off Fat Joe and Remy Ma's street/club/summer anthem, 'All The Way Up.'  After the God MC blessed the mic, Mill and Kid Loso keeps the cipher going by giving the instrumentals their own Philly and Brooklyn flavor.

Meek sounds like he had a lot to get off his chest and keeps his flow monitored like he's giving the beat CPR. 

"Only rapper went gold without a verse from Hov./ Still got the rock with me, cookin' up at the stove."

Shots! That's that D’USSÉ and lemonade mix.

Meek and Fab's whole verses are filled with wordplay. Both of them set if off on this. 

"She hang like a chain/ so she 'bout to get snatched."

Loso drops a few gems on this track, hopefully you were able to catch them all. 

Get lifted and blaze to it below. 

Notable Wordplay:

Meek - "I was on the block when you was a sneakerhead./ N*gga it's a check up in that box, ain't no shoe inside./ N*gga ain't no Nike, ain't no Yeezy, no Jordan V/ I came back like I'm Mike wearin' 45."

"Ever seen 50 grand when it's all in 5s?/ But I'm shootin' like the Warriors' startin' 5, swish!"

 Fabolous: "Took my talents somewhere else, LeBron James up on you./ I was Kyrie with the rock, the crack game number 2./ Now I'm older, still ballin' like my name Uncle Drew."


Picture of Meek Mill & Fabolous provided by: Jason Merritt of Getty Images


New Music: Eric Bellinger feat. Wale - 'Spare Time' & New Mixtape

Posted On: May 27, 2016

It's Memorial Weekend, I don't know what your plans are but you can 'Spare Time,' get in the mood and plug into Eric Bellinger's new song. 

The track is a banger for the summer featuring Wale and is off Bellinger's EP "Eventually," which was re-release with three new songs. Eventually hit the net today with the other two tracks called 'Volunteer' and 'You Look Amazing.' Eric gave a preview of the EP before he dropped it which can be viewed below. 

Snippet of my new single #SpareTime #Countdown2Eventually Pre-order link in my bio!

A video posted by Everything Is 2 EaZy (@ericbellinger) on

Well ladies, do you have Spare Time? because he's singing his heart out, all acapella and everything. Some of you smiling right now from ear to ear (he's giving y'all those bedroom faces). So, why not listen in and plug to the rest of the song below. 

And stream the newest edition of Eric Belllinger's Eventually EP. 


Trey Songz Releases Several Renditions of Song Remixes

Posted On: May 27, 2016

Hide your girlfriends, hide your wives because Mr. Steal Your Girl, the one and only Trey Songz is back at it again.

Maintaining his youth and sex appeal, Trigga Trigga muscles Belly & The Weeknd's joint, 'Might Not' and flexes on the instrumentals. Trey remixes the song to 'All I Had,' singing about his dollar and dream music career. He aims at the ladies and takes a shot at a couple of bars on the track. 

Grab your earphones and well, you know the rest. 

Trigga continues with the remixes and premiered a track called, '3 Times In A Row.' On the song, Trey lets it be known he's like the mafia between the sheets, put her to sleep and bodies it. 

Hmmm, okay then Trey Songz, Mr. love you till you in a wheelchair. He gives a whole new meaning to love sometimes hurts. 

Anyhow, plug his remixed TK N Cash version below. 

In the next track, Trigga gives his own rendition of Kodak Black's 'SKRT' and titles his, 'SKRT 2.' Trey seems to have one thing on his mind and I'm not talking sapiosexuals, but wants to blow your mind with his own brains. 

Sound it off below.


Last but not least, Trey Songz  would rather you jet plane to him in a 'LYFT' instead of taking an Uber.

The song is a remixed of Madeintyo's track, 'Uber Everywhere.'

Check out Trigga's mix to it below.