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Blue Ivy's Adidas Custom Sneakers Inspired by 'Lemonade' & Laolu Senbanjo Artistic, Customized Sneaker Collection


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May 25, 2016

Beyonce welcomed and kicked off her "Formation" tour by giving everybody "Lemonade" to sip, drink and toast to. It was food for thought in nourishing people that life's bitter experiences, as in recieving lemons are to teach us how to extract the sweetness of our souls, to make lemonade. As in, every negative holds its own positive, to discover it and not let it cause an imbalance which can throw a person of. 

The mini Lemonade movie was artistic and presented different elements of African culture from spirituality, being indigenous people of native elements, the roles women play as the thread that holds their family, even communities together. Also, the strength of a woman's backbone (her heart, love) as being the foundation that keeps her family, her marriage and even herself steady and elevated; without it, everybody and everything falls apart. Lemonade illustrated the importance of the roles men play in the lives of their children, especially their daughters with instilling confidence, self worth, self love in order to survive; because can't nobody hurt a woman like the man (and their children) she loves. And the general importance of Black men, the revolution of abolishing every threat against them and nurturing the seeds of their future. 

One of the artist that worked behind the scenes of Lemonade was Laolu Senbanjo from Nigeria, who owns a shop based in Brooklyn. Senbanjo did a lot of the make-up which exhibited tribal, Yoruba effects in the visual 'Sorry.' 

As a gift of gratitude and being thankful that Beyonce recruited him to work on the Lemonade project, Senbanjo created a customized Adidas Originals' sneakers for Blue Ivy.

The shoes are detailed in African inspired art and designed with love. 

 Laolu Senbanjo also, launched his own customized line of different sneakers and shoes, painted with African inspired art forms and abstract creativity. 

Senbanjo artwork varies in products and services such as: custom t-shirts, tattoos for guitar, sacred body art, mural painting, he utilized art to raise awareness in social justice; and more.